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Sim Brother Series 3, Day 50 (Friday 3 October 2003)
The Last Day - Part One
Previously ...
The housemates bade farewell to Avid and finished their last full day in the Sim Brother house with a party, punch kindly provided by Sim Brother. How will they spend their last day ... and who will ultimately become the winner of Sim Brother III?

6.28am - It is the last day in the Sim Brother house. By the end of the day, the winner of Sim Brother III will have been crowned.. Ruud is the first one up, urgently in need of the toilet, stunned to find himself in bed with Will - "What was in that punch?" he mutters to himself.

8.44am - All three of the remaining housemates are up and showering.

Their Last Day
12.44pm - The housemates spend their last day playing volleyball and George's new outfit does get some notice.

6.52pm - The housemates are having their last dinner together of lasagna served up with homegrown vegetables from the garden. For once, they are rather quiet, their thoughts probably on the events of the night.

3rd Place Revealed

10.00pm - Instead of having them gather in the lounge, they instead are asked to assemble in their Karaoke Club.

Will Wright - "Good evening, housemates, this is Will Wright. You are on TSZ Livestream. Please do not swear. Can you hear me?"
Will - "Yes, we ******* can!"
WW - "All of this week, the public have been voting for who they wish to win this series of Sim Brother. At this stage, we announce who is in 3rd place ... and with 21% of the vote, that person is ... "


Please stay tuned for George's 3rd place Interview


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