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Sim Brother Series 3, Special Article
In Third Place
An Interview with George

Will Wright - "You have voted and here with me is George. How does it feel to be third place, George?"
George - "I'm really pleased to have got this far, thanks."
Will Wright - "So how does it feel to be out?"
George - "It had to happen as this series can't last forever. I suppose I would have liked to have won the show but it's no big deal."
Will Wright - "What do you think was your worst moment in the house?"
George - "There was that barbecue fire quite early on ... I passed out from the fumes and was fortunate enough to fall backwards. I'm sure it burned half of the hairs off my arms."
Will Wright - "I remember that. We were quite worried in the studio. We thought one of you was going to get engulphed by the flames. I hope you had good times, though."
George - "Most definitely, Will."
Will Wright - "What would you say was your best time?"
George - "I made a lot of good friends in the early days and I missed them when they left. I enjoyed the tasks and being able to push myself to the limits. The scuba tank and free fall were my favourite physical challenges, but at the end of it, I must say that I have eaten my words and that the karaoke challenge was my favourite. I didn't know that I would enjoy it so much."
Will Wright - "You are third place ... but who do you feel should win Sim Brother III?"
Graham - "Ruud. He's played very well. He hasn't really upset anyone or created any enemies. Definitely Ruud."

Will Wright - "George, thankyou for coming here today and telling us of your time in the house."
George - "Thankyou very much, Will."

Will Wright - "Stay tuned as we will be about to announce the Winner"


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