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Sim Brother Series 3, Special Article
The Runner Up Interview
Will Wales and Will Wright

Will Wright - "In second place with 35% of the vote is Will. I know I'm sat down but should I stand or bow or kneel, Prince WIlliam"
Will - "Sitting down is fine, thanks, and please call me Will, Will. Just don't ask me to clean the studio toilets, though."
WW - "I have no intention of doing that. Congratulations on being second. How does it feel?"
Will - "Considering I wanted to leave from the moment I got into the house, it feels great to have got this far."
WW - "Would you rather have won?"
Will - "Of course I would, but I am glad it was Ruud I lost to. He's become a great friend and I'd like to keep in touch."
WW - "One thing that has amazed our viewers is how many people you have ended up sharing that double bed with. What is your secret?"
Will - "A gentleman never divulges his secrets. I was rather nervous when Britney shared the bed. I must have sounded like a complete upper-class snob and I am very sorry to Britney about that. With Oprah, I was more confident but I really must do something about my snoring."
WW - "And Graham ... and Ruud?"
Will - "I think that must have been the punch or something you put in it."
WW - "What memories would you take from the house and carry into everyday life?"
Will - "The whole of the series for me has been memorable and it will follow me until the day I die ... but the lesson I have learnt is to realise I am as good as anyone else and not better. I've enjoyed mucking in and not having a butler to wipe my backside. Being here is what matters and I wouldn't have missed it for the world."
Will Wright - "I remember that. We were quite worried in the studio. We thought one of you was going to get engulphed by the flames. I hope you had good times, though."
George - "Most definitely, Will."
WW - "Will, thankyou for giving us your insights of coming here today and telling us of your time in the house."
Will - "Thankyou very much, Will."

WW - "Please stay tuned as we meet Ruud, this year's Sim Brother champion"


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