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Sim Brother Series 3, Special Article
The Series Winner
The Victorious Contestant

Ruud, the victorious winner of Sim Brother III, comes out and faces the crowds and the lights and before moving to the studio to meet Will gives a brief victory speech

Ruud - "Iedereen die op mij heeft gestemd: harstikke bedankt! Ik ben natuurlijk ontzettend blij de winner te zijn van Sim Brother III. Woohoo!"

The Winner's Tale

Will Wright - "The last person to enter the house is now the last one out. Congratulations, Ruud, on being the winner of Sim Brother III"
Ruud - "Thankyou, Will."
WW - "I do have one question, though. My Dutch is effectively non-existance so what did your speech to the crowds mean?"
Ruud - "Everybody who voted for me: thanks! Of course I'm very happy to be the winner of SB3"
WW - "I'm quite sure you are. I know that the Series Director and Producer had a private bet going whether you'd win or not."
Ruud - "One of them will be happy"
WW - "How do you think you managed to win?"
Ruud - "That is difficult to say, Will. I know I managed to survive so long by not being nominated and I only suppose I did that by not upsetting anyone. Being the Head of House for a week also helped but I did not believe that almost half of the votes were for me to win. Again, I am very grateful to you all."
WW - "A lot of the viewers were glued to the screens wondering what was going to happen between you and Kelly."
Ruud - "I don't mind people seeing me score when I play football ... but when I don't have my clothes on and I want to score, an audience is something that I do not need. I hope I will get to see her again."
WW - "I believe the feeling is mutual, Ruud."
Ruud - "If we do get together, I assure you that you will not be getting to know the score."
WW - "Anyway, Ruud, you are our winner and as well as winning the covetted trophy and having the title of being Sim Brother Champion you are the winner of ยง250,000"
Ruud - "Thankyou very much, Will, and thankyou once again to everyone."

WW - "Ruud Van Nistelrooij escaped nomination and when he finally faced the public vote, you made him your winner. And that's it. Our series has come to an end and we would like to thank all of our viewers for your support, your comments and your votes. Will there be a Sim Brother IV? Perhaps."

Personal Thanks
My thanks go to ...

- Loz, my RL wife, who has allowed me to put "Sim Brother" before our Wedding Anniversary for the second year running - I love you, sweetheart

- ChEeTaH for his patience, technical support and contributions to the design of the house and suggestion of ideas.

- John De Mol and Paul Romer for the concept of "Big Brother"

- My TSO family and friends for their patience and suggestions, especially the 3Js, CXH, A & F

- and YOU, the viewers as without you, this series would not be what it has been


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