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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 2 (Saturday 9 April 2005)
First Full Day
Previously in SB4

These eight housemates have arrived in the Sim Brother house and spent yesterday getting used to their new environment and getting to know more about each other. When we left them, Martha had just thrown a waterbomb at Arnold and soaked him.

Most Needed

Day 2 - 12.08am - Arnold and Tiger have joined the others in the kitchen.

Arnold - I'm still wet thanks to you, Martha.
Martha - Don't sweat yourself, Governor. Are you planning to make it illegal for people to waterbomb each other?
Arnold - Don't tempt me.

The housemates nevertheless enjoy the food that Sim Brother has laid out for them. After they have finished, Martha washes the dishes in the sink.

Martha - I've noticed a few things about this kitchen. There are a lot of things Sim Brother should get for us.
Condoleezza - What do you have in mind, Martha?
Martha - Look around. Remembering that this is a kitchen, what don't you see?
Tiger - No refrigerator, no stove, no garbage unit, no dishwasher.

Martha - My point exactly.
Arnold - That is all girlie stuff. I want gym equipment for us guys.
Steve - Speak for yourself, Arn. No fridge means no tucker. I'm with Martha here.
Condoleezza - We will get a better perspective on things when we've slept.
Bjork - Has anyone seen John?

Party On!

1.28am - John has already been in bed for an hour. The other housemates are slowly starting to go to bed. Tiger chooses to share the same bed as John.

1.35am - Martha and Steve are still in the kitchen. She gets a bottle of champagne.

Martha - It is a shame to let this go to waste. Not quite a Dom Perignon but it will do. Let's have a toast.
Steve - Sure. To us and to our time in this house.
Martha - Yes, let's drink to that.

1.45am - Bjork, Condoleezza and Alyssa are playing kickball in the bathroom and are enjoying themselves. Bjork's accuracy leaves a bit to be desired.

Alyssa - (laughing) Hey, that nearly went down the toilet.
Bjork - I can't help being not very good.
Condoleezza - There. Door's shut, now she can't.
Alyssa - Not unless she lob kicks it over the top :)

Bedtime for Housemates

2.05am - Martha eventually comes to bed. Steve is already fast asleep, softly snoring his head off. She puts her PJs on and gets into one of the beds opposite.

3.18am - Alyssa is the last one to come to bed, preferring to bask in a luxurious bubble bath and sing to herself.

Alyssa - # I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair #

Sim Brother does not know who she is referring to.

Tiger's time in the Diary Room

11.55am - Tiger is the first housemate to get up. After making his side of the bed, he goes and has a shower and then gets dressed.

Sim Brother (A) - Could Tiger please come to the diary room?

Tiger immediately does as he is asked and goes up the pagoda stairs to the diary room.

Sim Brother - Hello, Tiger. How are you today?
Tiger - I'm not quite awake yet, Sim Brother, but I'm glad to be here.
Sim Brother - As the first housemate up, you decide what you feel the house needs the most.
Tiger - A refrigerator and then a stove. Otherwise, we don't get to eat.
Sim Brother - Then you will have it.
Tiger - Thankyou, Sim Brother.
Sim Brother - You have only been in a day but who do you get on the best with?
Tiger - That has to be John. He has a great sense of humour and I enjoy his company.
Sim Brother - And who do you feel you know the least?
Tiger - it is too early to say. There is something about Bjork that doesn't click with me yet. I might not have got the chance to know her properly, though.

Afternoon Antics

1.45pm - As Tiger is in the kitchen making the housemates lunch of ham and mustard sandwiches, the rest of the house are starting to wake up. Steve is making the most of the hot water and is having a shower.

Somehow, Martha appears to have got out of bed the wrong side and criticises Condoleezza about her colour choice in lingerie.

Martha - Condoleeza, what ARE you wearing?
Condoleezza - What do you mean?
Martha - The rest of your dress sense is quite good but your choice of lingerie is so not this year, dear. It isn't even Victoria's Secret. And blue? It's what I'd expect a teen with bad taste to wear.
Condoleezza - Martha, frankly I don't care what you have to say.

With that, Condoleezza left the bedroom and went to have a shower. Bjork was already in there.

Bjork - What was 'Moaning Martha' on about?
Condoleezza - Whatever you do, don't let her look at your underwear.
Bjork - Ewww, sounds like she's one sick mutti.

2.17pm - Arnie is also in critical mood when he gets up.

Arnold - Steve, you look so funny dressed like that.
Steve - You're not quite a follower of fashion wearing undies like those, Arn.
John - Personally, I think this is all getting very silly.
Arnold - You want silly, I give you silly.

With that, Arnold grabbed a pillow and started laying into John who quickly grabbed one himself so he could fight back.

4.12pm - With Alyssa and Steve playing some kickbag, the afternoon in the bedroom turns into fun and games.

Sim Brother (A) - Could Alyssa please come to the diary room?

As Alyssa heads to the diary room, Martha grabs a pillow and even more feathers are flying as she has a pillowfight with Steve.

Lounging Alyssa

6.35pm Sim Brother (A) - Hello, Alyssa. How are you feeling today?
Alyssa - I slept very well, thankyou for asking.
Sim Brother - What do you think of the house so far?
Alyssa - A bit early to say but "so far so good"
Sim Brother - As the last person up, Sim Brother would like to know what you think the house could do with to make it a better place to live in.
Alyssa - Fun is a bit low on the ground. I'd like something to read if that is possible or even some music? I'd like some aerobics tapes if possible.
Sim Brother - Sim Brother will get back to you. You have only been in a day but who do you get on the best with?
Alyssa - Condi is a lot more fun than I thought she would be. She isn't afraid to have fun and let her hair down.
Sim Brother - And who do you feel get on with the least?
Alyssa - Martha. She rubs me up the wrong way, picking on me for the smallest things expecting perfection in everything. She even ripped into Condi earlier about her colour choice of undies. I thought that was so unfair.
Sim Brother - Sim Brother sees everything. Thankyou, Alyssa. Is there anything else Sim Brother can get for you?
Alyssa - If you could get me something for my headache, that would help.
Sim Brother - You will find some parasimtemols in the kitchen cupboard on the left of the sink.
Alyssa - Thankyou, Sim Brother.

Martha's Special Ingredient

8.15pm - Martha has prepared the housemates a dish of spaghetti topped with minced meat covered with a spicy sauce.

John - Mmmm ... not quite what I would know as a Spaghetti Bolognese but it is certainly unique, Martha.
Martha - I used my special recipe which includes garlic, oregano and other mixed herbs, not to mention my special ingredient.
John - It's very tangy. Is that a hint of orange?
Martha - You found my special ingredient. Marmalade. Now tuck in, everyone.
Bjork (muttering) - I don't think I will be having seconds.

Tubbing Around

11.30pm - The housemates have found a new room opened up off the bathroom where there is a hot tub. John is the first one into the tub while Steve and Alyssa play around.

Condoleezza - Can I join in?
Alyssa - Sure you can :)

11.45pm - Condoleezza and Alyssa laugh while they play "punch you, punch me" and Steve joins John in the tub. They get into a chatting about one of John's movies and Steve gets a wildlife lesson he didn't expect.

Steve - I thought you were really good in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
John - Thankyou, I enjoyed making it. I played six roles in it and I learnt quite a lot while we were filming it. For example, did you know that the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow is roughly 11 meters per second, or 24 miles per hour, beating its wings 7-9 times per second rather than 43. And contrary to public belief, a 5 ounce bird cannot carry a one pound coconut.
Steve - I really wanted to know that, John. When I get out of here, I should really do a nature program about them.

Back Again Tomorrow

And there we have to leave them.

Already, housemates are getting to know who they get on with and who they don't, but but before long Sim Brother is going to test it all by turning housemates against former friends making other housemates work with former foes.


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