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Sim Brother Series 4, Special Article
Cat's Eyes Edition 1

Hello, and welcome to "Cat's Eyes". Every week I will tell you about what has happened in the Sim Brother 4 house... from my point of view. It will be a mix of a summary of the week, as well as a commentary on the show. So far there have been just two days, but one of them is probably the most important of the series: the entrance of John, Bjork, Martha, Steve, Condoleezza, Arnold, Alyssa and Tiger. Welcome to

Cat's Eyes

The Beginning

The SB4 House The first day is a big one for every contestant of Sim Brother. No matter which series, channel, producers, whatever. It's a day at which the contestants will meet several new people, which they'll be locked up in a house with for a long time. Locked up, as there's no way of getting out, without either winning or losing the competition. And once you're out, there's no way back in - usually. In the current series, the 8 contestants will have to stick together for up to 50 days. Depending on the audience they'll either make it that long, or not. There will be the usual nominations, evictions, and saying goodbyes. Sometimes a housemate also decides to leave the house because they can't handle the stress, usually to be replaced by a new guy or girl. And they make as big of a chance to win the show.

Of course the housemates don't just sit in the house, watch some TV, listen to the radio, play some games, and make sure Sim Brother delivers the food. They'll have to work. There won't be any connection to the outside world; no TV, radio or computers. To get their food they'll have to pass a series of challenges and tasks, with which they can get bonuses and more. There isn't too much luxury, unless they work hard.

That's how hard Sim Brother is.

The Eight Housemates

John, Bjork, Martha, Steve, Condoleezza, Arnold, Alyssa, Tiger and many more felt they were up to this challenge, but only these eight made it into this house. A wide variety of characters, with actors, singers, crocodile hunters, politicians and governators, golf players and... well... Martha. Very promising indeed.

Day 1

Bjork's Arrival As you might have noticed they all arrived in different cars. From the looks of it, Bjork even dropped in by foot, though I'm not sure if that's really true. Maybe she just let herself be dropped off from her limo around the corner, so she can seem normal to the public eye. Steve expressed his hope to tame some creatures, and is mainly in to "enjoy the ride." We'll see about that. John, Alyssa and Condoleezza feel slightly similar, as they said they're not in to win, but to "be part of the Sim Brother experience." Objections to winning haven't been spotted.

Others see it differently. Tiger called Sim Brother a "game", and is expecting to win this tournament as well. Arnold seems to think of SB as an election, and with his political chit-chat he's already started trying to convert the viewers to vote for him as winner. Bjork, musician and actress from Iceland, has feared papparazzi cameras in the past, but she's now showing herself to Sim Brother 24 hours a day. She'll be working on a new album from the house, which should kill her dull moments in the house. Last to arrive was Martha, former jailbird and famous for her "living" series. Her house arrest has lead her to be locked into the Sim Brother house. She'll do her best to make her housemates comfortable, and hasn't shown wishes to win the challenge.

John and Condoleezza Dinner's Ready! The first night consisted mainly of chatting and the start of forming friendships. Martha was the first to prepare some food and drinks. It's not sure what she has against Arnold, or how she smuggled a water balloon in the house, but she did wet Arnold by throwing it at him. She said it's just for fun, but could this be the first forming of enemies? So far, everything seems to be quite friendly though, and apart from some big guy's chat not much happened.

Day 2

Tiger goes to the Diary Room The first full day started where day 1 left off. Arnold was still grumpy about the water balloon, and the housemates noticed quite a few necessary things were still missing in the house. Did Sim Brother forget to furnish it? Either way, it was bedtime. Due to the lack of bed space, two guys had to share a bed this first night. They must be getting along well already. They slept long, until close to noon, when Tiger was the first to get up, to be called into the diary room. There he admitted he gets on with John the best, so it seems a friendship is forming well. He also got to decide to have SB get that necessary fridge and stove. At least they - or Martha - can cook this time.

The rest of the house slowly woke up, but it's quite late at that time. It probably won't be long before they're kicked out a lot earlier in the morning. It's just their first night so they can be given a break, but not for long...

Hot Tubbing Just like on day 1, the housemates are after friendship, or enemies. Pillow fights and kicky bag resulted in some laughter, until Alyssa was called to the diary room and she could let SB know what she wanted in the house the most. She asked for some fun, and they got that later that night, in the shape of a hot tub. It's proven to be both fun and educational, as Steve learned some more about wildlife. However, isn't a hot tub too luxurious for a Sim Brother house? After all, they already have a pool... This shouldn't last too long.


The Eight As you can see, the first friendships are being formed and the housemates are getting along quite well. So far it seems John is the friendliest to the rest, whereas Martha, maybe despite her intentions, isn't getting off too well. Bjork seems to be hiding herself still, and hasn't shown herself to the cameras too much yet. She probably still has to find her spot in the house. It's still too early to predict about possible nominations now, but you never know what Sim Brother brings the housemates. During the coming week the early friendships will have to develop further for them all to survive the time in the house.

See you again next week, for another different look at Sim Brother 4 - New Blood. Until then, enjoy the show!


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