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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 3 (Sunday 10 April 2005)
Unwitting Candidates
Previously in SB4
The housemates now have a refrigerator and stove and Martha cooked with spaghetti and mince with her special savoury marmalade sauce. What other culinary delights does Martha have for the house today and what surprises does Sim Brother have for the housemates today?

Movies Over Breakfast

6.48am Alyssa is having trouble sleeping. All of the other housemates were in bed by 3am but despite having a bath and going for a swim to see if it would relax her, Alyssa is still wandering around the Sim Brother compound as the sun was starting to come up.

8.13am - For the second day running, Tiger is the first housemate to get up first. He goes to the toilet, showers and then prepares breakfast of blueberry waffles for the housemates.

10.15am - Alyssa has only slept for a couple of hours but she is the second housemate up to have breakfast and still half-asleep listens to Tiger telling her about how many times he has seen the movie "Titanic".
Tiger - If Sim Brother could show it here for us, that would be a real treat.
Alyssa - Whatever, Ty.

arn steve chatting ty diary room oblique 11.13am - The other housemates are getting up. Arnie and Steve are chatting about the difference in road signs. Tiger, flushed with his dream of seeing "Titanic" again has come to the diary room to see Sim Brother.
Tiger - I was wondering if we could have a movie show every few nights. If so, could I please have the movie "Titanic"?
Sim Brother - (sighs) Sim Brother will get back to you.

A Sunday Afternoon Debate

12.03pm - Condi is cleaning the bathroom. John is criticising Martha about her lack of knowledge of movies.

Sim Brother (C) - This is Sim Brother. All housemates will immediately gather in the forum.
Martha - But I'm still in my pajamas.
SB - I repeat. All housemates will immediately gather in the forum.

12.08pm - Before long, the housemates were all seated.

Sim Brother (C) - I want you in order to give two names of which of the other seven housemates you feel would make a good house president. This is not going to be a secret vote. Everyone is going to know who you have voted for. You do not need to give any reason.

Alyssa votes for Steve or Condoleezza, Arnold votes for John or Steve, Bjork votes for Condoleezza or Alyssa, Condoleezza votes for Alyssa or Bjork, John votes for Tiger or Arnie, Martha votes for Bjork or John, Steve votes for Arnie or Alyssa and Tiger votes for John or Condoleezza.

SB - Alyssa, Condoleezza and John are tied on three votes each. Each of them in turn will make a brief speech on why they feel they should get your vote. John will go first.

johnpic John - This is a surprise but thankyou for your support. If I was voted in as your house president, I would push strongly for the case of having non-arduous tasks, better leisure facilities and that marmalade is only served on toast.
Martha - Hey! I heard that.
John - You were supposed to.

alyssapic Alyssa - Hello, everyone. This is a surprise, and thankyou for your support. If I was President, I'd make every other day a holiday and have Sim Brother give us a gym for us to relax and enjoy ourselves. I would like a better choice in things to eat and also let us sleep in for as long as we want. That's all.

DESCRIPTION SB - Condoleezza will deliver her address.

Condoleezza - The State Department, Washington. Seriously, with my experience in politics, I believe I am the one best suited to take up this roll. I would unite all sides of the political spectrum and listen to all of your requests impartially and push forward your requests to Sim Brother to ensure a better life for us all.

SB - All of the other housemates will now vote again for which one of these three they feel would make a good house president.

Arnold - John
Bjork - Alyssa
Martha - John
Steve - Alyssa
Tiger - John

SB - With John on three votes and Alyssa on two votes, they are your two candidates for House President. This coming week, they will be picking from among the other six of you their campaign team leading to their election on Friday night. Housemates are now free to leave the forum.

aly john Martha - I don't think this has been done fairly.
Alyssa - I'm sorry you think that way, Martha. It is unusual, I must admit but this is Sim Brother and I thought it wouldn't be a bed of roses.
Martha - Well, don't think either of you are getting my vote.
John - Fine by me.

A Surprise Celebration

18:23pm The candidates for president are both somewhat stunned and the other housemates are now wondering what happens next.

Sim Brother (A) - To both candidates, please take note that you have an appointment with Sim Brother in the the Diary Room tomorrow morning at 9am with Sim Brother. Formal dress is required.
- To everyone, two minutes ago, The Sims Zone had it's 5 millionth visitor since our poll began in 2002. As we are celebrating out here, we thought it would only be fair to let you have some festivities of your own. You also now have a small hi-fi unit and bookcase which are in the house until further notice. We hope you enjoy your evening. A buffet and bar and a Myshuno machine are at your disposal until 6am tomorrow morning. Also, at 9pm, there will be a showing of "Titanic" on the plasma screen in the Diary Room for everyone who wishes to watch it.
Tiger - Thankyou, Sim Brother.

DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 7:15pm - Martha has come to the Diary Room.
SB (A) - Hello, Martha. How do you feel not to have received a single vote?
Martha - It wasn't fair of you to have an open vote. I know I would have got voted for had the other housemates been allowed to vote privately.
SB - What does it tell you that people didn't vote for you openly?
Martha - That they didn't want to be identified as supporting me.
SB - And what are you going to do about it?
Martha - I'm not in the party mood. I'm going to bed.
SB - Sleep well, Martha.

11.35pm - As the other housemates relax in the lounge, Tiger is in the diary room watching "Titanic" ... alone.

To Be Continued

And that is where we have to leave them. Will the "Titanic" miss the iceberg this time or will it sink as it has done in all of the other times that Tiger has seen the movie? More importantly, what does Sim Brother have in mind for the candidates when they have to be at the Diary Room in the morning?


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