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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 25 (Monday 11 February 2002)
Holding On & A Quick Flash
A Difficult Ride
Anna is up early again. She appears to have a troubled sleep cycle and works during the night when everything is quiet. She took the opportunity to get in some more practice on the Bull. However, what this means is that she does not socialise with the others as much as she could and this could put her at risk for Wednesday’s nominations.
At 7:42, Anne came into the garden and saw that the mechanical bull was not occupied and took the opportunity to give it a try. What she failed to notice was that Anna had left it on the Difficult Setting.

Other Events
When she got off and staggered back into the house, completely shattered and unsteady on her feet, Tony gave her a supporting hug. Tony had a game of chess with Jerry on the afternoon and on the evening over dinner with Davina and Jerry, they all contemplated what was happening to MNM on the outside.

One For The Ladies
Tom kept a low profile during the day but on the night he had a bath. He happened to be facing into the camera when he was about to get out. Fortunately the pictures were censored before they reached the broadcast on SBTV. With nominations coming up in two days, he may perhaps be trying to improve the public’s perception of him.


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