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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 5 (Tuesday 12 April 2005)
Active Campaining
Previously in SB4

The two candidates have found out some of the powers that the House President will have and have carefully picked their teams. Steve was the only floater but he chose to join the Charmed Party. That meant Martha became the last member of the Marmalade Party.

How will the different parties campaign today in order to get a better share of the public vote?

Not Unwilling Bedfellows

2.45am - Alyssa and Steve are sharing the double bed, which gives cause for greater investigation. However, both of these housemates appear to be sleeping on separate sides of the bed with no bodily contact.

Arnie Gets Active

6.48am - Arnold comes early to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (C) - Hello, Arnold, how are you?
Arnold - I've slept better. How is my candidate doing?
SB - Voting is very close at the moment.
Arnold - I want my candidate to get a good start. And you said Sim Bruder would give us anything we wanted.
SB - (pauses) Yes
Arnold - Then this is what I want and I want it in under an hour ...

8.19am - The rest of the housemates are waking up to find without a shadow of a doubt that there is an election campaign under way. Arnold has plastered the compound with election posters and is showing that Marmalade is not just for breakfast in the Sim Brother house.

John & Martha, Marmalade & Brillopads

12.12pm - Martha comes to see John in the garden by the pool as she wants to get a few things off her chest.

Martha - John, I get the impression that you didn't really want me working on your team.
John - You'd be right. You've committed crimes against marmalade and taken it away from the breakfast table to the bistro.
Martha - Can I explain?
John - Neither of us are going anywhere. Talk until the cows come home.
Martha - Marmalade has always been a luxury item to me. In recent months, I have become obsessed with the colour orange. Perhaps it might have something to do with where I have been. Perhaps it has a mystic connotation in the realms of Uri Geller.
John - Englishmen drop into second place with Uri's definition of madness. Mind you, as he's friends with Michael Jackson, no wonder he's wacko as well.
Martha - Anyway, with my orange fixation, I have been obsessed with new recipes for oranges and marmalade.
John - But marmalade as a major ingredient in a spaghetti sauce?
Martha - Let us look at how bizarre you English are with your eating habits. What do you pour on Yorkshire puddings?
John - Gravy.
Martha - And what do you put on your English pancakes?
John - Syrup, jam, lemon juice, sugar. Depends what colour socks I have put on that day.
Martha - It is effectively the same food but it becomes sweet or savoury, also in the same way that pineapple is part of sweet and sour sauce as well as a dessert.
John - I think I get it. Ok, use marmalade however you choose in your cooking. You've got me converted. If it tastes good, I'll eat it.
Martha - John, I come off as an abrasive person.
John - If I had to liken you to an object, a "brillopad" (SB - wire wool) comes to mind.
Martha - I am a perfectionist and I'm very critical.
John - Really? I can't say I had noticed.
Martha - I'm also getting too much sleep here. I function the best with only about four hours sleep and having the lights on. Can you give me another chance to make a good impression and show I can be a good member of your team?
John - I've suffered fools gladly when I did Monty Python. Palin was especially insufferable. Therefore, I think I can suffer a perfectionist insomniac with a marmalade obsession for a few months at the most.

Alyssa's Campaign Meeting

6.05pm - Condoleezza has called the first meeting of Alyssa's campaign team in the spa.

Condoleezza - I felt we could do with a relaxed environment to go over our policies and counterattack the Marmalade party.
Alyssa - I know if elected, I will be the president but I will make sure you, the Charmed party, share in the rewards. I want us to come across as more united and more effective than John. How does "The Power of Four" as a campaign slogan?
Steve - By crikey, that's great quote, Lyssa.
Bjork - If I had something to write on and write with, I could write us a campaign song. I could rework one of my old ones.
Condoleezza - I'll see what Sim Brother can do for us. I'll also get us our own campaign posters for tomorrow. Those orange suckers are not going to have the monopoly on wallpapering this compound for long.

Steve's Dilemma

10.12pm - Steve comes to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (A) - Hi, Steve, how are you today?
Steve - I'm in a bit of a quandry to be honest.
SB - How do you mean?
Steve - I think two of the girls are really fond of me and I don't quite know what to do. I can't run away, I can't shoot them and I can't hit either of them over the head with a rock ... although the thought has crossed my mind.
SB - Sim Brother advises you not to put those thoughts into action. Although the publicity would be good, killing a fellow housemate would disqualify you from winning the series and put you in another place of confinement for a lot longer than 50 days.
Steve - So what do I do without hurting one of them?
SB - If you want, we could get you an appointment in this room tomorrow with our series psychologist to talk over your problems.
Steve - That would be great, Sim Bro. Thanks.

To Be Continued

And that is where we have to leave it.

With their first day of campaigning, the housemates are really into the swing of things but still have a bit of time for their own issues. Tomorrow, we will see how the housemates continue their campaigning and Steve gets to meet the series psychologist.

Doctor Phil


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