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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 6 (Wednesday 13 April 2005)
Getting Psychological
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Marmalade -v- Charmed

The different parties have gone on the offensive. Firstly, the Marmalade party plastered the compound with their posters. Now the Charmed party with their "power of four" are counterattacking. Will this display of their position and stance sway the popular voter before the big debate tomorrow?

Today, we're changing things a bit as we get psychological with Dr. Phil who is going to give us his prognosis on how he views the future of the housemates and the tactics that they are using to win the game.

Inside Their Minds

For those who thought that living a life that is cut off from reality for up to fifty days is just plain sailing, you're talking out of your derriere.

For those of you who have been living out of touch with civilisation and have no cable tv, I'm Dr. Phil and I'm the series psychologist for "Sim Brother 4" and from time to time, I'll be looking at the housemates and finding out through my observations what they appear to be doing to survive as housemates and as individuals.

Housemates have the option to come and see me in the Diary Room. If they don't come to the Diary Room, then they've got the threat that I'll come to the house and see them. I could go in to talk to housemates about anything but today, I'm going to have a chat with Steve about his problems with women.

Firstly, I'm going to look at the different housemates and what I see to be their real agendas.

Let's do it!

Alyssa comes across as a warm girl-next-door. I see this as a sham. This is covering a calculating player who really is out to win. Her surprise at becoming one of the presidential candidates is as genuine as grass being purple. If she thinks her cover has been blown, perhaps now she'll change her tactics. Sharing the same bed with Steve might be the first sign of that. You decide. However, can those other housemates see what she's doing? If her ploys are identified, she could find a few eviction votes going her way.

Arnold gives the impression of being a confident guy with no time for the "girlie girls". What a crock of poop!! This chauvinistic attitude is indicative of a metrosexual who feels inadequate because of the size of John Thomas. After all, in the Sim Brother house, he can't hide it forever. Arnie is a fighter. He's out there to win. If he isn't evicted early on in the game, he'll make the final few weeks.

Bjork hasn't yet made much of an impression on the house and has avoided the limelight for either positive or negative reasons. This could be a way of avoiding having to face her phobia of being in the spotlight. Otherwise, she's just staying out of the firing line. Well, she's been noticed for trying not to be noticed, which is good in that she hasn't made enemies ... yet.

Condoleezza is used to being in the spotlight, this girl is using the opportunity of being in "Sim Brother" to let down her hair and enjoy herself but she is remember that this is still a talented politician and a brilliant businesswoman with a sharp mind. She's already popular and by golly, she knows it. She would rather have been the candidate instead of the campaign manager but she'll still give it her best shot. I reckon she won't be a target for nomination or eviction until at least the midgame. Will she make ground from losing her swimsuit? Not for me to say, but it could work out for her in order to help her stay in the game longer.

John perfectly represents the charming upper-class English gentleman. His over-reaction to Martha's choice of using his favourite breakfast condiment as an ingredient for her spaghetti sauce shows an extreme personality. If he doesn't win this election, things could get nasty. I'd say there is a high chance of him being evicted in the first few weeks, but if he is, he will have been true to himself. He's shown his reasonable side by talking to Martha and finding a ground to work from, but if he's elected, will he be a good leader or just "very very silly"?

Martha is like a bull in a china shop and is lacking in the control to handle it. If she sees something she don't like, she charges at it. Generally unpopular, she does have a few friends in the house who may help her if she lets her feelings of depression and rejection come out. There is a high chance she'll be the first eviction unless she can change things around. Her recent approach to John may have helped her out but is it a case of too little too late?

Steve, whether he wants to be it or not, is the house's Alpha Male. This is a role I don't think he was after as he's got the attentions of all of the females and the admiration of some of the guys. This could work to his advantage in through being popular, he's likely to avoid being nominated and could go a long way.

Tiger comes across as being very shy. Although he has friends, his interests don't seem to fit those of other people. For someone who said he wants to win, this guy is holding back his A-Game. As someone who does not appear to be a threat, he could go far and catch people unawares. As long as he doesn't get cut out, he could make the final hole but he'd need to use his best strokes to stay on the fairway, keep out of the rough and need as few putts as possible to win the public vote and the game.

In being the series psychologist, I'm there for those who want a chat and to get advice in my own unique Dr.Phil way. Today, I was in the house seeing Steve.

A Session With Steve

Dr. Phil (DP) - *one-fingered wave to someone in the audience*
Today, while the rest of the housemates were preparing for tomorrow's big debate that will be the climax of their election campaign, I got to go into the Diary Room to speak to Steve about his problems. By golly, he's got a few.
Steve - Thankyou for coming to see me.
DP - Tell me what the problem is, Steve.
Steve - I'm just not used to what is going on.
DP - So what's on your mind?
Steve - I'm close to leaving, Phil.
Steve - Sorry, DOCTOR Phil. I've met a great bunch of people here in the last few days but it has all got on top of me with all this political stuff. In my work, it's me and Terri against nature ... and deadlines that our network impose upon us to come up with a show.
DP - *nods understandingly*
Steve - Politics don't play a part of my life in the bush. I see what I need, I get it and I parade it in front of the camera. By crikey, I could die on my show and I'd want the cameras to capture it. Somethings in this show aren't right.
DP - In what way?
Steve - If I had a predator after me in the bush, I'd escape. I'd run away and admit it had got the better of me.
DP - Do you feel someone has got the better of you?
Steve - Yes.
DP - Then quit. Get your sorry sad derriere out of this diary room, out of this compound and out of this show and give someone else a chance to play the game. You failed. You're a zero.
Steve - NO WAY!!
DP - Good. Then go and face what is troubling you. Tell me, what do you do with snakes?
Steve - Real ones?
DP - No, dummy. Rubber ones. *shakes head incredulously* Of course I mean real ones.
Steve - Grab them by the throat.
DP - By way of controlling them and not killing them?
Steve - Yes.
DP - If you can hold up constrictors by the throat, then you can find a way to control what you feel is constricting you. Get your butt back outta here, rejoin the the rest of the house, find those throats and get them.
Steve - By crikey, I'll do it. Thanks, Dr. Phil.

*Steve leaves*

DP - Depending upon the ratings of this show (SB - Make a comment in the news item), I hope to be back every week with my view on the lives of the housemates in here and where possible, interview one of those who is the most troubled. In the meantime, for those who can't wait that long, why not buy one or more of my latest DVDs?

  • "Tieing your shoelaces with Dr.Phil"
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  • "Crossing the road with Dr.Phil". This last one is available in both "look left first" and "look right first" versions. Buy both of them and get a 25% discount.

  • To Be Continued

    Halfway through the campaign and the voting is close. Both campaign teams have been busy working out policies and preparing. John and the Marmalade Party has a small lead in public opinion polls, which could easily change. Now the public have seen Dr.Phil's psychological profiles, will this affect the voting?

    Tomorrow, we are in the house for the Big Debate where the candidates are going head to head and be asked questions on the major issues of life in the Sim Brother house. We will also be seeing what else has been going on.

    Remember, however, that the choice of who becomes the Sim Brother President is ultimately up to you. Cast your vote now and once every 12 hours until the polls close.

    Behind The Camera

    I am Andy. I am "Sim Brother". I am English, 40-something, married and with 1-3 children depending upon the day of the week. I will do my best for this not to happen but sometimes during this season, my reports might not quite turn up on time due to the offline world. For my friends who have known me for some time, they know what I call "The Prime Directive".

    Reality first

    Thankyou for your patience and support. If your daily dose of "Sim Brother" is not here on time, it will be here as soon as is possible, either before you go to bed or be there for when you get up.


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