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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 8 (Friday 15 April 2005)
Waiting for Results
Previously in SB4

With the house in political mode almost all week, last night their task came to an end with The Candidates' Debate. Alyssa appeared to come off better from our experts' point of view. Voting in the poll is very close as to who will ultimately become President. At midnight tonight, they will find out.

Also, it looks like there might be a crush between of all people John and Martha. Is this for real or just a passing fancy?

Perhaps today will come up with some answers.

Sleepless Night

4.45am - Steve can't sleep. He is trying to settle on one of the recliners near the pool but the hum of the pool lights is keeping him awake.

Bjork has the double bed and although he likes her, his inclination is not to join the Icelandic beauty.

Divine Inspiration ... or Delia?

7.22am - Martha has not slept well. She is up and awake and after having made pancakes for the housemates, she is now sat and reading "Cooking Is Murder" by Delia Simth.

Is Martha after inspiration or does she just want a good laugh?

"Hey, there's George!"

11.50am - Arnie is not accepting that the campaign is over. With waterballoons, he is stalking the Charmed Party Campaign members. Alyssa and Bjork did not take too kindly to his assaults.

3.32pm - Steve didn't seem to mind when Arnie drenched him. With some positive response, Arnie saves his best for his opposite number in the Charmed Party.

Preparing his move carefully, he decided to catch her unawares with what was extremely improbable but she couldn't ignore.

Arnold - Condi, there's George Bush!!
Condoleezza - Where?


Anxious Moments

11.44pm - All of the housemates are gathered together in the lounge. Today, Sim Brother has covered the main wall with their publicity photographs. This has not gone unnoticed.

Sim Brother (C) - Sim Brother House, this entire week you have been busy campaigning for one of two candidates to become House President. In different ways, you have shown zeal, enthusiasm and determination to help your candidate win. This means you have passed your task and extra rewards will be given to the President to decide how to distribute and who to distribute them to.

Polls have now closed. With 53% of the public vote, the House President of the Sim Brother house is ....


To Be Continued

The polls are closed and John has been elected as the House President and will remain in office for one week, but how will he perform and will he live up to his election promises?

Stay tuned to to find out what the President is going to do.


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