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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 9 (Saturday 16 April 2005)
Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears The Crown
Previously in SB4

With 53% of the vote, John has been voted as the House President. It is too early to tell how he will handle his week in office and whether there are any perks of the position that can be abused.

Also, how will the loser and her supporters handle defeat?

The Portrait Wall

The Portrait Wall is a new feature in the lounge. Not seen off picture to the left are pictures of Alyssa and Arnold. This wall now serves as an attractive row of publicity pictures of all of the housemates.

However, as the occupancy of this house will change, will the pictures on the wall reflect those changes as well?

New Morning, New Friends?

7.08am - It is the morning after John was announced as House President for a week. Martha is the first one up again and has made omelettes for breakfast.
8.12am - Some of the other housemates are just getting up. Steve is talking to Alyssa.

Steve - Don't feel so bad. You did your best.
Alyssa - It wasn't good enough. Now we'll have a week of John and he'll be insufferable.
Steve - It won't be too bad. Anyway, what happened to that hand of friendship?
Alyssa - It hasn't woken up yet.

They head off to the kitchen for breakfast. Alyssa notices a smell coming from the direction of John's bed ... and Steve notices a smell coming from the direction of Alyssa.

9.33am - The rivalry of the housemates in the past week seems to have been forgotten. Tiger and Condi are in the garden having a pillow fight. Alyssa has been for a swim and is now having some breakfast. In the kitchen, Martha even seems to be trying to mend some fences.
Martha - Alyssa, you and I haven't really got off to a good start.
Alyssa - I'd noticed.
Martha - Can we try and be friends?
Alyssa - I'd be happy to give things another try.
Steve - It's great if you two can bury the hatchet and not in each other's backs.
Martha - (laughing) With comments like that, it's your back the hatchet will be buried in. Also, remember I get my hands on sharp kitchen utensils.

Duties For The Defeated

2.34pm - There is a price to losing an election and backing the defeated candidate. The housemates of the Charmed Party find it out to their cost.

Sim Brother (A) - Sim Brother would like to congratulate President John on winning the election and Sim Brother also passes on condolences to Alyssa and her campaign team. Regretably, to the loser comes the duty of this week keeping the house in order. Campaign posters need to be removed, the bathroom needs to be cleaned, pots need to be washed, hedges need to be trimmed and flowers need to be watered. If these tasks have not been carried out by this time tomorrow, your team will be punished.

4.48pm - Alyssa quickly mobilises her 'party'. She starts removing posters herself and Bjork does some of the gardening. Steve and Condi are both delegated to cleaning duties.

The Depressed President
7.08pm - The President comes to the diary room.
Sim Brother (P) - Hey, John, what brings your sorry backside in here?
John - I wouldn't call it a a sorry one. I just think I'm not being true to myself and others.
SB - So?
John - I feel I've been unfair in this recent campaign.
SB - How?
John - I feel I have come across more as Basil Fawlty than myself.
SB - It's a bit too late for that now.
John - I don't think I can really be the dictator I said I was going to be.
SB - And why not?
John - Because I am not really like that.
SB - Well, you'd better sort your cockamamy self out and face the music.
John - I had a feeling you'd say something like that.
SB - So what's going on with you and Martha?
John - I like her. Her ideas on cooking leave a bit to be desired.
SB - And? Where's it going to go from here?
John - If you expect me to tell you, you've got another thing coming. This has been one of the first times I have come to the Diary Room and I feel I've got the 3rd Degree.
SB - Don't you mean you didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition?

John - NOBODY expects the Spanish inquisition. I should know better than that.
SB - John, you are who you are and an amalgam of those who you have been.
John - Be that as it may. Being disected was not in my plans for coming here either.
SB - Well, I'm filling in today for the usual guys who fill this slot and I have to say that you're coming across as if you're full of poop. As it is, nobody out there will see it until it is too late.
John - I didn't come in for this. I came in to talk and get away from politics for a little while.
SB - Well, you're just poop out of luck and by golly, you might have noticed that I don't pull my punches.
John - Hold on a moment, who says you have to be right? I don't care if you're one of the country's biggest self-help gurus. To me and I'm sure certain others, you're coming across as an arrogant, pompous ass. With that, I'm going and no way am I going to do a silly walk as I leave.

To Be Continued

Leaving it there, we have President John who is somewhat confused about his state of mind and the losing candidate and her party now delegated to cleaning the house out. There is plenty simmering below the surface to turn the house upside down this coming week.

Stay tuned to to find out what is next lurking for the housemates.


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