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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 10 (Sunday 17 April 2005)
Dissent and Homecooking
Previously in SB4

The losing candidate and her party have found they have been delegated the domestic chores for the house. Although they have got off to a good start, will this day see them in such good spirits?

The losing candidate and her party have found they have been delegated the domestic chores for the house. Will they continue doing their work as cheerfully as possible or face the possible wrath of Sim Brother or President John?

President Tiger?

9.17am - Condoleezza is having a shower. Steve has had a morning swim but is now in the bathroom doing his chores by cleaning the sinks. He does not appear to be very happy.

Steve - (muttering) I'd rather be in the bush than scrubbing sinks in here.

9.58am - After her shower, Condoleezza goes to have a chat with Tiger in the bedroom.
Condoleezza - So what is -
Tiger - Ssshhh !! Martha is still fast asleep.
Condoleezza (whispering) - So what is it like being on the winning team?
Tiger - I wish I could be on a winning Ryder Cup Team than this, Condi.
Condoleezza - How do you mean, Ty?
Tiger - It's different and I don't really like it. Why should you guys be punished just for losing?
Condoleezza - Those are the breaks. It's up to the President whether he keeps it that way.
Tiger - Well, this President needs to lighten up. We're in this together, not two separate sides.
Condoleezza - You sound as though you have the makings of a good politician. Perhaps a Democrat, but still a good politician.

Tub and Toilets

3.50pm - The door to the spa is now locked and only President John and his campaign team have keys. John, Arnie and Tiger are having a relaxing afternoon in the hot tub. Martha is still in bed.
Arnie - It is good that we have this to ourselves.
Tiger - I don't know. We won, but why should they suffer?
Arnie - That is it. We win. They lose. To the victors belong the spoils. This is going to be a good week.

Only in the next room, Alyssa is cleaning the toilets and can hear everything that Arnie has been saying.

Alyssa - (muttering) That Austrian Governator is going to be laughing on the other side of his face some day soon. In the meantime, I'd love to stick this toilet brush up his Brenner Pass. I don't care if I was in a movie with him when I was a kid. He was a jerk then, he's a bigger one now.

Mac and Cleese

7.22pm - With Martha still in bed, John cooks dinner for the household.

John - Well, it's mac and cheese that I have refined from a traditional inuit recipe that I got from a mountain man in Alberta. I call it "Mac and Cleese"
Steve - (groans) That's an awful pun.
Condoleezza - Are there any mountains in Alberta?
Arnie - That's not important. Is there any marmalade in it, John?
John - You'll have to taste it and see.

Fortunately for the housemates who did risk eating John's concoction, they were somewhat relieved to find that marmalade was not one of the ingredients he had chosen to use and it was a very enjoyable meal.

Alyssa's Dissent

11.22pm - The strain of having another day cleaning the house, plus what she had heard when cleaning the toilets had put a strain on Alyssa. She comes to Sim Brother.

Sim Brother (A) - Hello, Alyssa. How are you today?
Alyssa - Straight up? I've had enough.

SB - What is making you feel that you have reached your limit?
Alyssa - All day long, we have been slaving away trying to keep the house in order. Martha has spent all day in bed and John and the rest of his gang have been soaking in the hot tub. If this is your idea of giving his presidential power, it has gone too far.
SB - Sim Brother takes note of your complaints.
Alyssa - I am tired and sick to the back teeth of all of this and if things don't improve in the next day or so, you can save yourself the bother of the eviction process.

To Be Continued

And that is where we have to leave it.

Tomorrow is going to be a double-whammy for the housemates. They are going to find out what their first regular task is going to be and also have their last chance to get on the good side of President John before he announces on the night who he is nominating for eviction from the house. Mind you, will Alyssa still be here?


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