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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 11 (Monday 18 April 2005)
A Task, Two Warnings and Nominations
Previously in SB4

From an overheard conversation, Alyssa did not take kindly to Arnie's attitude towards what the losers are expected to do. So angered about things and the way her "party" are being downtrodden, she has come to the Diary Room to voice her complaint and a veiled hint that she may be walking before the nominations are announced.

Today, Sim Brother announces the first proper group task and the housemates find out who President John has chosen to nominate for eviction. But will Alyssa be there to see it?

Early to Rise ... or Not

6.33am - Arnold is the first of the housemates up. He has had a dip in the hot tub and is now emptying the contents of the trash compactor in the dustbin. Although this is the duty of Alyssa's team, Arnold appears to have chosen to do this.

7.11am - Alyssa has chosen to sleep on the couch in the diary room ... and has been dreaming about Tiger. Sim Brother's dream analysts cannot yet ascertain the significance of this as to whether there is a romantic dream or whether she is dreaming about him for another reason entirely.

Martha Back In Action

7.51am - Martha has made up for her "day off" asleep by being up fairly early, comandeering the bath and taking a long relaxing bubble-bath.
8.21am - After she has had her bath, she goes to the kitchen and prepares pancakes and marmalade syrup for breakfast for the housemates.

Apprehension in the Ranks

8.50am - Although he has been the president, John still sleeps in the bedroom with the other housemates. He hasn't even asked for special bedding to signify his status.
9.16am - John is in the shower. Arnie and Tiger are stood outside. Arnie is apprehensive about the nominations.

Arnold - I cannot put my finger on it but I do not feel we are being shown the status we deserve. We helped John become President. We should get more.
Tiger - I'm happy with what I've got. We did our task. We got him in. Job done.
Arnold - I want more. On the outside, I would not care. I have it all. As Governor, I even use my own plane at my own expense. In Sim Bruder, it is different. It may even be time for us to decide who are the good guys and who have to be terminated.

Alyssa's Anxiety

DESCRIPTION 9.39am - Alyssa has come to the kitchen and got herself some breakfast.
Alyssa - Mmmm ... pancakes. And this smells like marmalade. Oh well, it's food.
Before long, she has eaten her serving and goes to wash her plate.

9.51am - Alyssa and Condoleezza are talking about the coming nominations.
Alyssa - How well do you think you know John, Condi?
Condi - Not too well, Lyssa. He's friendly enough when he's not being a dictator.
Alyssa - I barely know him at all. I'm sure I'll be nominated tonight.
Condi - I can't see anyone that John wouldn't want to nominate. Anyway, from the sound of it, you got almost as many votes as John so if you're up for the vote, you've still got your supporters. Don't give up. I'm an unknown quantity. Who out there wants me in?
Alyssa - I'm sure you'll find you've got a lot of support if you're put up for the vote. All being well, we should both be here this time next week.

What We Miss The Most

10.36am - Alyssa has gone to shower. Steve and Bjork are playing kickbag again in the bathrooms. Condoleezza is sat in the kitchen talking to Martha about what they miss the most.
Martha - I still miss my liberty. Although they let me out and I was at home in my $16,000,000 estate, I didn't have the freedom. I couldn't even go down the store. And in here, it is no better. In fact, it is probably worse. Although I do get to meet some people I may not have otherwise met who I can use as guinea pigs for my latest recipes, I miss the luxuries that I was used to. What about you?
Condoleezza - I miss my music. I wish there was a piano here so I could play for you all. I did once perform with Yo-Yo Ma. I was on piano, he was on the cello. Not many people know he was People Magazine's Most Sexiest Classical Musician 2001.
Martha - So who gets People Magazine's Sexiest Politician 2005? I doubt it's your boss.

Look To The Skies

12.31pm - The housemates are gathered in the covered forum.

Sim Brother (P) - Hi there, y'all. Unless you've been looking at your own belly buttons, you should have noticed eight telescopes and an Alienware computer. You're getting put to work with the telescopes exploring the cosmos and being able to recognise what you see. Simple enough for you?

SB - This computer has the SimCosmos interactive database on anything relating to the skies, constellations and star systems to help you identify what you see. The computer is otherwise fully functional, but your backsides are going to be kicked if you abuse the computer or telescopes for your own ends.

SB - As we don't want the local folks of this humdrum dullsville complaining that Sim Brother and you guys are spying on them, firstly you're only going to be allowed to use the telescopes after dark. Even then, you're not to look around the neighborhood. You're to look at the skies. Then on Thursday evening, you are each in turn going to be asked to find a certain star, planet or constellation. You'll be told what Sim Brother wants you to point out, you have to point your telescope to it, Sim Brother will tell you whether you are right or wrong. Simple enough for you loafers to understand, huh? If you fail, you guys are on a diet of luncheon meat sandwiches and mac and cheese for the next week. Mmm... yummy. Well, that's down to you. And I'll be back in three days to see how you've got on.

Feeling Abandoned

12.48pm - The housemates are still sat in the forum, stunned from the attitude and severity of the price of failure in the task.

Bjork - I thought Sim Brother was going to be our best friend. This new one is like an annoying neighbour who tries to interfere.
Steve - I've met him. It's the series psychologist. He means well, though. He helped me out.

John - Really? I'd rather Anne Robinson helped me with lessons in good manners.
Tiger - I heard another that another network hired her.
Martha - Then we're stuck with this pain for the rest of our lives in here?
Alyssa - I'm sure the other two Sim Brothers will be back. They must have the day off.
John - Well, they might have the day off but we're clearly having an off day.

Martha - Let's grin and bear it and get down to work. We won't get to eat proper meals if we fail. And damnit, we are NOT going to fail.
Condoleezza - (muttering) Perhaps that could be a good thing if you don't get to cook.
Arnold - I want to eat well next week. We must work hard. During the day, I say we exercise and get our bodies fit. I am going to start now ... well, perhaps tomorrow.

Sim Brother Gets Tougher

7.20pm - After the sun has gone down, some of the housemates are trying out the telescopes. Alyssa and Tiger are both quite impressed with what they have seen.
Alyssa - Wow. Look at all those stars. There must be hundreds of them. I hope Sim Brother doesn't expect us to know the names of all of them.
Tiger - That's nothing! I think I've got a slow-moving comet. Wait! Scratch that. It's the 1830 Redeye from SimCity International.

7.36pm - Two other housemates are also looking through the telescopes ... but but their attention seems to be more looking around the neighborhood than up to the heavens.
Steve - That's a wonderful tree. Plenty of lucious foliage.
Bjork - You go hug your tree. I'd rather hug this hunky guy I can see getting in the shower.
Sim Brother (P) - What did Sim Brother tell you only a few hours ago? You were told that telescopes are to look up and not around at the neighborhood. You're lucky this time with it being your first offence. Any further violation and attempt to receive a message from the outside world and you will get your first and final warning.

Nomination and Devastation

11.41pm - The housemates are all gathered together in the lounge sat around on the couches and chairs. John stands by the table to address them all.

Sim Brother (P) - John, tell your fellow housemates who you are going to nominate and why.
John - Thankyou, Sim Brother. Firstly, I would like to thank my campaign team for standing by me and being very supportive during the first few days of my presidency.
Arnie - (laughing) It is our pleasure, Mr President.

John - I would also like to thank Alyssa and her team for taking defeat graciously and working hard to improve our lives in the Sim Brother house.
Alyssa - You're welcome, John (... not)
John - I have spent a long time looking at the merits and demerits of all of you.
Tiger - Even from among your own side?
Arnie - (laughs) That's sneaky.
John - Yes, I have found in every one of you reasons why you should stay and reasons why you should go. I will go through each of you in turn.
Alyssa - This is starting to sound interesting.

John - And I'll start with you, Alyssa. We've been here in this house for 10 days and I barely know you. Therefore, a good enough reason for me to see you out of the house.
Alyssa - Thanks, John. I really needed to hear that.
John - Also, I found in you a gracious opponent and a worthy adversary and a reason to let you stay in the house longer.
Alyssa (smiling) - Thankyou.
John - However, I am nominating you for eviction.
Alyssa isn't smiling anymore.
John - This brings me to you, Arnold. You worked hard during the campaign but you also come accross as nothing but a barbarian. Again, merits and demerits. Therefore, I am nominating you also for eviction.
Arnold - I was your campaign manager. I got you where you are today.
John - And here I am and I am nominating you. And that brings me to Bjork. A sweet lovely girl who could bring music and happiness to the house but is just too quiet at the moment. You are nominated as well, my dear.
Bjork - Oh. Thankyou.

Steve - I don't mean to speak out of turn here, but is there anyone who you haven't nominated?
John - Yes, you are speaking out of turn, and no, there isn't anyone who I haven't put up for nomination.
Martha - You sonofabitch !!
John - You will not be going through this alone. I am the President and I can do what I want. I have also put myself forward for eviction as well. Let the people decide. If they think I really am a sonofabitch, then I am not going to be here this time next week. And with that, I'm going to bed. Goodnight.

To Be Continued

And that is where we have to leave it.

With everyone stunned by John's nominations, the way is open for you to vote out the one who you feel have no place in the Sim Brother house. However, by including himself on that list, can he curry some favour with the other housemates or in fact find his friends don't think the same way? Perhaps with having a new task, the housemates will have something to take their minds off it ... or will John's turning on all of them stay on their minds until their time comes to nominate?


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