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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 12 (Tuesday 19 April 2005)
The Governator, the President and the Scrubbing Secretary
Previously in SB4

The housemates were assigned their weekly task to know the cosmos and given telescopes and a computer database to help them carry out the task. Two housemates misused the telescopes and Steve and Bjork have both received a caution from Sim Brother.

As if that wasn't had enough, President John announced he was nominating everyone for eviction ... including himself.

Disgruntled Stargazers

1.44am - It's Day 12 in the Sim Brother house. As the stars come out at night, many of the housemates are concentrating on the latest task. Some of them are not pleased about being up for nomination.
Arnold - I can't believe it. After all we did for him.
Tiger - I don't get it either. If anyone is interested, I think I've found an asterism.
Alyssa - That's cool, Tiger. I've think I've found Gemini.
Condoleezza - Ok, so we're all nominated. It was going to happen at some time or other. We all risk being the first one to go, but none of us want to be the first to go.

Arnold - He made me his campaign manager. I thought I was his friend.
Condoleezza - You can look at it two ways. Firstly, we look at it Arnold's way. He has been very unfair by nominating everyone.
Arnold - Very unfair.
Condoleezza - Or you can look at it this way. He has been completely fair and treated everyone equally. I've found Rigel or is it Betelgeuse?

Tiger - I think you're facing the wrong way to find Rigel. How has he been fair?
Condoleezza - How many people are up for the public vote?
Arnold - All of us.
Condoleezza - I asked how many of us.
Tiger - Eight.
Condoleezza - Exactly. He has even put himself up for the vote. He has not picked on anyone. He has not turned on anyone. He has ... well, John has been John.

Alyssa - I agree. I wasn't pleased to hear I had been nominated but I was expecting it.
Arnold - It still isn't fair.
Condoleezza - When will some of you remember that this is a game? You're right, Tiger. I think I'm looking at Altair, not Rigel.
Alyssa - Yes, it's a game and I agree with Condi that John has played it very fairly.
Tiger - He could have kept himself out of the vote, giving himself a definite chance to last another week.

Condoleezza - Exactly. He's played it as a gentleman.
Arnold - Hmmph, you can be his best buddy, Condi. He could have stood by his party and kept us out of it.
Condoleezza - I don't need to be told whose best buddy I can be, Arnie. I choose my own friends.
Tiger - Where is John, anyway?
Alyssa - He went to bed and I don't blame him. He chose to nominate everyone and he knew some of us wouldn't like it. As long as he pulls his weight later in this task, I have no problem with that.
The conversation petered out and the housemates got back to stargazing.

Appealing Housemates

2.16am - Steve and Bjork have both come to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (A) - Hello, you two. How are you this evening?
Bjork (pouting) - I have had better days.
Steve - I'm all tuckered out.
SB - How do you both feel about being nominated?
Steve - It had to happen at sometime. I'd rather be blooded early on.
Bjork (shrugs) - I was expecting it. I'm from Iceland.
Steve - There was something we did come here for, though, Sim Bro.
SB - Which was?
Bjork - We are really very truly sorry for what we did earlier. We were just joking around.
Steve - What Bjorky is saying is could we appeal against our being cautioned?
SB - Do you feel that Sim Brother was too harsh on you earlier tonight?
Steve - Yes.
SB - Do you feel Sim Brother should have not given you a caution?
Bjork - Yes.
SB - Do you feel you deserve your record to be cleared?
Steve - Yes, we do, without a shadow of a doubt.
SB - Sim Brother does not punish housemates because it feels like it. Sim Brother punishes housemates because rules have been broken and housemates have done what they have been told not to do. You were told not to use the telescopes to spy on Regras Gorge and thereby be contacted or make contact with the outside world. You both abused tools of the task for your own pleasure. You were both punished for this. The punishment stands. Sim Brother does not have a court of appeal. You both have an official caution on your records.

An Unexpected Exposure

9.36am - The housemates are in the kitchen and have had a full English breakfast but access to the sink is impeded as Condoleezza is having a sponge bath.

John - Condi, is there any particular reason why you have chosen to sponge yourself down?
Condoleezza - I just felt like a change and having it here and now. Do you have a problem with it?
John - No, not really. The view is quite impressive. I'll just wait until you are finished before I wash my plate.

Governator 2: President's Day

11.38am - Bjork is talking to Arnie about whether he intends to have a future career in entertainment.

Bjork - Have you ever thought of making more movies?
Arnold - My time is limited enough as I look after the people of California.
Bjork - If making movies is too much, what about a TV show?
Arnold - They did Robocop as a TV show but I can't see them doing a Terminator series.
Bjork - I was thinking more of something like "The West Wing".
Arnold - No way. I can get into the real West Wing and if they change the law, once George retires, I will campaign to become the President.
Bjork - Governator 2: President's Day?
Arnold - Something like that, yes.

Sim Brother Siesta

6.45pm - With the task requiring observing the night sky, most of the housemates have spent the day sleeping. Some of them are stirring. Alyssa and Bjork are playing kickbag in the toilets. John is coming out of one of the cubicles.

Bjork - There goes the eviction man. I'm sure I'll be out thanks to him.
Alyssa - Ssssh. You don't know that. Anyway, if you'd been elected by normal means and we all had voted, you would not be able to focus your frustration.
Bjork - Yes, but this time I can. I thought he was a nice guy.
Alyssa - He is a nice guy. He's up for eviction as well.
Bjork - Big deal. I'm sure I will be the one out of the door before he is.

The President's Ball

9.07pm - Tiger has only recently got up and is on his way to the telescopes to start his evening astronomy. He bumps into John and Tiger's usual calm nature goes.
Tiger - Some people think you have been completely fair in nominating everyone. I thought that way myself. I think it is nothing but a cheap cop-out.
John - My dear Tiger, just consider yourself to be nudged off the fairway and into the rough. I'm sure if you play your game properly, you'll soon be on the green.
Tiger (raising fist) - If I had my way, forget being in the rough. I'd rather have you in the water.
John - Steady, Tiger.
Tiger - Forget it. I don't want you in the water. I want your ball completely out of this house and out of the game.
Tiger walks off, leaving John uncomprehending as to why so many people seem to have such little appreciation for his unilateral eviction policy.

To Be Continued

With the housemates working on their task, that is where we are going to leave it.

The housemates are mixed in their opinions of whether John was right or wrong to nominate them all. Can he recover his original position of popularity within the house and outside it?

Whatever happens tomorrow, don't forget to vote for who you want out of the house. Tomorrow, Zoltan will be telling us how the voting is going.


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