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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 26 (Tuesday 12 February 2002)
A Ride & A Flash
What Anna Did
Anna's day began early at before 4am when she was up and having breakfast. She had an early morning ride on the bull where she showed the others that she was easily the best on it. She followed it up with an early morning swim and spent the afternoon talking with Tom and Davina in the lounge, trying to get to know them better. She was aware that there would be Nominations tomorrow and she wants others to have a good impression of her.

Tom's Day
Tom came to the Diary Room after breakfast
SB - "Hello, Tom, and how are you today?"
Tom - "I am well, thank you, and I am very sorry for my recent behaviour"
SB - "It is the other housemates you should be apologising to. Sim Brother will not change your record in light of this"

He had seen Tom and Davina during the day preparing for the task and also chatting with Anna. He chose not to intrude and instead tried to rekindle his relationship with Jennifer by telling her "I was only kidding on with Davina. It's you who I have the real feelings for" Jennifer was not very impressed - "Sure, Tom. Whatever you say"

Anything Tom can do, Anne can do better
Anne was still a bit wary of the Bull after her experience with it yesterday, but nevertheless gave it another try but at a lower difficulty setting. Following this, she decided to rival Tom and show that she was not ashamed of giving the public a quick flash either.

Preparation for Nomination?
All the housemates had a lot on their mind. In the last few days, there was a task they were busy practicing for, there had been the first fight in the house and tomorrow, there were the nominations for the second person to leave the house. Had people's perceptions changed over the last few days or do old loyalties stay the same?

You can find out tomorrow.


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