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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 13 (Wednesday 20 April 2005)
Inside Tracks
Let's do it!

Hi, I'm Dr.Phil and I'm here with my weekly profile of the housemates. Later on, I'll be taking a trip to see Zoltan and find out where those people with more money then sense are betting it. Also, you get to see what happened in the house in the past 24 hours. Will the housemates stick with their task? Can John recover some of the support he feels he's lost?

Let's do it!

Dr.Phil's Psychological Profiles

Alyssa is playing an interesting game. Although she appeared to be close to walking, she's turned herself around since finding she was up for eviction. This behaviour of agreeing with John's decision to nominate everyone, perhaps fuelling the fire other people are dancing around.

Arnold is one pissed guy this week. He believes he worked his derriere off to get John in and how does his boss repay him? Arnie feels hard done by and betrayed by being nominated but he's very subdued considering. I'd say he's got an agenda and he's yet to show it. Something inside the house or outside, it's too early to call.

Bjork is confusing me. This Icelandic elf has broken the rules and then has the nerve to appeal against it? She's not making much of an effort to mingle and metaphorically let her hair down. If this girl doesn't buck her ideas up in the next few days, she's not going to know what's hit her.

Condoleezza gives me the impression she'd rather be in Moscow talking to President Putin than having a sponge bath in the Sim Brother kitchen. However, she's here letting her hair down but I think she'd be one happier girl if she got to use her musical talents while in here.

John has really surprised me this week. He's used his power of president unilaterally and put everyone up, himself included. He could have saved himself but he didn't. He's lost a lot of support from his fans in the house and he's upset as he didn't understand how badly would have took it.

Martha having a "day off" asleep is worrying. For someone who says she only likes to sleep for four or five hours and with the lights on, the Sim Brother house rulings could have really messed things up for her. Something is troubling her in order to make her sleep so long. Or she could have just been dog-tired.

Steve breaking the rules has disappointed me. I never expected him to do it but but he did. Will be defy Sim Brother again? Personally, I don't think so. I think this guy has learnt his lesson. As he only looked at a tree, this is a sign he could be missing his other life in his real world?

Tiger wants to win and he's also pissed at being nominated. This normally placid guy really got rattled last night. He feels let down, betrayed and kicked in the clubhouse. It's also served as a wake-up call for him to get out of the rough and play a better game.

With these thoughts in mind, let's see what the housemates have been doing in the last 24 hours.

Good President, Bad President

3.12am John and Condoleezza are in the gardens stargazing.

Condoleezza - Smart move nominating everyone.
John - Do you mean it or might you just be a tad sarcastic?
Condoleezza - I mean it. It is a bit risky, though. You've put yourself on the line.
John - I've more been a bank manager type of actor, not a president or prime minister.
Condoleezza - I've seen your work, and yes, I agree.
John - I don't have any idea whether I am a good president or a bad one. This way, if I am evicted, I know I was a bad president. If the public vote someone else out, I'll know I wasn't a bad president. Not necessarily a good one, just not a bad one.
Condoleezza - Very bizarre logic. I couldn't imagine Arnie doing the same thing in his day job.
John - It might explain why he doesn't seem to like me. Tiger doesn't either.
Condoleezza - Well, you did bite the hands that fed you. It's out of your hands now ... no pun intended.

Outside The House

With the current task, the housemates spend most of their day asleep. While the house is quiet, we interview Zoltan from Simbrokes bookmakers in Regras Gorge to get some inside track on where major money is going.

Sim Brother (P) - Zoltan, thanks for seeing us again. What can you tell us about the pattern of betting in this eviction? Also, what tips can you give us?
Zoltan - Yesterday, this was a two horse race. Two housemates were tied at 3-1 with almost 50% of the entire voting between them.
SB - That sounds as though two people really pissed off the viewers.
Zoltan - Not necessarily "pissed off" but more "failed to impress". One of these two from yesterday has got a lot of the betting today. Her odds stand at 3-1 because of 21% of the entire betting.
SB - Are there any dark horses?
Zoltan - All I can say is that someone yesterday had only 7% of the betting but as of this moment, now has 13%. The odds on that mare have dropped from 11-1 to 7-1.
SB - Can you tell us any more?
Zoltan - Not without being investigated by the Electoral Complaints Committee. The only tip I can give you is that if you're expecting the Australian horse to be out this time, don't waste your money. However, anything can happen before the polls close.

Steve's Bush Tucker

6.38pm - The other housemates are asleep. Steve is in the kitchen. After looking around in the refridgerator for a few moments, he selects various ingredients for the dish he intends to prepare. He does not include the jar of marmalade that is inside the door of the fridge.
7.12pm - Dinner is ready and he serves it up for whoever is awake in the next few hours.
Steve - I hope they come and get this while it's warm. They'll love this 'Jumbuck Broth'.

8.08pm - Before long, there are three others around the table. Martha was the first one to arrive and eagerly tucked into Steve's "jumbuck broth".
Martha - This is incredible. What would make it perfect would be some powdered goldfish scales by way of seasoning.
Steve - Mart, there are no goldfish in the middle of the outback and that is where I came up with this recipe.
Arnie has come straight to the kitchen from bed. Alyssa has come from her latest dip.
Arnie - This smells gut, Stevie. We should get you cooking more often.
Alyssa - If it is as good as it looks, Steve, I'm in for a wonderful meal.

Inside Martha

9.11pm - It is a beautiful almost cloudless night sky over the Sim Brother compound. Thousands of stars are visible to the naked eye. The housemates who are using the telescope should be able to see hundreds of thousands and many galaxies far far away.

Sim Brother (P) - Would Martha please come to the Diary Room?

Martha - Hello, Dr.Phil.
SB - Please, Martha, call me Sim Brother while we're here.
Martha - Sorry, Sim Brother.
SB - You were called up here today so we can pick your brains.
Martha - I don't know what you'll find in there apart from this new series that I am supposed to be working on in the fall.
SB - We're not interested in your dealings with Ronald Frump. We want to know what you think of being in the Sim Brother house.
Martha - Being up for eviction doesn't fill me with joy and happiness. Personally, I'd like to stay a bit longer and put my own personal touch on the house and gardens.
SB - Assuming you are saved this week, what would you like to see?
Martha - The hedgerows in the gardens are difficult to manage. I'd like to get my hands on them, trim them down, prune them and even throw some of them away. In the kitchen, I'd like to be able to have the ingredients I need for my cooking. If I ask, I expect to get it within two hours, fresh and only using the choicest suppliers.

SB - Martha, that might be asking a bit too much. However, if it makes you happier. Anything else?
Martha - I'd like my own room.
SB - Whoa !! This is the Sim Brother house, not your Katonah estate or the Federal pen. Is there any specific reason?
Martha - I catnap now and then, but I think while I nap, so it's not a waste of time. That's what I want to do here, but I can't. I have to sleep with the lights off and when I am sleeping, I am finding I am hibernating which was why I was asleep for so long. It's for everyone's own good.
SB - Sim Brother will get back to you.
Martha - Thankyou. I just want things to be right.
SB - While we're here, are there any housemates you don't get on too well with?
Martha - I don't get on too well with Alyssa yet. I don't quite like her style. It's her choice but I don't like it. There is someone who really grates me up the wrong way. You're expecting me to say John, right? Well, I'm not. It's Arnie.
SB - Sim Brother is never surprised.
Martha - He might be a state governor and a famous actor and I admire him as a bodybuilder. You may be aware that my own daughter has her own gym. However, he's boorish, sexist and uncultured. If anything, he's still a barbarian without any finesse.

To Be Continued

With Martha bearing her soul and thankfully not her body, that is where we are going to leave it.

With only two days to go before the first housemate is evicted from the Sim Brother house, every vote still counts and can swing everything.


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