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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 14 (Thursday 21 April 2005)
Of Asterisms, Galaxies and Constellations
Previously in SB4

It's the day of the task evaluation.

The housemates have been busy all week looking to the skies and improving their knowledge on the computers. However, what is important is that whether they have worked hard enough and learnt enough to pass?

Today is the day that they will find out.

Early Hours

3.13am - Alyssa is awake and in the lounge looking at the Sim Cosmos database.

Martha has just woken up from a nap. With hedgeclippers in hand, she's got to work on one of the taller bushes near the pool.

Worrying Over The Omelettes

7.06am - Tiger has been up all night stargazing and is now having a shower.

Martha is now dressed and making omelettes for breakfast.
Martha (muttering) - These would taste even better if they had been made with free range eggs from my own hens.

8.16am - John has joined Martha. Although the task is nearer, the evictions are more on their mind.
Martha - I didn't agree with what you did, but I understand why. I think I may have done the same in your position. How are you feeling about it?
John - *sighs* I'm not feeling too good about it to be honest, Martha. Perhaps I should have just nominated myself and seen whether the public would rather I went or stayed.
Martha - If the public think you've done the right thing, you'll be here after tomorrow night.
John - And how do you feel about tomorrow night?
Martha - I'm not very confident that I'll still be here. I think I might be on my way home in the black and white.

Afternoon Interactions

12.45pm - The housemates are spending the afternoon relaxing somewhat and letting their hair down. Steve and Alyssa are hugging in the Lounge.
Alyssa - I hope they ask the questions I know the answers to.
Steve - No worries. You'll be fine.

Condoleezza has just waterbombed Tiger in the bedroom.
Tiger (laughing) - Hey!! You soaked me.
Condoleezza (laughing) - So what are you going to do about it?

Rest and Contemplation

5.48pm - The housemates are resting before tonight's task and trying to get their biological clock back in some order. Martha has found somewhere to nap where the light is on by curling up on a couch under the covered forum. Condoleezza is sat on one of the recliners by the pool, looking in contemplative mood.

The Angst of Bjork

6.19pm - Bjork has come to the Diary Room.
Sim Brother (P) - Hello, Bjork, and what's on your mind?
Bjork - I am worried I am not doing enough.
SB - Go on.
Bjork - I feel I have been "backward in coming forward".
SB - Yes, that could be true. So what are you going to do about it?
Bjork - I don't know. I am not very comfortable here. I am not comfortable in coming to see you now. I don't know what else I can do.
SB - Hey, don't expect answers from me. I'm Sim Brother today, not Dr.Phil.
Bjork - I should be true to myself. I should be me and not who people expect me to be.
SB - And what's that supposed to mean?
Bjork - I am used to being centre-stage and performing to an audience. That is what I must do if I am to survive this vote.
SB - What if it doesn't work?
Bjork - Then I go out knowing I was true to myself and I did my best.
SB - Then go to it, girl.

Astronomical Answers
10.00pm - The housemates are gathered outside around the telescopes awaiting the evaluation of their task.

Sim Brother (P) - Hi, there, housemates. You've been watched all week and some of you appear to have worked harder than others. Others of you have just played around, naming no names. Now it's the moment of truth. In turn, each of you will be asked a question. You will answer the question verbally and where directed, you will have to find your answer. Ready?
Housemates - Yes, Sim Brother.
SB - Alyssa, Betelgeuse, Rigel and Bellatrix are part of which asterism?
Alyssa - Orion
SB - You are correct.

SB - Arnold, with your telescope, locate what planet is currently high in the Southern sky. Also, please name it.
Arnold - That is easy. Here is it. And it is Mars.
SB - Firstly, you are looking at the Western Sky and secondly, the answer Sim Brother is looking for is Saturn.

The housemates can only get two answers wrong. Otherwise, they fail the task.

SB - Bjork, Charon is the moon to which planet?
Bjork - Pluto, but I don't think I can find it for you.
SB - You are correct. Also it is very difficult to see Pluto at this time of year.

SB - Condoleezza, which constellation is the home of Aldebaran, the Crab Nebula and the Pleiades cluster?
Condoleezza - That would be Taurus.
SB -And that would be the right answer.

SB - John, The Big Dipper is part of which larger constellation?
John - Where I originally come from, we call it The Plough and it is part of Ursa Major, also called "The Great Bear"
SB - Well done, that is correct.

SB - Martha, which planet is in the Eastern sky near the moon and shines very brightly at this time of year?
Martha - That would be Neptune.
SB - No, the answer would be Jupiter.

With two questions answered incorrectly, both Steve and Tiger need to get their answers right in order for the housemates to pass their weekly task.

SB - Steve, which planet is closest to the sun and can you find it in the sky tonight?
Steve - Mercury ... and nope, I can't find it tonight.
SB - That is correct.

Tiger must answer his question correctly.

SB - Tiger, which is the brightest star in the night sky and which asterism is it a part of?
Tiger - Sirius, which is part of Canis Major, more commonly known as the Great Dog.

There is a long pause.

SB - That is the right answer. As you have answered six out of eight questions correctly, you have passed your weekly task. Congratulations. Sim Brother will get back to you with your reward.

To Be Continued

With them finding out that they have been successful in their task, that is where we have to leave them.

Tomorrow, the gateway will be opening. Eight will become seven. With voting being very close for the top two, everyone's vote counts. Tune in at midnight tomorrow night to see their last day and then an hour later for the evictee's interview with Will Wright.


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