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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 15 (Friday 22 April 2005)
Eviction Night
Welcome to Eviction Night

Hi there, I'm Will Wright and I'm your host for Sim Brother at TSZ. Welcome to the studio for our first eviction of this, our fourth series of Sim Brother. Our production crew have been busy analysing the results, sorting out the footage and making sure that this show is ready for you and that the doors have been opened to let in our studio audience.

The audience are in their seats and unless they think they are here for "Celebrity Wrestling", they are looking forward to tonight's show. Shortly, I will speaking to the house and informing them who you have voted as the first one to be evicted from the Sim Brother house. The evictee will then be coming to the studio to give us their own unique insight as to how their last two weeks inside the house have been.

Before then, let us see what the housemates have been up to on their last day together in the house.

A Generous Reward

The day began with Sim Brother informing them of their reward for successfully completing the astronomy task.

Sim Brother (P) - Well done, housemates, upon passing your task. When "Nebula Telescopes & Binoculars", who are the largest supplier of optical equipment in the whole of Simerica, heard of the task that you guys were doing, they immediately offered a prize for successful completion. As you passed the task, you will be shortly receiving a Nebula "Red Dwarf" Tracker (tm) with a 225mm Maksimtov Refractor.

*whoops of excitement and round of applause from an invisible audience*

The housemates, however, were not immediately bothered with their reward and instead chose to have an early night.

Doubtful John

11.11am - John and Bjork are talking in the bedroom about tonight's coming eviction.

John - I'm expecting that I will have to be packing my bags tonight.
Bjork - It could be anyone, John. You were controversial. You picked everyone. Anyone could go. You gave the public the chance to vote out the person they like the least.
John - I just get the feeling it could be me because I turned on my own campaign team as well.
Bjork - As I just said, it could be anyone. Me, you, Martha, Arnie, anyone.

Martha's Llama

5.02pm - The housemates have mainly been resting. Tiger has been napping on one of the recliners by the pool. Martha, however, has been busy and finished her topiary of a llama head.
Martha - It's a good thing. If this was real, the wool would make wonderful sweaters. I want to go to Simagonia and see their native habitat and broadcast a show from there when things are back to normal.

The Last Supper?

5.48pm - Arnie is in the kitchen cooking although not very successfully. His attempt at doing at a California broth has gone pear-shaped.
John - Ach, I have terminated my dinner.

6.17pm - Nevertheless, several of the housemates are hungry and come and eat it as their "last supper".

The First Eviction

11.55pmIt's now time to go to the house to break the news of who is going to be evicted. The housemates are gathered together outside in the open forum. They are usually quite talkative. Instead, they're quiet. Here we go.

Will Wright - Sim Brother house, this is Will Wright. You are live on The Sims Zone so please do not swear.
Housemates - Hello, Will!!
WW - Since Monday night, you have all been facing the public vote to become the first person to be evicted from this house. The poll has now closed and the votes submitted by the public have been counted and verified by an independent assessor. Voting was originally very close but someone did get a 9% lead over the housemate in second place and that person does have to go and meet me in the studio across the road.

(long pause)

The first person to be evicted from the Sim Brother 4 house with 25% of the public vote is ....

(even longer pause)


And there we have it

You have decided Bjork should is the first person to be evicted from the Sim Brother house. She's now got to quickly say her farewells as in 30 minutes, I will be interviewing her in the studio.

Tune back then to see what she has to say to us all about her life in the Sim Brother House, her opinions on the other housemates and her plans for the future.


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