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Sim Brother Series 4, Special Article
Bjork's Eviction Night Special
Welcome to the Eviction Night Special

Will Wright - Hi there and welcome to the first eviction night special. Bjork is the one who you chose to evict from the Sim Brother house and she is here with me tonight to talk about her experiences in the house. Firstly, let us have a look at her last minutes in the house.

Bjork's Last Minutes

Sim Brother (C) - Bjork, please leave the Sim Brother house.

After a quick drink with her fellow housemates in the lounge, Bjork started her long walk through the compound out of the Sim Brother house. Housemates had been told to stay back from the gate. They waved and cheered as she left and walked through the gateway into the glare and across the road into the studio.

Welcome out, Bjork

Will Wright - Bjork, it is a pleasure to meet you. I have listened to a lot of your music.
Bjork - I hope you enjoyed it.
Will Wright - Firstly, I have to ask you this. How does it feel to be out of the Sim Brother house?
Bjork - It has not quite hit me yet. I knew I would be out of the house at some time but I did not really want it to be so soon.
Will Wright - Before you went in, you said that you were nervous around cameras. Do you feel you have overcome that fear?
Bjork - I did not really notice the cameras or microphones when I was in there. If it was always like that, I would not be bothered with being filmed or recorded.

Being Evicted

Will Wright - What do you feel was the reason for your being evicted?
Bjork - All I can say is that the viewers did not really know who I was. Also, I did not make an impression on them to introduce myself and show them what I can do.
Will Wright - I can't ask you who you thought nominated you as you already know. Do you feel John was fair?
Bjork - Yes, I do. If he had not included himself, then he would have been very unfair and selfish.
Will Wright - You had a chat with him this morning about his doubts. Did you have any idea at the time that you could be the one who was going to be evicted?
Bjork - If I had not gone tonight, I deserved to have gone.
Will Wright (surprised) - You are taking this a lot better than I thought.
Bjork - It's a game and I enjoyed it as that. I just didn't play as well as the others. I was too much of a ghost. I needed to relax more.

Best and Worst

Will Wright - What did you enjoy the most about being in the house?
Bjork - I enjoyed meeting new people and I enjoyed the tasks. I cannot see myself going into politics. I already have my own island so what more do I need? I did enjoy the latest task about astronomy, though.
Will Wright - Can you see yourself buying a telescope and continuing this?
Bjork - Yes, I can. The one that the house got last night looked very nice. I might buy one of those when I get settled again.

Friends and Enemies

Will Wright - While you were in the house, you did nevertheless make some friends. Who do you feel that you were closest to?
Bjork - I felt I was friends with John, Condi, Steve and Lyssa. I would like to see them again when they get out of the house.
Will Wright - Of the housemates, who rubbed you up the wrong way?
Bjork - Excuse me?
Will Wright - Who did you get on with the least?
Bjork - I did not dislike anyone. Although I tried to get to know them, I did not get to know Arnie and Tiger.
Will Wright - Who do you think will be the next eviction?
Bjork - I do not really know but I think it could be Tiger. He has been too quiet like I was and not come out of his shell.

What Next?

Will Wright - Now you are out of the house, what do you intend to do with your life?
Bjork - I am not sure yet. I could just buy a telescope and go back to my island and look to the skies. Instead, I could hang around for a while and see what is going on in Simerica.
Will Wright - It would be good if you could stay here for a while. The land of the Sims has a lot going for it and I'm sure you could play a major part in it.
Bjork (shrugs) - I wish I knew what.
Will Wright - Bjork, thankyou for enriching our life over the last two weeks. I hope we'll see more of you in the future.
Bjork - Thankyou, Will.

And finally ...

Thankyou for joining us for our first night's eviction and we hope you enjoyed the show.

We will be back with our usual nightly show at midnight tomorrow (BST) where Sim Brother has a nasty surprise in store for the housemates. Goodnight.


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