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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 16 (Saturday 23 April 2005)
Six Poses and One Poisoned Chalice
Previously in SB4

Bjork has just become the first eviction of Sim Brother 4 and has just left the house for her eviction interview.

How are the housemates handling her departure?

And Now We Are Seven

12.15am - The door has now closed. Eight housemates have become seven. As the first picture on the portrait wall greys out, it appears to be sinking in to the housemates that this is in fact a game and that the ultimate control of who stays and goes is not in their hands.

Tiger is talking to Alyssa.

Alyssa - I can't believe she has gone.
Tiger - I didn't really know her. I guess she didn't make an effort in getting to know us.
Alyssa - If that is what it was, then who knows who could be next, Tiger.

Rat Packs and Cheese

1.15am - Alyssa has gone to have a bath. Tiger, John and Condoleezza are sat in the kitchen finishing off Arnie's burnt broth.
Condoleezza - Anyone else now got the idea that the party is over?
John - Party? I must have slept through it.
Tiger - She got almost a quarter of the votes. That means she was very unpopular.
Condoleezza - Not necessarily. It means that someone in this house is making a better impression or getting a better edit. It is out of our hands. We might have a say in who we think should go, but the directors decide what the viewers see and the viewers cast the votes that sends us out of the gate. Our part is minimal. So much for this being a 7 week break, we are now rats in a cage.
John - Mmm ... this broth needs more cheese.
Tiger - Aren't rats supposed to be very intelligent?
Condoleezza - Yes, they are. Also very powerful if working as a pack.
John - If we are going to be the ratpack, am I Frank Sinatra? If so, don't get me to sing. I'm probably the worst singer in Europe. I won't compete for Simerica.
Condoleezza - Then remind me not to send in your application for 'Simerican Idol'. Seriously, we cannot discuss voting strategies but perhaps we need think of forming an alliance.
John - Hmmm .... this broth definitely needs more cheese.

A Rude Awakening


5.55am - Sim Brother (A) - Good morning, housemates. We hope that you are well rested. You have 5 minutes to assemble on the numbered squares alongside the Apple terrace. There are only six numbers. The housemate who does not get onto a tile is immediately disqualified and will instead report to the Diary Room. Well? Get a move on.

The housemates frantically dashed from the bedroom and lounge and covered forum. All of them were on the numbered tiles in the required time, apart from Tiger who did not have a tile remaining for him.

Tiger - Drat!!
Sim Brother - Tiger, please immediately report to the Diary Room. Sim Brother will be with you shortly.

There is a long pause to give Tiger the time to get to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother - Congratulations upon each acquiring a tile. You are now part of this task. To the winner of this challenge comes immunity from nomination for this week. You will all now strike a pose.

The housemates do as they are told. Some poses are more expressive than others.

Sim Brother - You are now going to stay on those numbered squares and where possible hold your pose until only one of you is left standing. To help you wile away the hours, Sim Brother will be broadcasting a selection of polyphonic ringtones for cellphones featuring the best hits of "Sweety & Fluffy". We hope this helps you to relax. Sim Brother will be back to check on you and monitor your progress. Once you fall, you will be disqualified and you will go to recover in either the bedroom block or the kitchen block. Enjoy the music. Sim Brother will get back to you.

# Little bird, you look so pretty. Little bird, you look so fine #

Tiger's Poisoned Chalice

DESCRIPTION Sim Brother (A) - Hello, Tiger. Thankyou for waiting patiently.
Tiger - As I am here and not out there, I've failed the challenge?
SB - Yes. You will not get immunity from this week's nominations. Also, when you leave here, you will tidy the house, do the gardening and make sure that there is a meal waiting for the other housemates as they drop out of the challenge.
Tiger (looking glum) - Such is the price of failure
SB - However, you have the option to get a booby prize as well as this penality. Would you like to take up that option?
Tiger - Any chance to get ahead of the game.
SB - You are now going to make one nomination, which does not need an explanation. That person is automatically up for eviction this coming week. Who do you nominate?
Tiger - I nominate Alyssa.
SB - Did I tell you that there is a catch? No? It is a bit of a poisoned chalice. If Alyssa wins the task outside, you will take Alyssa's place and be automatically up for eviction instead.
Tiger - That's mean, but it sounds fair.
SB - If, however, you divulge anything about this nomination process to any of your other housemates, Alyssa passes the task, you cannot divulge the reason for your being up for eviction, disciplinary action would be taken that could result in your immediate expulsion.
Tiger (nodding) - I can only hope she falls into the rough and is disqualified.

Keeping In Line

12.08pm - The morning has started well with the housemates relaxed and where possible keeping to their postures. However, as time has gone by, several of the housemates have adopted an uncomfortable expression. Martha has been looking uncomfortable for a while but from this expression, it looks as though she has not been able to control her bodily functions.

12.55pm - Almost seven hours into the challenge and less than an hour after Martha's "accident", Arnie buckles up and then collapses and is therefore disqualified from the contest.

Five housemates to go.

2.12pm - John's facial expression is pained and strained at the best of time ... but from the expressions of those around him, it appears as though this was for a reason. From the green vapours and the stench, need Sim Brother say more?

5.48pm - Steve, who had been chatty and cheerful throughout the challenge, despite the annoying muzak and looked as though things were going well, suddenly collapses. Another disqualification.

Four housemates to go.

Nightshift on the Line

9.42pm - Darkness has fallen over the Sim Brother compound.

The disqualified housemates have had some sandwiches in the kitchen and are catching up on their sleep. Martha is finally disqualified as her need for sleep overcomes her need for immunity.

To Be Continued

Three housemates are still standing but how long can they endure? That is where we are going to have to leave them.

Will Tiger's drink from the poisoned chalice force one of the final three to face the public vote regardless of the opinion of other housemates or will it backfire?

You'll find out tomorrow.


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