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Sim Brother Series 4, Special Article
Cat's Eyes Edition 3
A Warm Welcome

We're well over two weeks into Sim Brother now, and the first eviction has taken place. The nominations were quite stressful for the housemates, and besides that they had a task to complete too. Before you start gazing at those stars tonight, welcome to another

Cat's Eyes

Sparkling Clean

As very often is the case, this week started with where the previous one left off. It was right after John was voted for president by the viewers of Sim Brother. He had the opportunity to, together with his team, join in a reserved hot tub. The losing team had to clean. Posters were to be removed, toilets to be unclogged, and sinks had to be cleaned. The result where some very charming pictures. President John however still did some cooking when sleepless Martha went off to bed early. The marmalade hype was paused during that meal. It would last just for a night, as breakfast was made by Martha who got up early - of course with that orange stuff.

There also seemed to be a sign of a first flirt or romance, with Alyssa dreaming of Tiger. Whether it's true or not is hard to say, but it's still quite early for love. Only time will tell how this will develop. Tiger seems to be very nice to everybody, and as he's a quiet type, he doesn't really make any enemies. John on the other hand has done a thing as president that caused a lot of havoc...

Monday Nomination Day

On Monday the first nominations were held. As said earlier in the series it was up to the president to choose who was nominated. It would be quite a surprise, as John put up everyone for eviction. Including himself. While several housemates thought it was brave of him to do so, others felt they were treated unfairly as John had ditched them despite whatever they did for him.

This seemed to have been a fairly bad move of John in respect to him winning the game. An anonymous source has told Cat's Eyes that he even was on top of the poll for a while, until Bjork caught up. By putting everyone up for eviction, he managed to get the public to be against him. He must have managed to regain respect though, which might be because the several discussions during the week. In several talks it was said that it's a way of playing the game, and quite a fair one as he put himself up. No matter what, this was the topic that was discussed the most during the past week. But there was something else they had to do - together. All of them. They're all in it together.

The First Task

The first real task to get something extra in the house was to use telescopes and this computer to gain knowledge about the galaxy. That's quite a big thing. And that means there's a lot to learn. It must be that the computer only stored a very limited amount of information about it, otherwise it would be fairly impossible to learn about it all. Despite the warnings, some housemates wanted to learn something different though. Wildlife man Steve was intrigued by a... tree. A plain tree. He must really miss the outside world. Bjork however was looking for some meat. As if there isn't enough of that right around her. The housemeats are generally fairly old though.

After a big fat warning from Sim Brother, the team started gazing at just the sky, and only at night, as were the rules. Some might say Sim Brother was too nice to let it slip for once, but who knows what would've happened if the eyes were distracted again? It didn't happen, but instead the housemates studied well. As a result they passed the task a few days ago. Not flawlessly, but with two mistakes they were just close enough. A red telescope was given as a present. Sim Brother hasn't explicitly mentioned that it was not for viewing the outside world using that telescope though, and even if that's perfectly normal in a situation like this, it is an excuse for housemates to try and get a peek of what's happening in Regras Gorge. We'll see if Sim Brother will let it happen again...

Negative sides

Not only Martha and John can cook, Steve too knows his way around the kitchen. He showed by making some "Jumbuck Broth". Even Martha enjoyed it, despite her wish for some added goldfish. Her addictive obsession - it's bad, very bad - with orange goes even further. She complains about Alyssa's style, and she probably has orange hens at home, as she wanted to make omelettes of their eggs rather than the ones SB provided. While others are taking the experience fairly well, it seems she is a bit spoilt, and doesn't take what she gets for granted.

But she isn't the only one who has started to show some negative sides. Condi, as she's often called, has started to feel at home and took a sponge bath. While John didn't seem to mind too much, Alyssa looked as if she was almost throwing up. It's perhaps the best that others didn't see it - at least Sim Brother didn't tell us they did - as it may have had a negative affect on some more prudish guests.

Arnold was, as Phil already mentioned earlier this week, one angry mobster. Mostly because of John's nomination tactics, which made the chance of Arnie himself being kicked out of the house a bit bigger. He's obviously in the house to win, otherwise he would not have minded that much. Tiger felt simmilarly, although he didn't show it as much. He hasn't done much yet, but perhaps we'll soon see more of what his goals really are - winning.

Then there's Bjork and Steve. They both broke the rules, followed by them trying to convince Sim Brother to clear their records. Pretty useless, as the rules were very clear and they obviously violated them. It would've been better for them to just lay low, as it didn't make Bjork any more popular. She has no chance of breaking the rules again though, as she's been evicted after getting 25% of the votes of the first eviction.

Finally there's Alyssa. She did almost walk, but this week she more or less supported John's eviction to nominate everybody. Because of that she seems to have put some other housemates in against her. This way of playing the game has been risky as she's been nominated by Tiger for the next eviction round.

And now?

Bjork was forced to leave the house after the audience gave her 25% of the votes. That means there's one quiet one less. Last night the remaining seven were trying to fight sleep and hunger in the (in)famous "Last Man Standing" challenge. With just three housemates left standing at the end of last night's episode, Sim Brother will probably reveal the winner tonight. That person will not be put up for eviction. There is still a chance that Alyssa, who is otherwise nominated by Tiger, wins.

Besides Sim Brother, you may also have noticed the polls that are on The Sims Zone in between the eviction polls. These few days we continue the challenge and ask you what you know of the galaxy. Give us your answer in the poll. There are no prizes to win. A week ago Cat's Eyes asked you how much you like marmalade. After just 3 days of voting, 111 people had given their opinion. 9% is with Martha and like it all over the place, 27% is with John and prefers it just on toast. 22.5% doesn't really like it, whereas 15.3% wants to wipe all marmalade off the earth. 26% Didn't have a clue what that question was doing there. Next week we'll reveal the results of the galaxy question poll here.

And of course, these seven will continue to live in the Sim Brother house too. Who will win the last man standing challenge? Who will be the next evictee, and what will the big task be like? Tune in at a daily basis to get your dose of Sim Brother.


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