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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 19 (Tuesday 26 April 2005)
Household Health Problems
Previously in SB4

Arnold, Martha and Tiger have been nominated for eviction this week. However, with being thrown into a new art task and being given a karaoke party, it does not appear to have sunk in.

Will this repression cause any adverse reactions in the house?

Alyssa and her Wildcat

9.13am - Three of the housemates are working but Alyssa appears to be the one who is ahead of them. She has already had breakfast of pancakes that Martha had prepared. With one completed practice piece, she is already working on her second.

John (off right) - Alyssa, may I inquire what or who your picture is supposed to be, represent or resemble?
Alyssa - That's a good one. It's a yellowy orange wildcat. Martha, perhaps?
John - Be careful of her claws.

Toilet Trouble

2.08pm - Steve has just come out of the second toilet booth.

Steve - POOOIEEE!! I don't recommend anyone to come in here for the next hour. It's a stinker. Mart, less of the marmalade on the pancakes, ok?

3.15pm - Martha's rich marmalade sauce appears to have a legacy. This time, Martha has clogged up the first toilet booth. While she is unclogging it, it appears that Alyssa is in the same predicament in the third toilet booth.

Martha (muttering) - If the oranges had been from the trees in my garden, the marmalade would not have had this effect. I am sure the marmalade Sim Brother has come from some supermarket that does not stock my patented brand of marmalade.

Of PorkChops & Flattery

7.28pm - Trying to make up for what could have been dodgy marmalade pancakes, Martha cooks pork chops for dinner and served with a traditional apple sauce. She doesn't even mutter anything about the quality of the apples. After dinner, Steve compliments Martha on her cooking.
Steve - That was great tucker, Mart. You can cook my scran for me in the bush any day.
Martha - Flattery gets you everywhere, Steve.
Steve - How are you bearing up about being nominated again, though?
Martha - Bearing up is the right way to put it. If I had the right PR and good representation, I'd get off and still be in here for the weekend.
Steve - Well, you might be a Yank but you're alright by me.

Crazy Condi?

10.45pm - Condoleezza is starting to act strangely. While she is in the bathroom, she screams out.

Condoleezza - There's something outside the window.

Nobody else can see what she is looking at. None of the cameras show it up.

10.58pm - Martha is sat in the now clean first toilet reading available literature about art and artistic techniques.

Condoleezza - Martha, there is something outside the door.
Martha - Condi, April 1st was weeks ago. Try your attempt at humour on someone else.

11.22pm - After acting strangely and trying to convince people that there is someone else in the house, Condoleezza comes to the diary room.
Sim Brother (C) - Hello, Condoleezza. What seems to be the matter?
Condoleezza - Can't you see it?
SB - See what?
Condoleezza - Sim Brother, there is a 6' one-eyed white rabbit stood behind the couch.
SB - Condoleezza, the only person Sim Brother can see in the diary room is you.
Condoleezza (sighing) - Can you see any other lifeform, then?
SB - No.
Condoleezza - Then I am going to prove something is there.

With that, Condoleezza throws herself onto the floor behind the couch and seemingly grapples with herself. It is hard to tell with all of the dust that is flying. The one-way fight is long and arduous until finally Condoleezza pulls herself up, apparently suffering from an aching back.

Condoleezza - NOW can you see anything?
SB - No.
Condoleezza - I'm tired of this *#@$. Sim Brother is supposed to see everything. Sort your ****amned footage out and you'll see it. PLEASE do it and tell me that I am not imagining it. Otherwise I am going completely insane being in here.
SB - Condoleezza, get some sleep. Sim Brother will investigate this thoroughly and bring in someone for you to talk to tomorrow.
Condoleezza - Thankyou, Sim Brother. Could I also have some painkillers for my aching back?

To Be Continued

And that is where we are going to have to leave it. Sim Brother technicians will be investigating the footage and tomorrow will bring our expert to report on Condoleezza and the rest of the house.

Another busy day in SB4.


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