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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 27 (Wednesday 13 February 2002)
Nominations & What's Happening Outside
Inside The House
The housemates had spent their morning practicing on the Mechanical Bull or having a swim in preparation for the task tomorrow. At 3pm, they were called to assemble in the lounge to make their nominations.

DAVINA was the first one to make her nominations and she chose Anne (1) and Jennifer (1) because "I get on better with the others than I do them.".
JERRY nominated Jennifer (2) too and Anna (1) because "I believe their part in the show is over"
ANNE chose Tony (1) for nomination because "he cannot leave the outside world where it is". She said she had considered nominating Tom but instead chose Jennifer (3) because "she doesn't seem to be part of the team".
TOM nominated Anna (2) because "she's out of her depth" and Tony (2) because of "he's an arrogant ***".

Just over half-way through the nominations and Jennifer, Anna and Tony would be up for the public vote if there were no further nominations to be counted.

ANNA said "I don't like making nominations" but because she had to, she chose Jerry (1) & Jennifer (4) because "I don't know them very well".
JENNIFER said she had been tempted to nominate Tom because of his recent behaviour, but instead chose to nominate Anna (3) and Davina (1) because she said - "we don't relate".

TONY's vote would not really matter as Jennifer and Anna were clearly ahead of the others. He nominated Tom (1) because " we have a serious of personalities" and Jennifer (5) because "I don't know her as well as I should"

ANNA and JENNIFER will find out tomorrow about being this week's nominees for eviction. The viewing public can start voting immediately. Had Jennifer and Anne followed their first thoughts and voted for Tom, he would have been up for nomination instead of Anna.

The housemates kept to themselves for the rest of the day, continuing with their practicing. They were not looking forward to tomorrow and working on other things would keep their mind off things.

Outside The House
Disgruntled pledges from the "Mu Nu Mu" Fraternity House vented their frustration over their patron's eviction from the Sim Brother house. Rioting spilled over from the SCU Campus into a neighbouring residential area and a house was burnt to the ground before the FDSC could get to the scene. Campus Security and the SCPD were able to break up the riot although most of the ringleaders got away.

Rioting broke out again in the St.Anne's Housing Project and also in the industrial district outside a factory that manufactured tennis balls. The SCPD & FDSC were quickly despatched to both areas, caught the ringleaders and put out the fires before serious damage could be done.

A spokesperson for Sim Brother said - "We wanted the show to have an effect, but we deplore mindless vandalism that has been caused recently by unhappy viewers. We stand by the democratic process and if people do not vote, they cannot complain if things do not go their way. For fans of the show, please vote for Anna or Jennifer who are this week's nominees"

MNM's short time in the Sim Brother house has had a lasting effect. SimCity Zoo has just adopted a leopard. As the zookeepers realised that neither neither the leopard or the first evictee could change their spots, the leopard would be named "Eminem".

MNM was unavailable for comment as it is believed he is on vacation on the Island of Simoa.

Your Democratic Right
The Poll is now open for you to vote for who you would like to be the Second Eviction from the Sim Brother House next Wednesday. Your vote does count and it you see the person you voted for walk out of the door, you can think "I helped make that happen", and if it is another one, there is always next time.

Last time, MNM got 60% of the total vote and Anna and Anne were both tied on 20% each. The voting was lower than anticipated but we hope for a better turnout this time.


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