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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 21 (Thursday 28 April 2005)
Bring Out Your Van Gogh
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The housemates have been preparing this week for their task, learning different techniques and different brush strokes. Today, Sim Brother puts them to the test by having to paint a picture from scratch and give a presentation.

How will they get on?

Let The Task Begin
9.00am - The housemates have been placed separately around the Sim Brother compound with their easels.

Sim Brother (A) - Good morning, housemates. We hope you are all ready for this challenge. You have privately been working on your different styles of painting. It is now time to put your styles to the test. All of you but one have been divided into pairs. Yes, we know you are scattered around the compound but this is for a reason. You are going to be relying on your memory. Each of you has to paint a portrait of another housemate without even looking at them for reference and this picture has to be in your own style and be expressive of the personality of that housemate. One of you has the unique challenge of doing a self-portrait.

Alyssa, you will be painting Arnold. Your easel is under the oak tree.

Arnold, you will be painting Alyssa. Your easel is by the foot of the pagoda.

Condoleezza, the picture you will be painting will be of Tiger. Your easel is in the northeast corner of the compound.

Tiger, the picture you will be painting will be of Condoleezza. Your easel is located in the bamboo copse.

John, you get to paint Steve. Your will be painting in the covered forum.

Steve, you get to paint John. Your easel is by the swimming pool.

And that leaves Martha. You will be painting a self-portrait which has to be expressive of how you feel and how you feel you present yourself. Your easel is below the open forum.

Under the Noonday Sun

12.00pm - From the outside overhead cameras, you can see that the housemates are scattered around the compound. It is a very warm day and most of the housemates are in their swimwear.

Artistic Presentation
5.48pm - The housemates have all finished their paintings. John finished first, Arnold finished last.

Sim Brother (A) - Each of you in turn will describe the picture you have painted and explain why you have done it in the way you have chosen.

Alyssa - I have called mine Twilight of the Terminator representing Arnold's declaration that he has finished his movie career and I chose to use a mock silkscreen effect.

Arnold - I used a stained glass effect on my picture which I call Many Facets to show the different sides of Alyssa's personality and different ways of acting.

Condoleezza - Mine is entitled Winning Cap and used red as the primary colour as both the cap and the colour red are Tiger's trademarks when he wins.

Tiger - I have tried to emulate Manet in the picture I simply call Determined. The red is for the Republican and to show the fire in her soul when she stands for what she believes in.

John - I used oils for my picture of Steve to give dimension to the picture I call Wild Man. It shows Steve in his natural habitat where he feels most at home.

Steve - I just slapped the paint all over when I did John to shows the depth of the guy. I tried to emulate old posters in this picture that I call Enigma.

Martha - This is how I see myself at the moment. Relaxed, peaceful and with a warm rich orange aura, which is a colour I identify with. I finished the picture with a vignette frame to help it stand out. I am calling it ... Marmalady

Awaiting The Result

9.45pm - While dinner of pork chops is cooking, the housemates have been asked to gather in the covered forum with their paintings.

John - Steve, I think you've made me look like Lenin.
Steve - Great !! That's what I was trying to do.
Sim Brother (A) - Housemates, your task is now finished. The paintings will be taken away and valued and returned to you. Judgement, however, on whether you have passed or failed will be deferred until Monday night.
Martha - That's not fair. I wanted to know tonight.
Alyssa - Does this mean we get to eat proper food until then?
SB - That is correct.
John (muttering) - That could be a mixed blessing.

To Be Continued

And that is where we are going to leave it. Tomorrow, another one of the housemates is going to be removed from the picture. The gap has narrowed and any one of the three nominees could go. Every vote counts.


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