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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 22 (Friday 29 April 2005)
Eviction Night Revisted
Welcome to Eviction Night

Hi there, I'm Will Wright. It's Eviction Night.

I'm here again in the studio, almost ready to talk to the house and tell one of them that it is their time to go. For the housemates who you see represented on the left, it has been a very long week. They hadn't had the time to get over losing Bjork before they were thrown into an immunity challenge. Then they had a new task presented to them and also had to nominate and then sing in a karaoke party, all in one day. With Condoleezza thinking she was going insane to the housemates all having to paint unique and characteristic works of art, the housemates are looking for a quiet day although they know that at the end of the day, one of their number will be leaving them.

Firstly, let's see how whether Sim Brother has given the housemates the quiet day that they were looking for and which one of those on the left is not going to be in this picture tomorrow.

Up In The Night

2.11pm - Alyssa is lounging on one of the couches in the Covered Forum. She is not the only one who is having trouble sleeping. John is up in the kitchen having just had a sandwich.

As neither of these are up for eviction, Sim Brother cannot understand what is causing them to having difficulty or no wish to sleep.

Omelettes & Aerobics

9.12pm - Martha has made omelettes again for the housemates. For one of the people at the table, it will be their last breakfast in the house. After breakfast, three housemates filled in the morning with an aerobics CD that Sim Brother had provided.
Arnold - It might be girlie way of getting fit but I don't want to lose my perfect proportions.
Tiger - Are you calling me a girl, Arnie?

Their Ideal Lives

2.00pm - The housemates are gathered in the open forum for a group discussion. The subject is, "What would you do with your life if you could or things were different?"

Alyssa - I would like to have a large family and see them happily married off. I think it's still possible but I'll need to get started soon. Every time I decide I want a child I get another pet. I have 3 dogs, 13 birds and 3 horses, what does that tell you?

Arnold - I would like to spend my life going to movie premieres and openings and be invited to all of the best parties where all the other major celebrities and figures are at. Are you listening to this, Elton John, when you next have one of your parties after the Oscars? Get me on your guest list.

Condoleezza - I would like to be a celebrity chef with my own show. I've got a few recipes I'd like to try out. I think i would focus on traditional African American cookery and incorporate recipes from family and friends. I'd like it to be fun and sexy. A bit like Nigella Lawson from England. I can't see myself saying f*** like Gordon Ramsay or Gary Rhodes.

John - I have dreams of being a master criminal and pulling off the perfect crime. I would be the perfect gentleman crook full of fiendish plans and with an army of dumb henchmen to carry out my bidding. Perhaps I'd steal the President's Brain ... but from what I've seen of him when he's on TV, someone has already done that. No wonder the Bushmaster autocue machine is named after him.

Martha - If I hadn't got things slightly wrong, I believe I was heading towards doing what I would dream of being. To be a major business tycoon with a monopoly on food sales around the world. And everyone would know my name. Everyone's cupboards would be full of food from my estates, farms and factories and everyone around the world would think of me every day. Oh well, it's a lovely thought.

Steve - If I wasn't going around the world hunting crocs, I'd want to run Australia's biggest animal hospital. If my fellow countryman Rolf Harris can be in a show called "Animal Hospital", then I can run one where the animals are bigger and would eat Rolf Harris for breakfast.

Tiger - My dream life is a realistic one not unlike Alyssa's. I just want to grow old and be happily married to the same person for 50 years. I've been married almost one year now so 49-and-a-bit years to go. I would be 79 if I achieved that.

Eviction Time

11.55pm - It's now time to go to the house to break the news of who is going to be evicted. The housemates are gathered together outside in the open forum. Yes, it does look like they haven't moved since their afternoon discussion but I assure you they have had something to eat. They are happily talking among themselves. It seems such a shame to interrupt them. Here we go.

Will Wright - Sim Brother house, this is Will Wright. You are live on The Sims Zone so please do not swear.
Housemates - Hello, Will!!
WW - Since Monday night, three of you have been facing the public vote to become the second person to be evicted from this house. The poll has now closed and the votes submitted by the public have been counted and verified by an independent assessor. Voting has been very close but someone does have to go and meet me in the studio across the road.

(long pause)

The second person to be evicted from the Sim Brother 4 house with 39% of the total vote is ....

(even longer pause)


To Be Continued

And there we have it. You have decided that Arnie will be the second person to be evicted from the Sim Brother house. I will shortly be interviewing him in the studio.

Tune back in 30 minutes to see what he has to say to me about his life in the Sim Brother House.


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