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Sim Brother Series 4, Special Article
Arnie's Eviction Night Special
Welcome to the 2nd Eviction Night Special

Will Wright - Hi there and welcome to the second eviction night special. Arnold is the one who you have chosen to evict from the Sim Brother house and he is here with me tonight to talk about his experiences in the house. Firstly, let us have a look at his last minutes in the house.

Arnold's Last Minutes

Sim Brother (J) - Arnold, please leave the Sim Brother house.

After a few hugs and other farewells, Arnold briskly made the long walk through the compound out through the gate of the Sim Brother house and straight over the road into the studio where he has already identified some family and friends in the audience.

Welcome Out, Arnold

Will Wright - Arnie, welcome to your eviction night special. I have seen many of your movies.
Arnold - I hope you think I'm a good governor too, Will.
Will Wright - I'll come straight to the point. How does it feel being evicted from the Sim Brother 4 house?
Arnold - I am disappointed in the voting public. I wanted to stay. I was making my mark in the house. I had so much more to offer but the voting public did not give me time to shine and show off my full potential.

Foes and Friends

Will Wright - Of the people in the house, who will not be on your greetings card list?
Arnold - Alyssa, Condoleezza und Martha.
Will Wright - That sounds quite a sexist list to me.
Arnold - They were just too girlie.
Will Wright - And who did you get on with the best?
Arnold - I liked John and Steve. They were funny guys. Tiger was an okay guy, but very quiet.

Being Evicted

Will Wright - What do you feel was the reason the housemates had for nominating you?
Arnold - They found me to be an Alpha male and a threat to them.
Will Wright - Who do you think nominated you?
Arnold - Martha, Condoleezza und probably Alyssa.
Will Wright - You are right ... but there was a fourth nomination.
Arnold - Steve?
Will Wright - It was Tiger.
Arnold - If he see him again, I will terminate him personally !!!!!!!!!
Will Wright - Isn't that a bit extreme? Couldn't you be a bit more lenient?
Arnold - I am the Governor of California. if that u****** crosses into my state, I will have him arrested for trespass and recommend the death sentence.
Will Wright - So why did you think the public voted you out?
Arnold - Because they are also u******s and you did not give me good coverage. You showed my Uzi 9mm from the wrong angle and made it look like a BB-gun.
Will Wright - I assure you that the crew gave you fair coverage and we did not show any pictures of your BB-gun .. ermm ... your Uzi.
Arnold - If you're lying-
Will Wright - Yes, I know. You'll be back?
Arnold - Hasta la vista.
Will Wright (muttering) - Jerry Springer never had it this bad on any of his shows.

Best And Worst

Will Wright - Without you wanting to storm back into the house and terminate everyone in there, what do you reckon were your worst moments in the house?
Arnold - Getting kicked out but I think also being nominated by John was among the bad moments. I felt betrayed.
Will Wright - But you made things up with John?
Arnold - He is a very funny guy und he lives in California.
Will Wright - What were your best moments in the house?
Arnold - I enjoyed the election task, especially wasserbombing Alyssa and her team. I also enjoyed the karaoke night. A very good choice for me.
Will Wright - What do you feel you got from being in the Sim Brother house?
Arnold - Patience, understanding and a love for my fellow man. Haha.
Will Wright - I believe you (although thousands wouldn't).

Out and Win

Will Wright - If I'm not mistaken, would Tiger be the one you would like to see evicted next?
Arnold - Definitely. If I hadn't found out that he had nominated me, it would have been Alyssa.
Will Wright - And who would you like to see win?
Arnold - John. As I said, he is a very funny guy.

What Next?

Will Wright - What do you reckon is next for Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger?
Arnold (laughing) - Ha! You found my middle name. I will go back to running California and one day I hope to be the President of the United States.
Will Wright - Good luck. Thankyou for the entertainment and enjoyment you have given us over the last three weeks.
Arnold - Danke, Will. And if you want anyone to go back into the house and cause some mayhem, give me the call and I'll be back.

And finally ...

Thankyou for joining us for our second eviction and we hope you enjoyed the show.

Tomorrow, the nightly show will be back at the usual time. This week's task begins tomorrow and four of the housemates are going to find things really hard indeed.



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