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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 23 (Saturday 30 April 2005)
From Housemates To Inmates
Previously in SB4

Arnold has just become the second reluctant eviction from the Sim Brother house and has made his feelings clear during his eviction interview with Will. Again, Sim Brother is not going to allow the housemates the opportunity to come to terms with Arnie's leaving and has plans for them.

Good Morning, Housemates

7.00am - It is the morning after Arnold's eviction. The housemates are all still asleep.

Sim Brother (J) - Martha and Tiger, you will get dressed and report immediately to the Diary room. Alyssa, Condoleezza, John and Steve, you will immediately go the covered forum and await further instructions.

The Warders of Sim Brother Penitentiary

7.10am - Martha and Tiger are in the Diary Room.
SB - Welcome to this week's task. You are now the warders of Sim Brother Penitentiary and you will run this facility for the next 60 hours. Until this task is finished, Sim Brother will be referred to as The Governor. You will be Prison Officer Stewart and Prison Officer Woods.
Tiger & Martha - Yes, Governor.
The Governor - You will change into the uniforms provided, which you are expected to wear when you are on duty.
Wardens Stewart and Woods do so and take their seats.
Stewart - This is a welcome change, Governor. I feel that the shoe is on the other foot now. Why have we been selected, Governor?
TG - You have both been selected due to your recent position on the eviction list. If you wish to remain on that list this week, you do not have to do anything. If you want another week in this house, then you keep this prison in order and make sure the inmates work to make sure that it is done.
Woods - So it is basically keeping the prison clean and tidy?
TG - There is more to it than that. The prisoners need daily exercise, education and as this prison is not funded by the state, they have to work. Also in order to facilitate their rehabilitation into society, they must be shown the error of their ways and coerced into following the path of truth and honesty.
Stewart - Do we have any input into their program, Governor?
TG - Yes. Any suggestion that you have will be implemented.
Woods - What about disciplining them, Governor?
TG - That is in your hands. You can implement "Lock Down" whenever you wish and isolate any troublesome prisoners.
Stewart - I like the sound of that. Do we live separately from the inmates?
TG - You will have your own living quarters which replaces the open forum. You also have complete use of the facilities. You will also have a television although channel control is limited. You choose how to reward and punish the inmates.
Woods - If we run this prison correctly, Governor, does that mean all of the inmates face the public vote for release?
TG - One of you will get to choose an inmate who you feel has cooperated the most. Which one of you is chosen depends upon who the prison service thinks has been the most effective warder. You cannot tell the inmates about any of this, otherwise one of you will be looking for another job. Is that understood?
Stewart - Perfectly understood, Governor.
TG - Here are further guidelines on how to run this penitentiary ...

Good Morning, Inmates

7.30am - The other housemates are still in the covered forum.
TG - Welcome to this week's task. You are now the inmates of Sim Brother Penitentiary. You will be referred to as Prisoners Cleese, Irwin, Milano and Rice until the task finishes at sundown on Monday night. Until this task is finished, Sim Brother will be referred to as The Governor. You are under the control of Prison Officer Stewart and Prison Officer Woods. Success in this task depends upon your behaviour and how you perform as inmates of this facility.
Cleese - We're prisoners already aren't we? I don't see how this will be any different.
TG - You will immediately return to the bedroom which will be your cells Your new prison uniforms and underwear are awaiting you. You will wear nothing else unless otherwise instructed.

8.15am - The inmates did as they were instructed and familiarised themselves with their cell area.
Milano - This isn't fair at all. This is the second time Sim Brother has thrown something at us before we've had time to reminisce about who we have just lost.
Irwin - What about Martha and Tiger? What about them? Are they in solitary? Heh.
Milano - The door to the bathroom is locked.
Rice - So is the door outside. This isn't right.
Cleese - Perhaps you'd rather be at Camp Delta?
Condoleezza glares at him.

Meeting The Warders

9.00am - The inmates meet their warders. They are initially shocked with seeing their fellow housemates wearing the blue uniform of warders.
Irwin - By crikey, they've turned to the dark side. What on earth do you think you look like, Martha?
Stewart - It is Prisoner Officer Stewart, Irwin. I am, however, pleased to see that you are all wearing nice coloured uniforms.
Rice - If you like it so much, why don't you swap places?
Stewart - No thankyou. Until this task is over, Officer Woods and I work for the Governor.
Cleese - Sim Brother, we know you are listening. The show's over. Let's get things back to normal .... Sim Brother? .... SIM BROTHER !!! Where are you?
Stewart - If anyone wishes to speak to the Governor, they must be accompanied to the Governor's office by a prison officer. Do you wish to speak to the Governor now, Cleese?
Cleese - I'd rather talk to a parrot at this moment ... although I think I already am with you two.
Woods - You will remain in lock down in your cells for two hours. At 11am, two of you will be let out of your quarters. One of you will be on gardening duties, the other will be on cleaning duties. The remaining two will help to serve up your lunch.
Rice - Tiger, are you no better than Martha?
Woods - Prison Officer Stewart and I both have our instructions and the more you comply, the better things will be for you all. We will be back in two hours.

Adapting to Prison Life

12.15pm - Prisoners Milano and Rice have volunteered to do the menial tasks for the day. Milano worked on the gardening and Rice cleaned the bathrooms. Prisoner Irwin opened up the servery and served up various forms of mulch for the inmates. Prison Officer Woods joined him.
Irwin - Preferring our food to what Mad Martha will be cooking up for you?
Woods - Perhaps.
Irwin - Look, mate. Part of me wouldn't mind the perks that you two have got, but I don't envy what you've got to do in order to get it. Just don't become a dictator, ok? I might be Prisoner Irwin to you now but don't forget in a few days that I'll be Steve again.
Woods - I won't forget.

Security and Rule Breaking

2.21pm - Both prison officers are having an afternoon nap, leaving the inmates free to roam the prison apart from various designated areas. Prisoner Rice, however, has abandoned her duties of cleaning the bathroom and has instead chosen to have a bath. As the inmates have their own shower in the cell, this is a breach of security.

Toeing The Line

5.09pm - Originally seeming as though he could be a troublemaker, Prisoner Cleese appears to be cooperating and is helping Alyssa with the gardening by taking up shears and trimming hedges as well.
5.30pm - In the prison block, Prison Officer Stewart is eating her dinner of an Astoria salad that she prepared in the kitchen while watching Rice painting a picture for the purpose of immediate resale and funding the prison.

Carrot and Stick

7.45pm - Prison Officer Stewart is trying some of the brown mush that is part of the staple diet for the inmates.
Stewart - Tomorrow, I will cook for you all. This food is hardly nourishing. Hopefully it will motivate you all to work harder.
Milano - How do you mean?
Stewart - Cleese is still out there working in order to help you. You are in here. Also, I have just checked the bathroom. All three of the toilet cubicles need cleaning.
Rice - But I cleaned them all.
Stewart - Also someone has been using the bubble bath. I think otherwise, Prisoner Rice. Unless they are clean when I come to inspect them later, you will be marked down for corrective therapy tomorrow.

Reporting to the Governor

11.15pm - The inmates are in a state of nightly lockdown. Tiger Woods is relaxing in the officer's quarters. Martha Stewart has been called to see the Governor.
The Governor (J) - Good evening, Prison Officer Stewart. Please give me your daily report as to how the inmates have behaved and you feel the prison has been run.
Stewart - Good evening, Governor. Despite early resentment, I feel that the inmates have chosen to comply with the work around the prison. Security does need to be tightened in certain areas. I believe some areas were overlooked and one of the inmates abused the status of not being under lockdown.
TG - Prison Officer Stewart, your actions have been watched at all times. Both you and Officer Woods have been lax in your running of the prison today. Unless you correct this tomorrow and take appropriate action, one of you will be losing your job next week and will no longer be required in this prison. Do you understand?
Stewart - I understand, Governor.

To Be Continued

With Martha contemplating her future and the fear of failing in her duties as Prison Officer, that is where we are going to leave it. The housemates have lost another of their number and she does not want to be the next one to be removed from the picture. Can the officers gain control over Sim Brother Penitentiary or will the inmates be taking liberties?

Tune in tomorrow and find out.

Credit is due to SimLogical for the Prison Set that has made this task possible.


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