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Sim Brother Series 4, Special Article
Cat's Eyes Edition 4
Good Night
and welcome to the show again. Those who have actively followed Sim Brother will have enjoyed the past week, which contained a Last Woman Standing, seven artists, an eviction and more fun. All with a slight flavour of marmalade. As we're approaching the middle day of the series, only 6 housemates are now left in the Sim Brother building. This is the fourth edition of
Cat's Eyes

Last Woman Standing

At the end of Saturday last week, on day 16, Sim Brother had left us with a Last Man Standing challenge. The housemates had little time to recover from Bjorks departure, as they had to take a pose for as long as they possibly could, until they collapsed. They had to do so unprepared. At the previous show of Cat's Eyes you might remember that there were still three left standing: Alyssa, John and Condoleezza. Only one of them could win, and it'd be smelly Alyssa. As a result, Tiger who nominated her, got nominated instead, as Alyssa won immunity. On Monday the rest of the nominations took place, and in the end Arnold, Martha and Tiger would be up for eviction.

Yet Another Challenge

There was another challenge to be done during the rest of the week too. Sim Brother had placed some easels, and the creative and not-so-creative housemates had to paint each other on Thursday. Getting up early in the morning was a necessity. It would take a whopping 9 hours to get the paintings done. It's a good thing the paint dried fast in the hot sun - SB reported some housemates werein their swimwear that day. John probably didn't get much time to dress in the morning though. Condi, Martha and Tiger wore their usual (by now probably quite smelly?) clothes.

The results were creative or not, depending on your taste. Everyone painted a portrait, but in such a way that it would show the personality of the person they had to paint. Sometimes it was merely a character of the person they painted, as Alyssa's "Twilight of the Terminator" or Steve's "Enigma" showed, others made plain boring portraits, with or without some orange or red overlay, or a bushy border. The results of the challenge will not be in until Monday though, as they are still being judged by professionals.

Another One bites the Dust

Almost two days ago now, you had maken another decision. Arnold, who was so much in the house to win the game, had to leave the building. For once, he won't be back. Cat's Eyes got some hidden footage of his leaving, which you can see here. Despite nominating him, even Alyssa, Condoleezza, Martha - all the girlie-girls - waved him goodbye. Tiger, who also nominated him, stood like his head was supporting something invisible, and didn't move too much. Considering his reason given at the nomination, Tiger probably felt Arnold was a competitor when it came to winning the game, and that he was in the way - but no longer. The supposedly "whining nancy boy", that he claims he isn't, is now free of the Sim Brother stress.

As we've also seen, Condoleezza went a little crazy earlier this week - or actually she didn't. As our psycho-analyst Phil - sorry, Dr. Phil - said, an odd creature from a world outside ours came to visit Condi. Sim Brother gave us some more extra footage of Condoleezza and the bunny, after taking it through the right filters. Whether she's ready to kick the bunny or not is a bit unclear. Anyway, the creature is there, so Phil isn't talking absolute nonsense... but of course there will be some people who think Phil is crazy too. Either way this is the first case of real stress we've see inside the Sim Brother house so far. It could be the Last Man Standing, the problem of being imprisoned, the pressure others put on her or something else that caused it, though it seems she's been cured now. She may have been close to leaving, and maybe that would've been better, as it's hard to predict whether the bunny will strike again or not. It's always a possibility.

YOU Decide

Sim Brother also gives you the opportunity to decide. This is done through many polls, including the eviction polls. For example, last week we asked you what the closest star to the Earth is. Less than 50% got it right answer, the Sun. A remarkable 25% is here to pollinate our species instead, which leaves over 25% of those who got the answer wrong by saying either Alpha Centauri, Mars, Sirius, Alderaan or Rigel. Congratulations.

This week you can choose which painting you think is the best. Again, YOU decide, and you might have more impact than you realise. Enjoy voting in the poll. And don't forget to vote for the eviction next week!

What Else?

A lot more happened last week, including some horrible singing, and talking about omelettes. If they will be able to afford this luxury as a breakfast will be known to us on Monday night, when Sim Brother will reveal the result of last week's challenge. The prisoners will be released then as well. And who will be nominated and up for eviction next week, and who will have to walk? Will there be another party on Monday, when the show reaches the halfway point? All that will be revealed in another week of Sim Brother. Tune in again next week every day for a new report, and don't forget to get some more insight in the fifth Cat's Eyes on Sunday.


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