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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 24 (Sunday 1 May 2005)
Money, Fire & Therapy
Previously in SB4

The Sim Brother House is now the Sim Brother Penitentiary. Sim Brother is now The Governor. Two of the housemates are now prison officers and the remaining four housemates are now the prison inmates. Despite the first day being generally light natured, there have been attempts to break the rules and there is the possibility of some rebellion.

How will the prison officers handle it?

Overview of Sim Brother Penitentiary

6.58am - It's Day 24 in the Sim Brother House, or what is for the next two days Sim Brother Penitentiary. Changing the house more into a prison has necessitated certain changes to the compound and to the representation of Sim Brother, who is now called "The Governor". Two buildings have been added and one building has undergone radical internal changes.

The Corrective Therapy Cell is located in the northeast of the compound. The purpose of this building is yet to be ascertained but if the Prison Officers are doing their job properly, one of the inmates will be brought here as part of the administration's work in rehabilitating the prisoners to become productive members of society.

The Prison Officer's Accommodation is luxuriously furnished for the comfort of the warders when the prisoners are in a state of "lock down". This building replaces what was the Open Forum, an area where housemates could congregate and chat and enjoy the sun.

The Cellblock replaces the bedroom with a cell area and a small association area where they can eat from a servery. The cells have their own toilet and shower. Any modesty that the inmates still had has had to go. The bathroom that they did have access is now off limits unless the inmates are in there on cleaning duties.

"The Governor" is someone who used to be one of the voices of Sim Brother who has returned to help the production team out with this task. It is not known whether he will be resuming his former role as a voice of Sim Brother when this task is complete. Rumour has it that he is here to replace the C-voice of Sim Brother who is allegedly in hiding as he told Arnold he was a "whining nancy boy". C's long term disappearance from the diary room is yet to be confirmed.

Barefaced Protest

7.12am - The inmates are still in lockdown. Prisoners Milano and Rice have been awake for the past thirty minutes. They have both had time to get up and get dressed into their prison jumpsuits. Both of them are talking about about the situation they are in.
Rice - I don't know about you, Lyssa, but I am finding this task to be really harsh.
Milano - I agree but what can we do?
Rice - We have two choices. We can make a stand and buck the system or we go along with Mad Martha and Turncoat Tiger.
Milano - If we work with them, they'll be good to us won't they?
Rice - How harsh can they be? I'm going to make their lives hell and that of TSZ so they'll have to apply a censorship filter. Just watch me.
Milano - You're not ...
With that, Prisoner Rice got up, removed her uniform and prison issue underwear until she was stood there naked.
Rice - Are you going to join me?
Milano - Condi, I can't.

7.30am - From the speakers on the wall came the voice of Prison Officer Stewart.
Stewart - All inmates move back from the bars ...
- You are no longer in lockdown and can now access the Association area. Please proceed to the servery for your breakfast. Prisoner Rice, please put your prison issue underwear and uniform.
Rice - Make me.
Cleese - Condoleezza, put your uniform back on, dear.
Irwin - Condi, I agree with John. Get dressed, love. It will only get worse for all of us.
Rice - You're all no fun.
With that, Prisoner Rice did as her fellow inmates pleaded and got dressed. Her nude protest has lasted only 19 minutes.

Making Moolah

11.10am - The inmates are up, had breakfast of brown mush and are all dressed. The bookcase and small hi-fi have been moved to the inmates' association area as well as a printing press. A sprinkler has also been fitted to the roof. Prison Officer Woods has come to explain their daily duties.
Woods - People, Prison Officer Stewart has helped with the cooking you get from the servery.
Rice (muttered) - I'd rather eat the grey mush as it was.
Woods - Prisoner Rice, please. This printing press has been licensed to us by the Treasury Department. All money we make here goes to fund this prison facility and anything in excess of the prison budget goes to your release fund.
Rice - Big deal.
Woods - Prisoner Rice, if you continue with this disruptive behaviour, I will have no alternative but to take you for corrective therapy.
Prisoner Rice does not reply and acquiesces to Prison Officer Woods' threat.
Cleese - Let me get this right. If we make more than what the prison needs, we get to keep it?
Woods - That is correct. Please be warned that this printing press can get very hot very quickly.
Irwin - Not wishing to piss on the parade, Woodsie, but what happens if we don't make enough money to fund the prison?
Woods - Then we fail this task and do not get rewarded.
Cleese - Then what are we waiting for? I believe its time to make moolah as you colonials delightfully phrase it.

Smoking Simoleons

3.39pm - The housemates have been printing money for the past four hours. However, the printing press has overheated and catches fire. Despite there being a sprinkler system fitted, it is ineffective due to bad siting. Instead, Prison Officer Woods immediately grabs a fire extinguisher and puts out the blaze as the other housemates panic around him.

Being Unmutual

8.51pm - Prisoner Rice is again defying the prison authorities by not helping with the money making. Both prison officers come to the Association Area.
Stewart - Rice, you have been continually defiant all day. This is your final warning.
Rice - Hey, Mad Martha. I don't accept your authority and I am going to do what I please.
Stewart - Then I am sorry but we have no alternative. All other inmates please return to your cell.
Rice - C'mon, everyone, if we stand together, we can overthrow this regime.
Cleese - Condi, there has been too much of "regime change" while you have been around. I am happy to wait another day until tomorrow night.
Rice - I don't believe this. You guys are being played for saps by these blue-clad bullies.
Milano - Condoleezza, please. I'm not made up to be a rebel.
Stewart - You have one last choice. Change your mind about being rebellious or we'll have to change it for you.
Rice - You haven't got the guts to try and change me. You won't get my compliance.
Stewart - Let us show you that we will.

With all of the other inmates inside the cell, lockdown is implemented. Outnumbered by both guards, Prisoner Rice is frogmarched out of the cellblock, across the compound, past the Prison Officer's accommodation block and into the Corrective Therapy Cell.

Stewart - I like to call this Room 101.

With that, Prisoner Rice is placed in the chair and fitted up to the therapy chair. Prison Officer Woods leaves to return to the other inmates and let them out.
Rice - This is crazy. You can't do this. This is inhumane.
Stewart - According to what the Governor has told us, we can administer discipline however we want. I think Camp Delta might have something similar.
Rice - That's different. They are a threat to the state.
Stewart - And you are a threat to people's happiness in this prison with your antisocial behaviour. What is the difference? You are "unmutual". Let your rehabilitation begin.
With that, Prison Officer Stewart throws the switch and with a whine and a hum, the therapy machine starts.

A Changed Mind?

11.28pm - The cellblock is in lockdown when Prisoner Rice returns and gets into bed. Compared to her attitude earlier, she is very quiet and all she appears to want is a good night's sleep. Tomorrow will tell whether she has had a change of mind or wishes to remain unmutual.

Officer Wood's Report

11.45pm - Prison Officer Woods has come to see The Governor.
The Governor - Good evening, Officer Woods. How do you feel the day has gone in Sim Brother Penitentiary?
Woods - It has been very hard going, Governor. I'd rather be in a deep bunker with only a 4 wood than have to put up with troublesome prisoners.
TG - How did you feel about Prisoner Rice being given corrective therapy?
Woods - If it doesn't damage her mind on a permanent basis, I am in favour. Otherwise, if she has been brainwashed, I oppose it as it is torture.
TG - How is your relationship with Prison Officer Stewart?
Woods - I get on very well with Martha but I feel that she is relishing being in the role that she is.
TG - If you were to have one prisoner to give privileges to, who would it be?
Woods - Surprisingly, I find Prisoner Cleese to be the most cooperative and industrious inmate. Is there a catch to it if he is given privileges?
TG - If your work performance in running the prison is below standard, a "trusty" would suffer the same fate as the prison officers. If your work performance meets the standards, a "trusty" would not suffer the same fate as his fellow inmates.
Woods - Then I recommend him to be a "trusty". As you instructed before, he will not be informed of how success in this task will directly affect him. May I ask a question, Governor?
TG - Yes, Officer Woods.
Woods - Can you or the prison authorities give us any indication of our job performance?
TG - All you can be told is that your performance tomorrow needs to be exemplary.
Woods - Thankyou, Governor.
TG - Goodnight, Officer Woods.

To Be Continued

With Prisoner Rice having undergone some "corrective therapy" and Prison Officer Woods having recommended Prisoner Cleese as a "trusty", that is where we are going to have to leave them. Tomorrow, things return to normal but what will the reaction of the inmates be when they find out whether the task was a success or a failure?

Tune in tomorrow and find out.


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