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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 26 (Tuesday 3 May 2005)
Recrimination, Romance and Racks of Balls
Previously in SB4

Sim Brother Penitentiary has closed and proved to be a success ... for Martha, Tiger and John as their success left Alyssa, Condoleezza and Steve up for the public vote.

Despite Sim Brother having run a 70s & 80s party for them, will they take this news in good spirits?

Resentment & Recrimination

12.03am - The reality of what the Penitentiary task was all about has just sunk in to the rest of those who are facing the public vote.
Condoleezza - I told you so. I knew something was going on. That was why I rebelled. I stood up against the tyranny of the regime, but the rest of you wanted an easy life.
Alyssa - But you went along with it earlier today.
Condoleezza - Lyssa, you were the first one to say you didn't want to be a part of any protest.
Alyssa - But I felt by complying it would have benefitted us all.
Condoleezza - Did Steve McQueen comply in "The Great Escape"?
Alyssa - No, he didn't.
Condoleezza - Exactly. He was the Cooler King. The one who got the most into trouble.
Alyssa - But I'm not Steve McQueen.
Steve - Hey, Condi, you're being a bit unfair on Lyssa here.
Condoleezza - And where were you? Just going with the flow. If we'd worked together, they would have failed to have kept us in order. This was an Us versus Them situation and we all blew it.
John - I wish I hadn't been made a trusty. Then I would have been on the list with you. I'm sorry.
Steve - Did you have a choice?
John - Actually, I didn't.
Steve - Then don't let it rock your boat. Otherwise the sharks will eat you up.
Condoleezza - The sharks are already eating us up, Steve. As good little fishies, we swam into their open mouths. I tried to swim away but I had to flow with the shoal.

Spring Onions & Canoodling

9.24am - For the first time in three days, the housemates have slept in the same bedroom. They have returned their costumes and are back with their usual clothes. Martha has not slept very well and is the first housemate up. Unable to put her mind off things by cooking breakfast, she is in the kitchen eating a plate of green mush.
Martha - These needs some spring onions to add that extra flavour.

10.49am - All of the housemates are now up. John and Tiger are now in the kitchen having some mush for breakfast. Steve and Alyssa are enjoying each other's company cuddling on the double bed in the bedroom.
Alyssa - It's not fair that we are nominated.
Steve - So right. We worked hard for the prison officers and what is our reward? Up for the chop.
Alyssa - Well, what goes around comes around.
Steve - Assuming their karma can keep up.
Alyssa - We're facing the vote just when we're getting better acquainted too. We may get split up just before we've got the chance to properly get together if you know what I mean. We must make the most of what time we've got, don't you think?
Steve - Perhaps.

Cue for a Contest

2.00pm - The housemates have had a quiet morning. Martha still appears somewhat nervous and is quieter than usual. Steve and Alyssa have been inseperable, although it appears more that Alyssa is doing the running. They have all been called together under the covered forum.

Sim Brother (A) - Good afternoon, housemates. You may be interested to know that during your period of moneymaking, you made a profit of ยง2,000. This might not sound like much but it is available as a prize for your forthcoming challenge. You are going to be divided up into teams for the 2005 Sim Brother Pool Tournament. The spa will also be opened up to the winning team.

The housemates do appear interested by this challenge.

SB - The captains of the teams have been decided as follows. Sim Brother has chosen the tallest one of you and the shortest one of you.
Steve - A quick and easy choice.
SB - The tallest one of you who is approaching 6'6" is John. The shortest one of you at 5'3" is Alyssa. As the first shall be last and the last shall be first, Alyssa will pick the first person she wants in her team.
Alyssa - I choose Steve.
Steve - Thanks, princess.
Martha (muttered) - That's no big surprise.
SB - John, you will now pick someone for your team.
John - I'll pick Tiger.
SB - Alyssa, you will now pick your other team member and the remaining housemate will go on John's team.
Alyssa - Then I'll have my buddy Condi.
Condoleezza - I was wondering if you would.
Martha - And once again, I'm last.
SB - There will be three matches. The first match between your No.2 players will be worth 1 point for the winner. This will take place at 4pm. The second match will be between your No.1 players and will take place tomorrow afternoon at the same time and will be worth 2 points for the winner. The third match will be between the captains and will take place on Thursday afternoon. This will be worth 3 points.
John - Just a small thing, Sim Brother. I might not be a wizard at mathematics, but that means we could tie.
SB - If there is a tie, you both win and the spa is open to you all. Also, the prize purse is split between you all.
Steve - I'd rather it went to charity.
Alyssa - Yes, me too.
John - A splendid idea!
The remaining three housemates all agree that the prize purse should go to charity.
SB - The winning captain can decide which charity to give the money to. In the event of a tie, you will have to decide among yourselves. The pool matches will take place in the new party room. Captains, you have 30 minutes to decide on your No.1 and No.2 players.

Team Lineups

John's Team John - I played billiards and snooker in the Student Union when I was at Cambridge. What about the rest of you?
Martha - I played pool quite a bit recently when I was at the state "health spa".
Tiger - I haven't played pool but I'll do my best.
John - Martha, you are my No.1 player and Tiger, you get to play this afternoon's match. You'd better dress smartly. Show them that we can at least field the smartest team. I am going to name us the Pythons.

Alyssa's Team Alyssa - I've played a bit with the girls on the set. Basketball is more my game. Can any of you guys play?
Steve - To me, I'd use a pool cue to smack a croc over the head instead of playing a game with it.
Condoleezza - It's been a while but I did play some pool when I was at the University of Denver and I did get the odd game in when I was at Stanford ... when I wasn't training with the university's football team.
Alyssa - Ok, I get the picture. I didn't go to college. Steve, you get to play today. Condi, you get to play tomorrow.
Steve - Has anyone noticed our team is all up for eviction and their team is those who got away with it?
Condoleezza - That did come to my attention as well.
Alyssa - Then I'll call us The Nominees. All I ask is you guys do your best, have fun and be yourselves.

A Battle of Newbies

3.00pm - The housemates are gathered in the building that is now the games room. John's team are all dressed smartly in their formal clothes. Alyssa's team are "as they come".
Sim Brother (A) - Welcome to the first of your pool contests. You know the rules. The first player to win two games of pool wins the point for their team. Steve and Tiger, you get to play today.

Steve wins the toss and breaks off. The game is somewhat backwards and forwards with neither of them being hustlers. However, after some time, Steve finally pots all of his balls and then the black ball leaving Tiger with one ball remaining on the table.

Tiger breaks off in the second game. He pots a striped ball from the break and controls the table until the black ball goes down. Steve does not get a look in. Tiger's win evens the score. With one game each, it is all down to who wins the last game.

Steve breaks off with the third game. Like the first game, it is somewhat backwards and forwards but Steve had a lucky run towards the end and potted the black ball. The players hugged at the end of the game.
Steve - That was great fun. Thanks for the game.
Tiger (grinning) - You were lucky. Well done.
With a score of two games to one, Steve wins the first point of the Sim Brother Pool Tournament for The Nominees.

A Fine Romance

10.45pm - Following Steve's victory, most of the housemates are unwinding in the games room. Alyssa and Steve have slipped away and are sat together on a bench.
Alyssa - You did really well today.
Steve - I was lucky.
Alyssa - Then as your team captain let me show my thanks ... personally.
Tenderly at first and then with some more romance, they kiss.

To Be Continued

And that is where we are going to leave them. The polls are still open for you to nominate one of the three for eviction. If a romance is allowed to grow or be quickly cut short, the choice is yours.


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