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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 27 (Wednesday 4 May 2005)
Ladies' Games
Previously in SB4

On "Dr.Phil gets psychological", we're looking at how the housemates are doing half way through the show. Instead of talking to Zoltan this week about this week's poll, we talk to Judge Jones from Regras Gorge for his comments about the legality of Sim Brother Penitentiary.

Let's do it!

Getting Psychological

Alyssa & Steve are an interesting relationship. It is obvious there is a lot of affection between these two but is their relationship just for that? I see this more as a ploy to help them to survive and get further into the game. Are the public buying it or do they want to see how far it goes? If I was a voyeuristic voting viewer, I think I'd wait to see what goes on with those two.

Condoleezza The Rebel is also sending conflicting messages. Was she genuinely opposing a perceived tyranny or was she just throwing her weight around. The impression she finally gave across was that to her fellow "inmates", she was becoming a royal pain in the butt. The question now is what way the voting viewers saw her rebellion. Fighter for justice or nutcase who sees bunnies?

Tiger & Martha appeared to enjoy their role of "Good Cop, Bad Cop" when they were prison officers. Martha especially seemed to enjoy being in charge and enacting punishment. Tiger relaxed somewhat and mingled more with the prisoners. Martha has mainly made a name for herself for the past four weeks with her cooking and marmalade obsession. Tiger has been a bit of a mystery who has argued with John and privately backstabbed Alyssa. Only time will tell if the housemates bear any grudge towards them following their time in charge. If I was one of the inmates, I would be certainly be voting for those two next week and get some payback. But I'm like that.

John has been very quiet lately. From the insane president who nominated himself, it has been a major climb down to be the confused trusty of Sim Brother Penitentiary. I reckon that being captain of one of the pool teams this week may help him become his more usual self.

Zoltan from Simbrokes was not available for comment this week. Instead, however, I was lucky enough to get a quick interview with Judge Jones about our show in general and the legality of it in particular.

Court In Session

Judge Doug Jones may not be a household name but he is currently presiding over the controversial trial of the famous popstar Jack Michaelson. Before being appointed to the bench in SimCity, Judge Doug Jones has represented Regras Gorge in all aspects of political life. From working within city hall to becoming a Simpublican congressman for the city, Judge Jones is known to be firm in his sentencing and very rigid in what is right and wrong. It was an honour when he agreed to meet me during a recess to talk over the Sim Brother and the Penitentiary task in particular.

Sim Brother (P) - Judge, it is good for you to agree to see me. I know you are a very busy man.
Judge Doug Jones - Yes, I am so make this quick.
SB - Sim Brother Penitentiary. Was it legal for the prison officers to treat the inmates like they did?
JDJ - As the housemates waived all of their rights when they went in there, that covers you completely. You could even kill one of them and get away with it. It's entertainment.
SB - Do you watch the show?
JDJ - A little bit. My daughter Giselle is the big fan. I'm surprised she passed Magna Cum Laude with a 3.9 GPA with all of the time she was watching it. She nearly missed her final exam because of your show.
SB - So who is your favourite housemate?
JDJ - My favourite is Condoleezza. She's feisty and firm and has tried to buck the system. If there are no rules, she wasn't really breaking any. Giselle keeps going on about how wonderful Alyssa is and my wife Ann who occasionally catches it says John is one very handsome man. She says the same about me too, of course.

SB - Who are you voting to evict this week?
JDJ - My voting is a private and personal thing. If you try and find out by any other means, you will be arrested and on a chain gang for 5 years for interfering with the electoral system.
SB - That sentence is quite harsh, don't you think?
JDJ - No. 10 years is harsh and that's what you'll get if you complain any more. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to send Jack Michaelson's defence counsel to prison for 30 days for contempt of court because he needs a stupid haircut. I will be sending Jack Michaelson to jail himself for the same charge after this trial comes to an end.

SB - Before I get locked up, let us now go and see what the housemates have been up to today.

A Relaxed Morning

8.48am - It's Day 27 in the Sim Brother house. Apart from Alyssa and Steve who shared the double bed, most of the housemates are up. Martha is having a shower and Condoleezza is sat in a toilet cubicle reading the rules of the house.
Condoleezza (talking to self) - These don't make much sense at all, which is typical. Being in here isn't making any sense to me anymore.
Martha (overhearing) - That makes two of us, Condi.

Tiger and John are sat in the lounge eating breakfast of green mush.
John - Do you have any idea what is in this? It tastes bland and boring. Now I've had this for two days, I'd rather have Martha's cooking than this.
Tiger - I think I found some peas in mine. They're all mushed up.
John - I hate peas. I can't stand them. If I see any again, I'll throw up all over the floor. I'd eat some grey mush but that is probably even less appetising.
Tiger - I'm sorry about the match yesterday.
John - You were just unlucky. You did your best and you certainly looked smarter than that Antipodean bushwhacker. Today's match will be interesting.

The Ladies' Game

3.00pm - The housemates are again gathered in the games room. Again, the Pythons have dressed smartly and the Nominees have dressed normally. The Pythons are after regaining some face and the Nominees are after repeating their first win.

Sim Brother (A) - Good afternoon, housemates, and welcome to the second match in the Sim Brother 4 Pool Contest. The winning team of this match score two points. Today's players are Martha for the Pythons and Condoleezza for the Nominees. Martha will be the first to break off.

Martha broke off in the first game and stood to one side. She never returned to the table. Condoleezza cleared the table in one visit, amazing everyone there ... including Condoleezza.
SB - First game to the Nominees.

Condoleezza was to break off in the second game. This one was more evenly paced and Martha did summon her recent experience to take the edge. Condoleezza had three balls still on the table when Martha finished potting all of her balls and then the 8-ball. Second game ties the match.
SB - Second game to the Pythons. Match tied at one game each.

Martha broke off again for the third and deciding game. She didn't pot anything from the break so Condoleezza came to the table and potted two balls before missing what could have been considered by others to be an easy ball. Perhaps she was distracted by the canoodling couple behind her. Martha returned to the table and potted three of her seven balls. She missed a long pot, leaving an opening for Condoleezza. She finished up potting her balls and finally potted the black.

With the match ended, the players hugged to congratulate and commiserate each other.

SB - The third game and the match goes to the Nominees. The Nominees lead the contest by 3 points to 0. Tomorrow's match between the captains will begin at the same time.

The Practicing Python

6.19pm - John is in the games room on his own getting some practice in for tomorrow's game.
7.07pm - Tiger joins him and together they have a glass of wine together.
Tiger - Quite a close game.
John - It was unfortunate we lost but I will give it my best tomorrow.
Tiger - It will only tie us if you win?
John - It is better to draw than to lose completely. However, it isn't whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game.

Two Naughty Nominees

9.21pm - Alyssa and Steve are in the games room now. Alyssa is also getting in some practice for tomorrow's crucial match.
10.17pm - After an hour's practice, It isn't long before the romantic pair are on the couch again canoodling. They appear to be more amorous than the day before making out with each other, oblivious to what else has appeared to be going on around them. Alyssa did make the original running but Steve certainly appears more confident and forward.

Alyssa (giggling) - That tickles. I shouldn't tell you what that does to me.
Steve - I can imagine. Should I stop?
Alyssa - Certainly not. Please carry on.
Steve - You're the boss.

Comfort & Captains

11.28pm - Condoleezza is being comforted by Tiger in the shower room.
Condoleezza - I'm finding things very hard at the moment. I don't want to go.
Tiger - I don't want you to go either. I'll miss you if you do.
Alyssa and John are outside in the bathroom.
John - All ready for tomorrow?
Alyssa - I am looking forward to our match.
John - If you think it is going to be a David v Goliath, it might not be so easy.
Alyssa - I've got a few tricks up my sleeve.
John - That top you are wearing doesn't have any sleeves, so I look forward to seeing what you'll conjour up.

To Be Continued

And that is where we are going to leave them. With the Nominees' second victory making the least they could get tomorrow to be a draw, the Captain's Match is more crucial to the Pythons in order to save face. With voting still going on for the nominees and closing at midnight on Friday night (GMT), you decide which one of them gets taken out of the picture below.


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