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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 28 (Thursday 5 May 2005)
Clash of the Captains
Previously in SB4

With two pool wins under their belt, all that the Python team can do is win the captain's match to secure a draw.

Alyssa & Steve appear to be getting even closer than before. How far will they go if there is a risk of one of them going tomorrow night?

It's Day 28. It's Sim Brother 4.

Martha's Concerns

4.44am - Martha is up early again. She has had a restless night and she is again looking somewhat uncomfortable and apprehensive. After wandering around for about half an hour, she is called to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (A) - Hello, Martha. Are you alright?
Martha - I don't know, Sim Brother. I know I'm supposed to be used to napping. I'm just not sleeping well.
SB - Is something troubling you?
Martha - I'm wondering how I am coming across to the people outside. I know you can't tell me. I also know I'm not up for nomination this week.
SB - Would you rather speak to Dr.Phil?
Martha - No thanks, I'll just chat with you if you don't mind.

SB - Do you feel that the last task has anything to do with your mood?
Martha - A bit. I took to the role of warder too easily, I felt. I think I would have felt more comfortable in an orange tracksuit than the blue uniform. I did not have a choice of changing roles, but when I was in the role, I didn't want to. Perhaps Condoleezza beating me at pool was some form of payback. I deserved to lose.
SB - Do you feel you can get back to being how you were before you were the warder?
Martha - Yes, I do. And that is what I feel I have to do. Thankyou for listening, Sim Brother.

Captain's Match

3.00pm - The housemates spent the morning swimming in or sitting by the pool or generally hanging around the compound. Martha was able to get more sleep and napped in the bedroom during the morning. The housemates are now gathered again in the games room.

Sim Brother (A) - Good afternoon, housemates, and welcome to the Captain's Match. The winning captain scores three points for their team. Today's players are John for the Pythons and Alyssa for the Nominees. Alyssa will break off.

Alyssa's breaks off but is almost immediately stood to the side. John goes to the table and although there are several easy shots, he doesn't pot anything. The first game becomes a no score seesaw until finally they starting potting the occasional ball. John was the first one to get into a rhythm and finally pots his balls and the black, leaving Alyssa with 3 balls on the table.
SB - First game to the Pythons.

John breaks off in the second game and pots a ball from the break. He continues to pot all of his balls and that it was going to be a game over until he left the black ball hanging over the centre pocket. Alyssa was able to get into her stride and through some lucky rebounds, a few sneaky skill shots and some flukes, she potted all of her balls in one visit and finally finished off with the black.
SB - Second game to the Nominees. Match tied at one game each.

Quickly racking up for the third game, she broke off and like John, she was able to pot a ball from the break. Applying some "English", she showed what she had managed to learn from playing pool from years ago by swerves and spins, getting the white ball into perfect position to pot every one of her balls. Finally, the black ball went down and what looked like a lost match actually turned into a victory.
SB - The third game and the match and victory in this contest goes to the Nominees. The Nominees win this contest by 6 points to 0. Alyssa, you and your team have use of the spa until tomorrow night and two bottles of champagne to help you celebrate.

Unmissed Opportunity

11.00pm - The Nominees have been making the most of their victory and using the spa. Condoleezza has chosen to get to bed early. This leaves Alyssa and Steve in the hot tub. After a bit of splashing and generally fooling around, they are cuddled up.
Alyssa - I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. I think you know why.
Steve - The evictions?
Alyssa - I'm afraid we'll be split up. Once we're on the outside, things will be different. You'll be back with Terri and we won't have ... well ... you know ...
Steve - You're after us ... how should I phrase it ... going woohoo?
Alyssa (coyly) - Well, we're in a perfect place for it.

With their passions rising like the steam from the tub, Steve and Alyssa do what comes naturally and take their inhouse relationship to the final level.

To Be Continued

And that is where we are going to leave the housemates. You have until midnight tonight to place your final votes to evict one of the three nominees.


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