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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 28 (Thursday 14 February 2002)
The Task, The Results & More
Ride 'em, Tony
Although there had been emotional fireworks at the start of the week, they had become nothing but a distraction from the task at hand. The seven housemates had all worked hard at the challenge, although some had indeed worked harder than others.

When it came to the actual challenge itself, Tony surprised them all by proving he was a "natural" on the mechanical bull. Some of them fell off, but nevertheless those who did got back up and tried again until they managed to do a complete ride.

Result & Reward
When they had all had their rides on the bull, they sat down around the campfire - apart from Tony who was too saddle-sore - stiff and weary, Sim Brother informed them of the result.

"Three of you were successful on the first ride, two of you needed a second ride, and two of you needed a third ride. None of you needed any more attempts. Therefore, you have been successful in your task. Next week, you will have a budget of §1,470.

"Sim Brother has also given you this Hot Tub and a larger swimming pool to help you enjoy yourselves more in the house."

Skinny Dipping
Everyone was excited about the new Hot Tub and Tom decided to try out the pool without bothering to wear his swimming trunks. The others followed suit all afternoon and into the evening. The censor filter on the camera overlooking the Hot Tub was defective and the production crew at STV4 were unable to edit the pictures. The director decided to broadcast them anyway.

How are Tony & Davina?
With the working on the task, Tony and Davina had not had much time for each other. Now that it was over and with the good news that they had all passed, they were able to relax and have a hug

Bad News for Some, Good News for the Others
Sim Brother had one more message for the housemates and let them know when Jennifer and Anna were sat eating their dinner - "This is Sim Brother. The two nominees for eviction in alphabetical order are Anna & Jennifer. You will know the results next Wednesday night"

How The Nominees Took It
Jennifer did not really speak to anyone for the rest of the day and had an early night. Anna put her mind off it by practicing her diving technique in the expanded pool and then chose to sleep on the couch in the Den. Neither of them could be certain of their fate.


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