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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 29 (Friday 6 May 2005)
Eviction Night Returned
Welcome to the 3rd Eviction Night

Hi there, I'm Will Wright. It's Eviction Night.

I'm back in the studio at the end of another busy week in the Sim Brother House. Once again, the housemates weren't given much of a chance to get to terms with a house without Arnold. They suddenly found themselves in what could be viewed as a "prison within a prison" with the previous week's nominees as the prison officers and the other four housemates as inmates. Three of those inmates became this week's nominees and shortly, we'll be going to the house to tell them which nominee is this week's evictee.

After this intense task, they were given a pool contest. Divided up into two teams, which they called the Pythons and the Nominees, the Nominees won all of their matches and the contest. The prize was use of the spa for the team. Alyssa and Steve, who had been getting very close during the week, took advantage of this and through fear of their relationship being broken up tonight, moved their relationship to the final stage.

Before we go to the house to see if their their romance is going to be shattered, let us see what everyone has been up to today.

About Last Night

9.51am - Alyssa and Steve are up and having mush for breakfast. They are sat apart. Alyssa is sat on a chair in the lounge and Steve is sat at the counters in the kitchen. They are originally quiet. Steve finally breaks the ice.
Steve - About last night.
Alyssa (smiling) - Wasn't it was great?
Steve - Well, yeah, it was. I'm just not sure it should have happened.
Alyssa - Why not? I thought we were getting on so well, it was the right thing to do to affirm our connection.
Steve - I've been married for almost 13 years and I've got 2 sprogs. Yeah, it was fun but it shouldn't have happened. If we're still here after tonight, let's just be friends, ok?
Alyssa (scowling) - Okay.

Anxious Alyssa

11.38am - Alyssa has come to the Diary Room.
Sim Brother (A) - Hello, Alyssa, how are you?
Alyssa - I'm just not happy being here now.
SB - Why is that?
Alyssa - I feel Steve has been unfair with me.
SB - Oh? In what way?
Alyssa - We were getting on really well and you know what happened last night.
SB - Yes, it was picked up.
Alyssa - Now he's got what he wants, it's "wham bam, thankyou, ma'am".
SB - Is that really how it was?
Alyssa - Perhaps I may have made a few moves myself to move things along.
SB - Alyssa, did you know Steve was married before you got emotionally involved?
Alyssa - Yes, I did. I just thought it would be a bit of fun for us while we were in here.
SB - And did you think that he could get a conscience?
Alyssa - Perhaps. I just feel he should have got a conscience before we ... well, you know.
SB - Alyssa, what went on is your own affair - no pun intended. Do not cry because it is over but smile because it happened.
Alyssa - Thanks. You've been a big help ( .... not).

Eviction Time Again

11.50pm - Alyssa has avoided Steve for the rest of the day. Sim Brother removed the pool table from the games room and replaced it with an upright piano for the housemates' amusement. All of the housemates had a go. Tiger gave a passable rendition of chopsticks. However, when Condoleezza sat down on the stool and began to play, she played for them Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. She is now finishing up Rachmaninov's second piano concerto and it is now time for me to talk to the house.

Will Wright - Sim Brother house, this is Will Wright. You are live on TSZ so please do not swear.
Housemates - Good evening, Will.
WW - I am sorry to have to interrupt your evening but it's that time. Since Monday, people have been voting for which one of you is the next to be evicted from the house tonight. The polls are now closed, the votes have been counted, checked and rechecked.

(long pause)

The third person to be evicted from the Sim Brother 4 house with 67% of the public vote is ...

(even longer pause)


To Be Continued

And there we have it. You have decided that Condoleezza will be the third person to be evicted from the Sim Brother house. I will shortly be interviewing her in the studio.

Tune back later to see what she has to say to me about her life in the Sim Brother House.


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