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Sim Brother Series 4, Special Article
Condoleezza's Eviction Night Special
Welcome to the 3rd Eviction Night Special

Will Wright - Hi there and welcome to the third eviction night special. Condoleezza is the one who you have decisively chosen to evict from the Sim Brother house and she is here with me tonight to talk about her experiences in the house. Firstly, let us have a look at her last minutes in the house.

Condi's Last Minutes

Sim Brother (C) - Condoleezza, please leave the Sim Brother house.

After a big hug from Tiger, Condoleezza made the walk out through the gate of the Sim Brother house where she paused briefly before coming over the road into the studio. Not as confident as previous evictees, she's noticed a fairly cool reaction from the audience.

Welcome Out, Condoleezza

Will Wright - Condoleezza, I'm pleased to meet you.
Condoleezza - I am pleased to meet you too, Will. The computer games you have created are a significant benefit to life and the safety of the people of our country.
WW - Thankyou very much. I am working on another one that I would like to tell you about after the show, but first I have to ask you some questions.
Condoleezza - Fire away, Will.
WW - How does it feel to leave the Sim Brother 4 house?
Condoleezza - Very mixed feelings to be honest. I found being in there to be very hard at times, but I miss being in there longer. There was some uncomfortable moments but some very amusing ones as well.

Crazy Condi

WW - You have had quite an interesting time in the house over the past four weeks.
Condoleezza - I admit I've had a lot of moments that I won't forget in a hurry.
WW - Any further visits from your social bunny?
Condoleezza - Fortunately not. I'm glad Dr.Phil put me right on that one. I felt I was going crazy.
WW - It was an education for a lot of people. I'm surprised he didn't put it on www.drphil.com as he's always going on about his website.

Criminal Condi

WW - I am sure a lot of our viewers are wondering what exactly happened to you when you had your corrective therapy.
Condoleezza - It was actually quite relaxing. It monitored my brainwaves, heartbeat and respiration. A bit like an ECG machine but with soothing music and a gentle warm breeze. It helped me to relax. Martha could do with trying it out herself. It will stop her being such a domineering old goat.
WW - You were quite an agitator while you were an inmate.
Condoleezza - I didn't see why I should comply with the rules of a prison within a prison.
WW - What did you think of the task?
Condoleezza - It did make me see things from a different perspective. It shook the house up quite a lot. Also, the fact that I am here shows that the prison's success resulted in my nomination and eviction. Very sneaky.
WW - But did you enjoy it?
Condoleezza - Actually, I did. It was challenging and enjoyable to try and buck the system. A definite "Us -v- Them" situation whereas before it was dealing only with the faceless voice of Sim Brother.

Convivial Condi

WW - Who did you get on the best with in the house?
Condoleezza - I don't really think that there was anyone I didn't get on with in the house. If I had to choose two, I would choose Alyssa and Tiger. Alyssa was good company and quite reassuring and Tiger gave me someone to hit with a pillow and also a very big shoulder to cry on.
WW - Will you be keeping in touch with them after the show is over?
Condoleezza - I will be trying to contact all of the housemates in turn after they are evicted. I will also be trying to contact Bjork and perhaps Arnold.
WW - Only perhaps?
Condoleezza - Despite our having the same political persuasion, he was one person I didn't really identify with. I will be in contact with him anyway due to my career.

Convicting Condi
WW - Then it will be difficult for you to say who you want to see evicted next.
Condoleezza - I think it will be Martha. Although I have a lot of respect for her, she upset a lot of the housemates during the time she was a prison officer. Also, marmalade has not been forgotten either.
WW - Who do you think will win?
Condoleezza - Because of his friendly and popular manner, it will be Steve. He is one guy who is really easy to like. If it's not him, then it will be Alyssa who will win for the same reason.

Continuing Condi

WW - And what next for Condoleezza Rice?
Condoleezza - Assuming the president has not found a replacement for me, I would like to get back to being the Secretary of State and work for the president and the country. If not, then I would like to continue with my music and perhaps do a concert in Moscow.
WW - I hope you get your wish. Thankyou very much for the last four weeks where you have given us a lot of enjoyment and kept us glued to our sets.
Condoleezza - I've enjoyed it.

Thankyou for joining us for our third eviction and we hope you enjoyed the show. For those of you who would like another fix, turn over to TS2W who are starting "Sim Sister" who have started their series tonight.

However, don't forget to come back tomorrow when our daily report show will be back at the usual time. Now entering our fifth week, we'll find out how the housemates will get on now that they have lost another of their number. Goodnight.


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