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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 30 (Saturday 7 May 2005)
The Day After
Previously in SB4

Condoleezza has just become the third eviction from the Sim Brother house with a decisive share of the vote. Is Sim Brother going to live up to its recent form and not allow them time to mourn or does Sim Brother perhaps have a heart after all?

It's Day 30. It's Sim Brother 4.

Toasting an Departed Friend

12.05am - The housemates are still gathered together in the games room after Condi's departure.

Steve - Let's toast our recently departed sister before Sim Brother jumps us with something else.
John - An excellent idea.
All the housemates raise their glasses.
Steve - To Condoleezza, one bonzer sheila. Here's to you, hoping you can do something to rock the system as you tried to do when you were in here. To Condi.
All - To Condi.

Partly reluctant bedfellows?

2.55am - Steve is already in the double bed. Despite him telling Alyssa that things were cooling down, she nevertheless slides in next to him.

Alyssa - Can I get in with you? I'll be good.
Steve (horrified) - Er ... ok.
Alyssa is good to her word and doesn't try anything ... nothing that the cameras could pick up anyway.

Another Saturday Morning

9.14am - The other housemates were late getting to bed, spending time in the games room chatting and enjoying themselves in general. As a result, most of the house are asleep. In the lounge, another of the pictures on the portrait wall is now greyed out.

Thoughts and Thanks from John

12.08pm - John is one of the first ones up. He had a spongebath in the kitchen and then comes to the diary room.

Sim Brother (A) - Good afternoon, John. How are you today?
John (smiling) - Very well, thankyou. Actually, I'm extremely pleased that we haven't been thrown into a task this morning. I think I can speak for all of us on that. Thankyou very much.
SB - How do you feel about Condoleezza leaving yesterday?
John - Disappointed. For several reasons.
SB - And what reasons are those?

John - Firstly, I felt I got on quite well with Condoleezza. I enjoyed her piano playing and I only wish that we had been given more opportunity to hear her play. She was a very intelligent woman and had the courage to stand against the system, which unfortunately the rest of us were not brave enough to go along with. Had we gone along with it, she would still be here.
SB - Hindsight is a marvellous thing.
John - Secondly, as well as missing someone who I would like to consider a friend, I am disappointed because of the weekly realisation that our numbers are going down. It does mean that we are closer to the end but it does make it inevitable that we have to start nominating friends for eviction and increases our risk of facing the vote.
SB - Do you feel that you could win?
John - I know there are under three weeks left, but it is something that I have not even contemplated. If I could make the final night, that would be success for me.

A Quiet Afternoon

3.55pm - Tiger is relaxing on his own in the hot tub. This is something that he does quite often and somewhere that he spends quite a bit of his time. Martha is sat reading another Delia Simth cookery book and talking to herself while doing so.
Martha - So she had TV shows as well, huh? I bet they weren't as well watched as mine.

5.05pm - John is relaxing on one of the recliners by the pool. Alyssa and Steve have got up and are both having a relaxing swim.

Steve - Why don't you join us, John?
Alyssa - The water's lovely.
John - No thanks, I'd rather be gutting a mongoose than having a swim today.

From Mush to Marmalade?

8.00pm - The housemates are assembled in the kitchen.

Sim Brother (A) - Good evening, housemates.
Housemates - Good evening, Sim Brother.
SB - Because Sim Brother is still your friend, as a gesture of kindness, you will no longer be required to live on a prison diet. The fridge has been returned and is fully stocked.
Martha - That's wonderful news. There are a few new recipes that I want to try out and I hope you are all looking forward to being my guinea pigs.
Tiger - Please, Sim Brother, I hope you didn't stock it with marmalade.

To Be Continued

And with Martha back in the kitchen and the housemates beginning their 5th week, that is where we are going to leave them. Tomorrow, Sim Brother will reveal to the housemates their weekly task. They'd better look good as they're going to be facing the public.

Tune in tomorrow and find out.


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