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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 31 (Sunday 8 May 2005)
The New Task
Previously in SB4

The housemates have had a relaxing Saturday and toasted Condoleezza's departure. They have also said goodbye to the prison mush and with mixed feelings over Martha's inventions, they welcome the return of the fridge.

However, with this day of rest, will the housemates be prepared for task which will be presented to them today?

Real Food Again

12.10am - Martha is back in the kitchen and is making a meal again. Apparently, she seems to be relishing the fact that she can prepare food again. She is making spaghetti and meat balls with a tomato sauce.
1.03am - Alyssa is sat eating with Martha.
Alyssa - This is delicious. The meatballs seem very different.
Martha - Faggots. Before you ask, they are some English form of spiced meatballs, apparently.
Alyssa - I hope Sim Brother gets more of them in. Are you pleased to be cooking again?
Martha - Definitely. There are a few new recipes that I'd like to try out. That Delia Simth has a lot of good ones that I want to try.

(SB - Any similarity between Delia Simth and Delia Smith is purely intentional)

Night Moves

2.31am - Alyssa is already in bed and dreaming of Steve. Steve, however, chooses to sleep in one of the single beds instead, though.

4.13am - John has slept on a couch by the pool. After getting up, he goes into the kitchen area and makes himself a bowl of cereal. Martha has made herself an omelette.

John - That smells good.
Martha - I'm working on a new recipe.
John - Adapting one of Delia's?
Martha - I do have some recipes that I haven't got from either Delia or my mother. I like to experiment and try new things out. I was even trying out perogies at home to see if I can add my own unique twist and then create a market for Martha Stewart's patented perogies.
John - Do you have to patent everything and put your brand on it?
Martha - Yes. If I had time to play computer games, I would be playing "Capitalism II" to simulate the world I want to live in in order to make sure then when I do it, I do it to perfection.

Repairs Needed?

10.19am - Alyssa and Steve are both up and are doing repairs. Alyssa is repairing a faulty showerhead with a wrench and Steve is trying to repair the hi-fi in the lounge ... with a screwdriver.

One of the cameras might need repairing as this is the shot of Martha coming out of the bath. Perhaps it might not need repairing. That is left to the viewer's point of view.

The New Task

6.00pm - The housemates are gathered around the pool as requested by Sim Brother. They are enjoying the typically bright weather and chatting idly.

Sim Brother (C) - Good afternoon, housemates. Your task for this week is as follows.
John - I wondered when we'd get the cares of the world on our shoulders.
SB - On Thursday morning, you will be broadcasting live on "Good Morning, Simerica". You will have to present a full program of daytime television of what you feel will keep the audience figures as high as they are. For this week, your games room has been turned into the press room.
Steve - Awww, I wanted to tinkle the ivories later.

SB - You are not confined to this room to work on your task, however. You can do your work anywhere in the compound In the press room, you will have desks with computers at your disposal to help you collate your articles. They are networked so you can share your work with each other. All computers have Simcrosoft Office 2005 installed and all Sixam life and city simulation programs to help you relax in the event of getting writer's block and your needing a distraction.
Martha - This sounds just up my street.
SB - The press room is now at your disposal so feel free to make yourself at home and get your ideas together.

Editorial Differences

10.37pm - The housemates have been in the press room having demolished a few bottles of lambrusco that Sim Brother had provided. There are some differences of opinion as to how to present the show.

Martha - I've told you before, it should be run just like Martha Stewart Living. I ran that show single-handedly from 1991 to 2004 and it was a very successful show.
Tiger - Any reason why it's not running now, Martha?
Martha glares at Tiger.
John - They want a show covering more than home economics, Martha. I am not going to stand up on live television and show people that I can use a can opener.
Martha - John, you are so full of it at times.
John - If I am, at least you'd know how to decorate it and make it look like a bouquet of gardenias.
Alyssa - So are we going to work out a format of this show that we all agree on? I agree that we should do a lot more than home economics, although I'm sure Martha should be allowed to cook something.
Tiger - I could do a sports report if they could find me some footage.
Alyssa - I could do a fashion piece or even do some astrology.
Steve - I could do a wildlife slot. It's a bit of a bummer that there isn't much wildlife here, though. Hint hint, Sim Brother.
Martha - Ok, so I'll do a cookery slot. That leaves you, John. What talents do you have?
Steve - Anchorman !! Also he can sort out the news on what we might have missed.
Alyssa - Also, John, you can tell us where we think our previous housemates have gone and what they are doing now.
John - So I sit at a desk and smile at the camera?
Tiger - That's basically all anchormen do. You keep us all together. Also, you look the type.
John - Aren't news station anchormen those in the media who are incapable of doing anything else?
Martha - Basically.
John - Thankyou for your vote of confidence in my abilities ... not.

To Be Continued

And with the housemates having reached a decision on the provisional lineup for their show and trying to prepare articles, that is where we have to leave them. Tomorrow, the housemates will be making their votes as to who will be nominated to be the fourth eviction from the house.

Tune in tomorrow and find out.


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