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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 32 (Monday 9 May 2005)
Nominations & Recriminations
Previously in SB4

With two days to prepare for being on "Good Morning, Simerica", the housemates are busy sorting out their schedule and what they are going to present. They all have their different roles and items to present.

However, it's also Nomination Day. Who will the housemates choose to be nominated for eviction?

It's Day 32. It's Sim Brother 4.

Work and Play

10.11am - The housemates are all hard at work. Martha is in the lounge reading another cookery book. John, Alyssa, Steve and Tiger are in the press room working on the computers. Tiger is working hard on his sports report and Steve is quite happy to play Space Cadet pinball.


1.00pm - The housemates are all sat in the open forum. Alyssa is sat with Tiger, John is sat with Tiger and Martha is sat on her own.

Alyssa - I hate having to wait to be summoned, knowing that we're about to do means that we'll lose someone else.
Martha - It's getting a lot harder now to nominate.

Sim Brother (A) - Could Alyssa please come to the diary room?

Alyssa - Good afternoon, Sim Brother.
Sim Brother (A) - Good afternoon, Alyssa. Would you please give the names of the first person you wish to nominate and why?
Alyssa - The first person I wish to nominate is Martha. Because of our passing the prison task, I lost a friend. As Martha was one of the warders, that is why I am nominating her.
SB - And your second nomination?
Alyssa - The second person I wish to nominate is Tiger. It is for the same reason. As he was the other prison warder, that is why I am nominating him.
SB - And those names again?
Alyssa - Martha and Tiger.

Sim Brother (A) - Good afternoon, John. Would you please give the names of the first person you wish to nominate and why?
John - Hello, Sim Brother. I'll get straight to the point. It has to be Steve. He's a very nice chap but I just felt nauseous when I saw the way him and Alyssa were cavorting around last week.
SB - And your second nomination?
John - That will be Alyssa. Same reason. Again, I wanted to bring up my dinner and it wasn't because Martha had put more marmalade in it. After all, they could have found somewhere out of sight and not in our face in the games room. The young people of today. I just don't know what they are coming to. I remember when I was with Connie -"
SB - And those names again?
John - Steve and Alyssa.

Martha - Hello, Sim Brother. It's good to see you again.
Sim Brother (A) - Good afternoon, Martha. Would you please give the names of the first person you wish to nominate and why?
Martha - Although he is a sweet man and makes me laugh, I am nominating John. I didn't like him trifling with my affections a few weeks ago and then not going any further. I deserve to be treated properly and he certainly didn't treat me properly.
SB - And your second nomination?
Martha - She's a sweet young thing but I wish she had done her cavorting with Steve in private and not flaunt it in our faces. I am therefore nominating Alyssa for eviction.
SB - And those names again?
Martha - John and Alyssa (2)

Steve - G'day, Sim Bro. How's it hanging?
Sim Brother (A) - Good afternoon, Steve. Would you please give the names of the first person you wish to nominate and why?
Steve - You know it's getting harder to do this as these are both people I find to be great. The first one will be John. He's a great guy, but I don't think he should have sided with Mad Martha and Turncoat Tiger. He let our side down.
SB - And your second nomination?
Steve - I thought this one was a great guy. However, he was one of the enemy and through playing that role, he made us work hard so we could get ourselves nominated and save their skins for another week. Well, not this week. Tiger is my second nomination.
SB - And those names again?
Steve - John (2) and Tiger (2)

John, Tiger & Alyssa will definitely be facing the public vote this week. Tiger's vote determines who else may be joining them.

Sim Brother (A) - Good afternoon, Tiger. Would you please give the names of the first person you wish to nominate and why?
Tiger - I would like to nominate Alyssa. I felt it was inappropriate for her and Steve to be cavorting with each other in public. They should have been more discreet.
SB - And your second nomination?
Tiger - For my second nomination, I would like to nominate Steve for the same reasons that I gave above. They should have been more discreet and he should have known better.

Sim Brother (A) - Sim Brother house, the following housemates will be facing the public vote. In alphabetical order, they are ...

  • Alyssa
  • John
  • Steve
  • Tiger

  • Desolation and Reconciliation?

    7.13pm - Alyssa is sat by the pool with Steve.

    Alyssa - What am I doing wrong? I've been nominated for almost eviction every week.
    Steve - So? That makes two of us. Also, we've got to remember that one of those was John being his usual insane self. Last week's was when we worked our bums off in the prison and got nominated for our hard work.
    Alyssa - What have they picked on us for?
    Steve - Perhaps we played too much tonsil tennis. Perhaps they think we're dangerous opponents or wild animals.
    Alyssa - We were quite wild last week (winks)
    Steve (blushing) - How can I forget? You're certainly not someone I'm going to forget in a hurry.
    Alyssa - Oh really? Might you want more to remember me for when you leave here?
    Steve - Well, it is only a gameshow that we are on and games are supposed to be fun.
    Alyssa - Does that mean things might be back on with us?
    Steve just grins.

    9.32pm - Two other people are concerned about the vote. Tiger and John are in the press room working on their articles.
    John - Up again.
    Tiger - You're lucky. It's only your second time but it's my third and I don't feel lucky.
    John - It's getting a lot harder to nominate people. I'd talk about it with you but I don't appreciate a talking to or a warning from Sim Brother.
    Tiger - I'd talk about it as well, but I don't want the same treatment.
    John - As a sportsman, what would be the basic odds assuming we're all equal?
    Tiger - Four housemates, three people not to be evicted, one chance to be evicted. 3-1.
    John - I'd really like to know what those who vote really think about us.

    To Be Continued
    And with the housemates pondering whether they may be evicted or not, that is where we are going to have to leave it. The voting poll is now open for you to decide who you want removed from the picture at the end of the week. Vote as often as you can for the one who you want to see gone. Polls close at midnight on Friday (GMT).

    Will the housemates let the nominations get the better of them or will they knuckle down to their work?

    Tune in tomorrow and find out.


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