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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 33 (Tuesday 10 May 2005)
From the Heavens to the Deep Blue Sea
Previously in SB4

With four of the five housemates up for eviction, tensions are high in the house. The housemates have tried to distract themselves by working on the task but the realisation that they are up for the vote keeps coming back to haunt them. What can today bring to make things easier for them?

It's Day 33. It's Sim Brother 4.

Early One Morning

7.07am - Most of the housemates are are asleep. Alyssa and Steve are both back in the double bed again.

Martha is up early and doing more research on her recipe for her cookery slot for "Good Morning, Simerica". It appears as though she has found what she wants.

Of Pisceans & Sagittarians

11.21am - After a breakfast of pancakes that Martha had prepared, the housemates were working again. Martha was still in the kitchen working over the stove and the others were in the press room.

Alyssa - Steve, what star sign are you?
Steve - Pisces, I think. I'm not sure. Why?
Alyssa - Just asking.
John - She's probably going to write something like "An Antipodean Piscean will fall for a Simerican Sagittarian".
Alyssa - John, how could you think I'd do something like that?
John (smiling) - Because I can and I did.
Steve - Write whatever you want, Lyssa. I don't believe in astrology anyway.
Alyssa (mock sad) - Awww, that's taken the fun out of this now.

Martha's Predictions

4.38pm - Martha comes to the diary room.

Sim Brother (C) - Good afternoon, Martha. How are you today?
Martha - I'm feeling great, thankyou, Sim Brother and I hope today finds you as well.
SB - To what do you attribute your high spirits?
Martha - These are down to my being the most popular housemate in the house. Everyone else has been nominated and despite my being a prison warder, I haven't been nominated and everyone else has.
SB - What positive attributes do you feel that you have?
Martha - Firstly, I have a sparkling personality that I feel makes me very easy to get on with. Secondly, I am a wonderful cook and have a lot of new recipes sorted out for the housemates for the next few weeks and perhaps longer.
SB - If you were to choose one housemate to win other than yourself, who would you choose?
Martha - That would have to be Steve. That young man has a bright personality that makes the house a happier place.
SB - And if you personally could choose who was evicted this week, who would that be?
Martha - That would be Alyssa. I don't feel she has anything to offer the house anymore.

An Australian Translation

10.30pm - There is a new item in the lounge and this really pleases Steve. Sim Brother has provded the housemates with a fish tank.

Steve - Holy dooley, this is ace!! I must have a Captain Cook at this!! Do you know how many times I've been within a cooeee of landing some of these blighters? I'm well rapt with this.
Tiger (to John) - Do you know what Steve is talking about?
John - As well as currently being the an Andrew D. White Professor-at-Large at Cornell University and formerly the rector of University of St Andrews from 1973-1976, in 1970 I was briefly a professor in the philosophy department in the University of Wallamaloo. Therefore, I do have a smattering of the lingo. What Steve is saying is that he is very pleased and wants a closer look. He has been on fishing expeditions in his time and has come very close to catching some of these fish. He is very pleased with Sim Brother for giving us a fishtank.
Tiger - Then why didn't he say so that in the first place?

Alyssa -v- The Fish

11.48pm - Steve is still looking at the fish. Alyssa comes to join him.
Alyssa - I was wondering if you'd like to join me in the hot tub.
Steve - I'm sorry to be a bit of a wowser and not want to have a naughty with you, but this fishtank is brill. That there is a lion fish. I remember seeing some of those blighters when I was swimming off the Great Barrier Reef. Did you know that it is home to 1,500 different species of fish? I've also got a breed of turtle named after me. Elseya Irwini. Did you know that? ... Lyssa?

Steve is talking to himself as Alyssa has left him with his fish.

To Be Continued

And with Steve enraptured with the new fish tank, that is where we are going to leave it. The voting poll is still open for you to decide who you want removed from the picture at the end of the week. You can vote every 12 hours to see who you want to see gone. Polls close at midnight on Friday (GMT).

Tomorrow, Dr.Phil get psychological and looks at how his original assessments of the housemates applies now their numbers have been whittled down.

Tune in tomorrow and find out.


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