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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 34 (Wednesday 11 May 2005)
Psychology, Speculation & Feminine Wiles
Previously in SB4

On "Dr.Phil gets psychological" this week, we're looking at my original predictions about the housemates to see how they've done and what they've done to prove me wrong.

We're also going to Simbrokes in Regras Gorge to find more about Zoltan and get his take on where the smart money is going on who is out this week.

As well as that, we're going to the house to see what's gone on in the last 24 hours.

It's Day 34. It's Sim Brother 4.
Let's do it!

Dr. Phil's Predictions

Back in the first week, I looked at all of the housemates and made predictions on how they would behave and how far I felt they'd get in the series. I'm going to look back and see how accurate those predictions were.

Alyssa has not been one of my favourites from the start. And whaddyer know? She tried it on with Steve. My prediction there was right. 1-0 to the Philster.

Arnie is no longer in the house . I said that if he isn't evicted early on in the game, he'd make the final few weeks. Well, the fact that he is out of the house shows another accurate prediction. 2-0 to the Philster.

Bjork wasn't making an impression when I made my predictions. Well, she didn't make a positive impression with you guys either. She's out. 3-0 to the Philster. Damn, I'm good.

Condoleezza remained popular with the housemates but not with you guys. They never really targetted her for nomination but once she was up for the vote, you guys decisively booted her out. She didn't make too much ground from losing her swimsuit so I'll chalk this one down to my being wrong. 3-1.

John has been up for the vote twice. I said there was a high chance of him being evicted in the first few weeks. Well, we've passed those weeks and he's still there and he's being true to himself. 3-2.

Martha was one of the most unpopular housemates in the house. Last week, I reckoned all of the "inmates" would have nominated her. Well, they didn't. What were they thinking of? This week, she's avoided the public vote and that makes her more popular - or less of a threat - than anyone else. 3-3.

Steve is still coming across as the house's Alpha Male. He's up for the vote this week but I reckon this guy is still popular and unless I hear to the contrary from Zoltan later, he will still go a long way. 4-3.

Tiger has not come out of his shell and I don't feel he's using his A-Game. He hasn't used his best strokes in my opinion and he may still catch people unawares but quite probably, I don't see him making the final cut and get to the metaphorical final hole. 4-4.

Well, that's four predictions that have been proven to be accurate but the same amount where I've been proven wrong. Let's go and see Zoltan and see how things are at Simbrokes.

A Visit to Simbrokes

Simbrokes is the largest chain of bookmakers in and around Simerica. They have branches all over the place for those who wish to bet on all major sporting and entertainment events worldwide. In downtown areas, they are known to have casinos and have even have their own website where people can gamble without even leaving home. Today, I have come to their branch on Mulligan Street in the centre of Regras Gorge.

Dr.Phil - Zoltan, thankyou very much for allowing me to bring my film crew with me today to see you and your branch.
Zoltan - It is my pleasure, Phil. Simbrokes are glad to help.
Dr.Phil - How long have you worked for Simbrokes?
Zoltan - Ever since I left school. I got a job in their Shorelands branch on the counters. After a while and I had proved a knowledge of the business, they promoted me to assistant manager. I was there for four years before there was a vacancy here in Regras Gorge.
Dr.Phil - And do you enjoy your job?
Zoltan - The hours and money are good and I enjoy being able to watch sports. I would not mind being moved to one of the casinos in the downtown areas, though. In the meantime, I'll wait and do my best for the company while I am here.
Dr.Phil - I'm sure you'll get it. You're a regular feature on our show and hopefully you'll do well.
Zoltan - Thankyou, Phil.

Dr.Phil - So what is the latest you can tell me about the housemates who are up for the public vote this week?
Zoltan - Like you, we were expecting Martha to be up for the public vote this week. We were all surprised here that she wasn't. Anyway, to have four housemates up has given us quite a broad spread and early indications are telling us that it is too close to call ... literally.
Dr.Phil - Are you saying that those who have inside knowledge are saying that two or more housemates are tied?
Zoltan (checking computer) - Yes. Those two housemates were tied at 2-1 but one of them has just taken a bit of a lead. I am not surprised with one of the housemates who is up in the top two to go but the other one is a surprise to all of us at Simbrokes. Perhaps they think that this housemate has done all that they can in the house.

Dr.Phil - Knowing that this is early days, what are the odds at the moment?
Zoltan - The one up ahead by a nose is now on 7-4, the second place is on 2-1, in third place, the odds have dropped from 3-1 to 5-1 and the one least likely to be evicted is at 8-1 from 10-1.
Dr.Phil - Can you give us any cryptic tips as to who is in what place?
Zoltan - Hmmm, without wanting to lose my job here, the mare is up in the front two and if you want to bet on the Australian horse, don't waste your money.
Dr.Phil - So are you saying Alyssa is on 7-4 or 2-1 and Steve is on 8-1?
Zoltan (grinning) - I didn't say that, Phil. It is still halfway and anything could change. We will be taking an interest in seeing how the housemates do when they are on "Good Morning, Simerica" tomorrow as we believe this could influence those who are saving their bets to later in the game.

Dr.Phil - And that is where we're going to leave Zoltan and briefly see what has been going on in the house.

Today In The House

6.45am - Martha is the first one up and she is working on her dish to present for tomorrow's task. As she is whistling to herself, she does sound to be happy with her work.

7.12am - Steve is the next one up and is having a shower.

9.42am - Alyssa & John are in the lounge. It seems she may have a plan.

Alyssa - John, I think Steve is more interested in his fish than me.
John - I think he's pleased to see some wildlife other than us. Perhaps he'll snap out of it or he'll ask Sim Brother to give him a llama.
Alyssa - I don't know if he will snap out of me. Would you work with me to get him jealous?
John - I'll give it some thought if you're both still here on Saturday.
Alyssa - That's not much help. I need your help sooner than that.
John - My dear, if you have a problem with men, I'm not the one to help you out with it.
Alyssa - I'll just have to ask someone else.

3.05pm - Alyssa is now working in the press room. John has come to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (P) - Hi, John. What brings you here?
John - Perhaps I'm getting old but I can't believe I've been asked to help make someone jealous.
SB - So what do you plan to do about it?
John - Absolutely nothing at all. As I see it, she's using it as a ploy to evade eviction. I don't need to ally myself to her in order to go. For heaven's sake, I even nominated her myself. I'm not likely to help her.
SB - So how would you feel if you were to be evicted on Friday night?
John - If my time is up, then it's up. I'd be disappointed as I'd like to last a bit longer. I'll just wait and see.

9.44pm - Most of the housemates have already gone to bed. Tiger was on his way when Alyssa pulled him to one side.

Alyssa - Tiger, I know I haven't spent much time with you since we've been here.
Tiger - That's an understatement.
Alyssa - That could all change if you'd like it.
Tiger - Why the change in heart?
Alyssa - You've noticed Steve seems to be fascinated with his fish.
Tiger - And what's wrong with that? If Sim Brother had brought in some golf clubs, I'd be fascinated with them.
Alyssa - But I want Steve to pay some attention to me. Would you help me make him jealous?
Tiger - If you've got yourself off Steve's fairway, I'm hardly the guy who's going to help you get back on it. The only hint I'll give you is use a wedge and not a 4-wood. Now I'm going to bed. We've got an early start tomorrow.

To Be Continued

And with Alyssa's ploys both thwarted and the housemates needing an early start for their part in "Good Morning, Simerica", that is where we're going to leave it. Tomorrow, the housemates have an early start. Will they be ready on time and is everything prepared for their broadcast? Also, with the voting being the way that it is, could their performance influence their public profile?


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