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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 36 (Friday 13 May 2005)
Eviction Night Reprised
Welcome to Eviction Night 4

Hi there, I'm Will Wright. It's Eviction Night 4.

I'm here again in the Sim Brother studio at the end of another exciting week in the Sim Brother House. This week, the housemates had to prepare for a live TV broadcast on "Good Morning, Simerica" where they had to prepare and present various articles to keep the audience informed and entertained. Did they pass or fail? Well, I get to inform them of that later.

This week, all of the housemates but Martha have been up for the public vote and voting for the majority of the time that the polls has been open has been very tight. Only in the last day has one of them got ahead and received a larger share of your vote.

Alyssa and Steve's relationship this week has been on and off and more off than on, especially once Sim Brother gave the housemates a fish tank. Steve's attentions were diverted from Alyssa to the new guests in the house. He was even seen hugging a tree yesterday and not Alyssa. Both Steve and Alyssa are up for the vote this week and for the second week running. Could any chance of them being reconciled be shattered this eviction night instead?

You can wait a bit longer to find out about that. Let us see what everyone has been up to today.

It's Day 36. It's Sim Brother 4.

Dawn of a New Day

It is Day 36 in the Sim Brother house. After the strain of being directly in the public spotlight the day before, the house is trying to relax. They know that tonight, one of their number will be leaving the house. Following tonight, they will only have to nominate once again. After that, the remaining three housemates will be in the final week and their fate will be in the hands of the viewers.

Exercising the Body & Mind

It's 6.49am and Tiger and Steve are in the garden. These two have never really been the best of friends but Steve asked Tiger if he could join him exercising this morning.

Tiger - Feel the negative energies flow out from you.
Steve - I wish I'd learnt how to do this years ago. How did you learn it, mate?
Tiger - I am half Thai. I find it calming. I wish I'd done more of this too while I have been in here. I think it would have done me some good.
Steve - Worrying about tonight?
Tiger - Yes. I think it's my turn to go.
Steve - You never know. It could be me. It could be Lyssa or it could be John.
Tiger - No, I just feel that it is my turn. I feel that things have moved around preparing for me to leave this place.

Steve - By crikey, Ty, that's sounding morbid. I know it's Friday the thirteenth but this is creeping me out.
Tiger (smiling) - No, not morbid. It's just that time and I will be sad to go but glad to face my family, the viewers and the rest of the world.

The two housemates return to their Tai-Chi.

Providing Reassurance

11.48am - John is in the kitchen talking to Martha. He is worried about possibly being evicted.

John - I don't know what it is. We've all been working hard on the task. With it being over and not knowing yet whether we have passed or failed is a bit of a strain. Now I'm not focussed on it, I'm now realising what day it is and that I could be leaving this evening.
Martha - Do you feel you've been yourself?
John - Yes.
Martha - Do you feel you've done your best?
John - Yes.
Martha - Then you've been true to yourself and given 100%.

Martha gives John a hug. Martha is one of those who nominated John for eviction this week.

Superstitious Alyssa

5.44pm - Alyssa has been called to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (A) - Good evening, Sim Brother, and how are you today?
Alyssa - I'm bearing up under the strain, I guess.
SB - What do you think about your chances tonight?
Alyssa - I think I'll be ok, but it has been worrying me a bit.
SB - Do you feel that there is a chance you will be evicted?
Alyssa - Yes, I do. This is my third time to be up for eviction. Also, it is Friday the Thirteenth. I think it is going to be a case of third time unlucky for me.
SB - Mmm ... I remember one Friday the Thirteenth ... 1987 ... very nice indeed for me ... oh *@#$, I've left the microphone on (clearing throat) All that can be guaranteed, Alyssa, is that this Friday The Thirteenth will be unlucky for one of four people. Is there anything else?
Alyssa - Have we passed or failed the task this week?
SB - Sim Brother will get back to you.

Good News & Bad News

11.47pm - The housemates are gathered in the Press Room. Sim Brother has piped music into the room and provided a case of sparkling white wine to help relax them. Sim Brother hasn't yet informed them whether they have passed or failed the "Good Morning, Simerica" task. Instead, I'm going to. Here we go.

Will Wright - Sim Brother house, this is Will Wright. You are live on TSZ so please do not swear.
Housemates - Good evening, Will.
WW - I am the bringer of good news and bad news. And no, you guys don't get to hear the bad news first.
Steve - Give us the good news, Will!!
Martha - Sssshhh.
WW - I am pleased to inform you that your show yesterday was a resounding success and therefore you have all passed the task. "Good Morning, Simerica" will be giving you the option of having guest spots on their show after you leave the house.

The housemates all seem amazed and very pleased.

WW - Now it is time to give you the bad news. It's that time. Since Monday, people have been voting for which one of you is the next to be evicted from the house tonight. The polls are now closed, the votes have been counted, checked and rechecked.

(long pause)

The fourth person to be evicted from the Sim Brother 4 house with 35% of the public vote is ...

(even longer pause)


To Be Continued

And there we have it. You have decided that Tiger will be the fourth person to be evicted from the Sim Brother house. I will shortly be interviewing him in the studio so tune back in later to see what he has to tell me about his time in the Sim Brother House.

See you later.


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