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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 29 (Friday 15 February 2002)
Into the Fifth Week
First Things
It was Day 29 and the housemates were entering their 5th week in the house. By 8:30, most of them were up and having breakfast. Jerry was in the garden wondering where the llamas had gone and J-Lo was still in bed. She had not slept very well. It is believed she was unsettled because she had been nominated.

A New Friendship
Jerry had a word with Anna about Anne - "I'm finding her hardness quite attractive. I wonder if she can go for a guy in glasses." He followed this up later and engaged Anne in a conversation about geographical landmarks, being whether the Cheddar Gorge is as much of a landmark to the British as The Grand Canyon is to the Americans.

Easing of Tension, but not totally
Tony was called to the Diary Room and asked what he thinks about the nominations - "I was not really expecting Tom to be nominated. He has been alright with me today and I have no grudges against him." Later, as if to prove his comments to be true, Tom and Tony had a joking flex of their muscles.

However, Tom was not so lucky in his relationships as when he tried to hug Jennifer, she pushed him back.

The Evening Debate

At 7pm, Sim Brother called all of the housemates together to have a discussion among themselves for a couple of hours. Anna had taken an early night and missed out on witnessing what could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

During the discussion, Davina brought up the subject of football and said - "Simsville Wanderers are a team that are going places!" Tony replied - "Really, darling, Simcastle United are going to win the Ultimo League this season" Even though she got involved in the discussion, she was just happy being with Tony as they had not had much chance to be together during the week having had to practice for the task.

The task wrapped up at about 10pm and most of the housemates went to bed. Tom was lost in thought. Even though he was relating better with the others, he did not feel as though he was part of the group.

The only other one who was up late was Jennifer. She was still worried about being nominated. She finally went to bed at 1am.


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