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Sim Brother Series 4, Special Article
Tiger's Eviction Night Special
Welcome to the 4th Eviction Night Special

Will Wright - Hi there and welcome to the third eviction night special. It has been a close run thing until today but Tiger is the one who you have chosen to evict from the Sim Brother house and he is here with me tonight to talk about his experiences in the house. Firstly, let us have a look at his last minutes in the house.

Tiger's Last Minutes

Sim Brother (A) - Tiger, please leave the Sim Brother house.

The housemates chatted with Tiger, who gave the impression of being relieved that it was over. A few hugs were exchanged before Tiger took the walk from the pressroom, along the path, up the steps and out of the gate to cross over the road into the studio to where he is now.

Welcome Out, Tiger

Will Wright - Welcome out, Tiger. How does it feel to be out of the Sim Brother house?
Tiger - I am strangely relieved to be out. I felt I had been in there longer than I should have been. I found a darker competitive side that I was not comfortable with. I deserved to be evicted.
WW - Do you know how close the voting was until today? At once stage, Alyssa was running level with you.
Tiger - Although I didn't get on too well with her and I did nominate her, I do find that to be surprising. Oh well, I guess my item for "Good Morning, Simerica" must have annoyed the Argentinians and Inuit voters. It doesn't matter, though. I'm out and I'm okay with that.

Turncoat Tiger

WW - This might be a difficult part of the interview for you. I want to talk for a while about how you seemed to turn against some of your fellow housemates. Some through the way the game is and some through how you played the game yourself.
Tiger - I understand, Will. I have to face what I have done and how it has come across.
WW - The first one was on Day 16 when you had the option of putting someone immediately on the eviction list or being put there yourself. You chose Alyssa. What had she done to upset you so much?
Tiger - I could have chosen not to do it, but I wanted to play the game. I chose to give the public the chance to get rid of someone who I thought was a skillful player and is in to win. Anyway, Alyssa won the immunity and I got the vote instead.
WW - If it is any consolation, you would not have been up for nomination that week.
Tiger - I took a risk, something I wouldn't usually do on a golf course. I was lucky I wasn't evicted, but it has come back to bite me in my backside and I haven't made the final cut.

WW - Your second instance of surprising us was your nomination of Arnold that week.
Tiger - I know that may look as though I was turning on one of my team, but he was being just so pushy.
WW - Well, for your information, I wouldn't advise you going to California in the near future.
Tiger (laughs) - It's a good job I live in Florida.
WW - And the third time was when you became one of the prison warders in Sim Brother Penitentiary.
Tiger - I didn't have much choice there. I didn't know if I hadn't been nominated by some of them. I hoped I was the "good cop" to Martha's "bad cop".
WW - Yes, you did come across as that but was influential in why you received nominations for eviction from Steve & Alyssa this week ... and also they were the only ones who nominated you the time before.
Tiger (shrugs) - That's only fair. I nominated both of them this week and would have nominated them the last time as well.

Tubs & Tai'Chi
WW - It was noticed you spent a lot of your time in the hot tub.
Tiger - Yes, I did. I just found it very relaxing and soothing. Also, it was a room to get away from it all and have some peace. Getting away from it all might have got me some nominations, but that is the price I paid.
WW - Today you were doing some Tai-Chi. Do you feel you should have done more of it?
Tiger - Yes, I do. I changed my strategy but perhaps just too late in the game. Oh well, you can't win them all.

Best & Worst Moments

WW - What did you enjoy about being in the house?
Tiger - I met a lot of great people who I hope to stay in touch with. I enjoyed all of the tasks, especially the astronomy one and this week's task.
WW - And what did you enjoy the least?
Tiger - The fact that this was a game and we had to nominate or be nominated was a stinker. Also, I was not comfortable with Sim Brother Penitentiary and the role I had to play, especially when it came to punishing a good friend.

Friends or Foes?
WW - Who did you get on with the best while you were in the house?
Tiger - That's a hard one, Will. I got on well with Condoleezza and I was sad when she left. Of those who I've left behind, I'll miss John the most.
WW - Would John be the one you'd like to see win?
Tiger - Yes, I would, but I've a strange feeling that Steve will win.
WW - Who wouldn't you want to see win?
Tiger - That would be Alyssa. She's playing a game and I don't like the rules she's using. I'm not sure she likes them either, but she's playing to win.

What Next?

WW - And what next for Eldrick "Tiger" Woods?
Tiger - Firstly, I want to spend some quality time with my wife. Once that is done, I'd like to get back to playing some golf. I'm sure I've lost my touch while I have been in the house.
WW - No plans to train up for the Simerican Kicky Bag Team?
Tiger (laughs) - Golf is my game and what I know I can be good at.
WW - Any plans to contact your former housemates?
Tiger - As I said earlier, I would like to stay in touch with all of the housemates who I met while I was in there. Even Steve & Alyssa and perhaps show Arnie that my nominating him was nothing personal. I might take my time on that one, although he did say he could beat me at golf. There's a challenge.
WW - Thankyou very much for the last five weeks, Tiger. You have given us a lot of entertainment and although you haven't won, you've played the game as a gentleman.
Tiger - Thankyou, Will.

Thankyou for joining us for our fourth eviction night special. Tomorrow, we'll be returning to the house to see the remaining housemate's reactions to losing another of their number and to be less than two weeks away from the final night. Also, we'll see what plans Sim Brother may have for them.

Goodnight, and thankyou for watching.


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