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Sim Brother Series 4, Special Article
Cat's Eyes Edition 6
Good Night Simerica
After more than five weeks, the numbers are going down. What once was eight, is now just four. We have only one more eviction ahead of us, after a winner will be decided. Sim Brother is slowly nearing its end, but we're not quite there yet. There are still almost two weeks to sit out for the housemates. Whether they'll be like the last one or not, only time will tell. But for now we can see what the past week has been about. This is the sixth episode of
Cat's Eyes

Sit it Out

Over the course of this series, Sim Brother has thrown a lot of tasks and challenges at the housemates. From the primitive but stressful Last Man Standing to last week's modern Good Morning Simerica. Add in some weekly evictions which cause housemates to miss him or her, being on each other's lips 24/7, and the stressful situation is created. However, where in previous series housemates walked out voluntarily, the remaining four have been in the house since the beginning. The only ones who walked, went because they had to.

With just one eviction and thirteen days left, Steve, Alyssa, Martha and John are all close to making it to the final night. It seems unlikely either of them will walk. Alyssa is in to win, and is playing by her own rules. Steve is just having a lot of fun being the goofy character in the house, and has probably forgotten all about life outside Sim Brother. In fact, it took him some days to realise he had a life outside the house, as we saw last week. Jailbird Martha is also perfectly happy in the house, with or without marmalade. As long as she can do some of the cooking and all, she doesn't seem to have any problems. John has become fairly quiet, though he seems to try and keep the group together. His role as anchorman during Good Morning Simerica is a perfect example of that.

Time to Relax

Last week however, was a fairly quiet one. After Condoleezza's eviction, Sim Brother gave the remaining five a little more time to process the eviction. They didn't really have to do anything for a day, though they were informed of the new challenge only two days after the eviction. Not a very tough one though. Everybody had to do an item in the TV show Good Morning Simerica. Naturally, they all did something they liked.

John acted as news, anchor and political man. Going back to his time with Monthy Python, he announced the completely different things, and brought some serious news. His political report was less serious, with names like the Silly Party, the Very Silly Party and Johann Gambleputtydevonausfernschpledenschlittcrasscrenbonfriedigger- dingledangledonglebursteinvonknackerthrasherapplebangerhorowitz- ticolensicgranderknottyspelltinklegrandlichgrumblemeyerspelter- wasserkurstlichhimbleeisenbahnwagengutenabendbitteeinnurn- burgerbratwurstlegerspurtenmitzweimacheluberhundsfutgumber- aberschonendankerkalbsfleischmittleraucher Von Hauptkopf of Ulm, he brought his own view to the recent British elections. Of course he still doesn't know what his motherland voted for on the fifth of May, as Sim Brother doesn't bring news from the outside to the inside, so he had to make it all up. And that's probably what he did while working on the computer.

Steve got the second item, and though he did prepare it a bit, he also seemed to be improvising quite a bit. Although Martha would probably also have liked to do his part, Steve showed the garden of the house, with instructions on how to take good care of it. Of course in his own way, through hugging trees and showing still wildlife. His item shows how much he actually enjoys being in the house, as he happily jumped through the thistles. Hugging the tree because he thought it felt lonely also showed he is a little crazy. Perhaps he even talked to it after his item was over. Now the tree may have had some trouble understanding his accent, but it should've been fun.

Showing Skills and Opinions

Instead of gardening, Martha did some cooking, with the help of John. No marmalade, but just Alphas. Apparantly an old recipe, as she's been able to patent it before her time in the house, as shown with the name "Martha Stewart's Patented & Trademarked Alpha Salad." Or did she steal it from Delia Simth? She said she'd done a lot of work on it the past days too, which raises the question which one is a lie - the patents, the amount of work of the past days, or the salad itself. Nevertheless, all ingredients - apple, asparagus and anchovies - all started with an A. Although her own name doesn't start with an A, is this letter Martha's new obsession?

One whose name does start with an A is Alyssa. Despite being very close to eviction this week, she enjoyed hosting the Amateur Astrologer (that makes three A's). By looking at the star signs of the house, she was able to show her opinion of the housemates, live on telly. With her own bit, the Sagittarius, she tries to give herself some hope in the field of romance, after being dumped by Steve. It's obvious she thinks Martha is bossy and pushy, considering she also nominated her. The Pisces sign was obviously aimed at Steve, who got lost in the new fishtank during the week as well. Alyssa obviously wants him back. The most vague ones were Scorpio and Capricorn. Considering her nominations, and negativity towards the Capricorn, it makes it quite clear Tiger is the Capricorn. No research necessary. John replied to the Scorpio bit by saying he had to watch his tail. This negativity was probably caused by an incident a day earlier, when Alyssa tried to trick these two guys in making Steve jealous. Is she seeking revenge?

Tiger is a sportsman, and together with Martha he showed the latest but fairly old rage of Kick Bag. With some tricks he tried to show off his skills to the nation and the house. Tiger has worked hard to get the details of the game and its history, and to show that knowledge and share it with the rest of the world. Tiger obviously tried to impress the world, not unlikely with his nomination in mind. He may have hoped it would've made him more popular, but in the end he had to walk anyway. Perhaps this showing off of him actually turned down some viewers.

Keep Voting

Like every week we have a short poll. This week we continue on the topic of the challenge that the housemates passed, namely Good Morning Simerica. The ratings must've been good. Anyway, we want to know from you which item you prefer. Was the news what you wanted to hear, or did you prefer gardening or cooking? Perhaps you like stars, sports, politics or just the anchorman? Did you like the show completely, or not at all? Only you can tell, by casting your vote in the current poll.

Besides the eviction poll, which almost resulted in a tie between Alyssa and Tiger this week, we had a poll concerning the penitentiary task two weeks ago. Out of the 97 people who voted, more than 50% told us they prefer chocolate bars. Power is popular too, with Officer and Governor being tied with 17 votes (19%) each. Inmate, which got 7% of the votes, and Trusty (with just 4%) were obviously less popular. A more precise overview can be seen on the results page.

And Next

Next week we'll see a final eviction round. Taking the last round into account, it's not unlikely that Phil's least favourite housemate Alyssa will have to walk, unless she manages to avoid being nominated. Whoever will be the final evictee of the house will be known in less than a week. At the same time we'll know who are going to be the final three of the fourth series of Sim Brother - New Blood. Remember to keep voting, as YOU decide. The decision is in your hands, not ours. Enjoy the show, and come back next week for another episode of Cat's Eyes.


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