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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 37 (Saturday 14 May 2005)
Smells, Solitude & Showing
Previously in SB4

The housemates have passed their task but Tiger has just left the Sim Brother house and has already been intereviewed by Will Wright. How will the housemates to react to yet another one of their number leaving and what if anything does Sim Brother have planned for them?

It's Day 37. It's Sim Brother 4.

Being Cruel to be Kind?

12.30am - Tiger has become the fourth person to be evicted from the Sim Brother house and has just walked out of the gateway to his eviction interview. The other housemates remain in the news room.

Alyssa tries to give Steve a congratulatory hug.
Alyssa - We've both made it through another eviction, sweetie.
Steve refuses the hug and gently pushes her away.
Steve - Sorry to be so blunt, Lyssa, but you've got problem with your odour, stinkie.
Martha looks on and smiles knowingly.

1.00am - Steve and John have gone to bed. Martha and Alyssa are the only ones still up. Martha comes over to Alyssa for a girl-to-girl chat.
Martha - Alyssa dear, I have to say that Steve is right.
Alyssa - It was so cruel of him to say that.
Martha - If it hadn't been Steve, it could have been someone else. However, I doubt Sim Brother would have called you to the diary room to give you some deodorant. You might not be able to see it or otherwise notice it but you do seem to have a scent problem. It may only be temporary and brought on by the stress of being up for nomination. Personally, I use "Mum". I've been too polite to say until now, but ... girl, you stink bigtime.

Sleeping Situation

2.25am - Lyssa has had a long soak in the bath. Another bed has been taken away but Steve chooses to sleep in a single bed while John is fast asleep in the other. When Alyssa comes out of the bathroom, she finds Martha is asleep in the double bed. Shrugging, she gets into the double bed but makes sure she stays on her side.

(SB Dream Analysis - Is Martha having a premonition of facing WW sometime soon?)

The Morning After

6.30am - The sun is coming up over the Sim Brother house. Sim Brother has not yet dismantled the studio or press room from the "Good Morning, Simerica" task. Might Sim Brother have something else planned for the housemates involving these rooms?

On the portrait wall in the lounge, Tiger's picture has been greyed out showing he is no longer part of the house.

Solitary John

11.17am - John is the first housemate up. He has already has been to the toilet and had a bath and is eating a toasted cheese and onion sandwich. He looks around the large empty room.
John - Well, Sim Brother, another one has gone and only four are left. If you really must know, I feel very uncomfortable. I'm glad to still be here but with the size of this house, it's feeling very empty right now. I know I should come to the diary room to get someone to talk back to me but if you're Dr.Phil today, I can do without it, thankyou.

Showering & Survival

2.38pm - Steve and Martha are in the shower. Both appear to be quite comfortable showering in each other's presence. After they've showered and dressed, Martha asks Steve how he feels about still being in the house.
Steve - It's great being here for another week with you guys. What about you?
Martha - I hope I can make it right up until the end.
Steve - Me too. It will be great if we can both make it that far.

Kicking About

9.53pm - John is the first one to go to bed. The other three are in the kitchen playing "kicky bag".

Martha - Did you know that in Patagonia, they used to kick around a llama's liver? Or was it a heart?
Steve - Both sound like something you'd put in a recipe, Mart.
Alyssa - Ewwww, that sounds disgusting.
Steve - I wonder when Sim Bro will hit us with a task.
Alyssa - When we least expect it, I'm sure.
Martha - One thing I've learnt is to be prepared for anything.

To Be Continued

And that is where we are going to have to leave them. Tomorrow, Sim Brother has a surprise in store for them that could change the whole environment of the house.


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