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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 38 (Sunday 15 May 2005)
Run For Your Life
Previously in SB4

The housemates have said their farewells to Tiger and have had a day contemplating their future in the house. Sim Brother, however, has something planned for them today.

It's Day 38. It's Sim Brother 4.

Rudely Awakened


7.45am - The housemates are awoken by the all familiar sound of the Sim Brother's alarm clock.
Steve - Strewth, can't a guy get any kip 'round here?
Sim Brother (P) - Hi there, housemates. Sim Brother Phil here.
John (muttered) - Who let him back in here?
SB - I'm glad you're all so pleased to hear from me again. May I take this opportunity to say how good it is to be back and to remind housemates that everything they say is picked up by Sim Brother's sound recording system? What was the studio is now a gym so get into your training gear and go to the gym as someone's life in this house is going to depend upon who wins.

Run For Your Life
8.00am - The housemates have gathered in what is now the gym ... to be faced with running machines.

Sim Brother (P) - Welcome to "Run for your Life". Once started, these running machines are set to a minimum speed of 10mph and you all are going to run until you can't run any more. The last one running receives a special privilege.
Steve - A phonecall home?
Alyssa - A change of clothes?
Martha - Fresh oranges to make my own marmalade?
John - An fridge free of anchovies?
SB - Mount your running machines. It's time to start ..... RUNNING

First Fallers

9.28am - Steve has been running at a faster rate than the minimum speed averaging 20mph for the past hour. Martha has not been doing so well and has been frequently stumbling. This time, she falls and gives up on the task. Three housemates remain, but not for long.

9.30am - Martha hasn't even got up before John falters and falls himself. John and Martha take their seats and watch Steve and Alyssa running for the title.

Runner Up and Winner

11.23am - Almost two hours more and Steve's quick pace is starting to let him down. He has been struggling for the last 20 minutes and despite Alyssa's slow start, her stamina has not let her down. She is still going strong and finally, Steve's stamina runs out and he gives up on the task.

Sim Brother (P) - Congratulations, Alyssa. You have won this minitask and tomorrow, you will be informed of the privileges that winning has given you.

Showering & The Dark Side

1.02pm - Following the minitask, all of the housemates are in need of a good shower and they all choose to use the communal showers together.

Alyssa - I guess we're all stinky now eh, Martha?
Martha - You're right there, dear.
Steve - I haven't been this stinky since I was chased by a pack of dingos.

2.17pm - While Steve and Alyssa are preparing lunch, Martha is cleaning the showers. John has just used the third toilet stall.
John - I don't know who used this before me, but it has completely been turned to the dark side.
Martha - I'm not with you there.
John - It's full of sith.
Martha groans.

Spa & Partners

9.21pm - Sim Brother has provided a crate of champagne for the housemates to help them relax after their task and celebrate being over three-quarters of the way through the series. The housemates have all put their swimwear on and are together in the hottub.

Martha - It's good that we're all together here. This feels really good.
John - Alyssa, what do think your reward will be?
Alyssa - Getting a recording of all of the soaps that I've missed in here would make me happy.
Steve - I think we've made a bit of a soap opera on our own while we've been in here.

11.08pm - With the wine flowing, inhibitions appear to have been discarded. Steve and Alyssa appear to be rekindling their relationship. Also, John and Martha appear to be somewhat closer again. As Steve and Alyssa get lost in each other's eyes, oblivious to anyone else in the tub with them, Martha and John talk quietly.

Martha - If I'm not mistaken, she's made the final three or can save someone from the vote.
John - And we know very well who that will be. They are sticking together in order to survive. We have to do the same.
Martha - If they can have fun, there is no reason why we can't either. After all, it's only a game and we're going to go all of the way.
John - As we've come this far, we may as well go all of the way to the finish.

To Be Continued

And that is where we are going to have to leave them. Tomorrow, Alyssa gets to find her reward, the housemates find out their latest task and they get to nominate for the last time.

A very busy day for the final four.


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