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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 39 (Monday 16 May 2005)
Last Nominations & Troublesome Toddlers
Previously in SB4

Alyssa has won another test of endurance but she has to wait until today to find out her reward. It is also the day of the last nominations and Sim Brother has a new task for them.

It's Day 39. It's Sim Brother 4.

Early This Morning

8.31am - Most of the housemates are still sleeping following Sim Brother giving them a crate of champagne and them having an evening in the spa together. Alyssa, however, is awake and making herself a ham and mustard sandwich for her breakfast.

Reward, Immunity & Nomination

9.30am - Alyssa has been called to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (A) - Good morning, Alyssa. Congratulations upon winning yesterday's task.
Alyssa - Thankyou, Sim Brother. What do I win?
SB - This week, you will be living in the luxury chalet we have built where the pressroom used to be. You get the option to share this with-
Alyssa - Steve. I choose Steve.
SB - Thankyou, Alyssa. Could you please nominate which housemate you would like to see evicted from the Sim Brother house and explain your reasons?
Alyssa - Don't you mean which housemates? Plural?
SB - No, Alyssa. Only one.
Alyssa - This is a tough one. I nominate Martha. Call me biased but I'd rather have two guys with me in the final week.
SB - Thankyou. If there is a tie, you have a casting vote.
Alyssa (smiling) - Ok, Sim Brother.

Sim Brother (A) - Good morning, John. Of either Alyssa or Martha, who would you like to see evicted from the Sim Brother house and why?
John - A limited choice, eh? Very interesting indeed. Then it has to be Alyssa. Despite her trying to poison me with marmalade and anchovies, I feel that I get on better with Martha than Alyssa.
SB - Thankyou, John. Do not discuss with your fellow housemates who you have nominated, or what choices you were given.
John - Very hush hush. Good enough for me.

Martha - Hello, Sim Brother.
SB - Of either Alyssa or John, who would you like to see evicted from the Sim Brother house and why?
Martha - So she saved Steve? What a surprise. My vote is therefore for Alyssa. For one, she's been too conniving a player and for two, I want to be the last woman in the house, which I think is a fair reason.
SB - Thankyou, Martha. Do not discuss with your fellow housemates who you have nominated, or what choices you were given.
Martha - You can count on my having amnesia about the past few minutes.

Steve G'day, Sim Bro.
SB - Which one of the other three housemates are you going to nominate for eviction this week?
Steve - Only one?
SB (sighing) - Yes, Steve. One.
Steve - That's a tough one. I guess it will have to be John. That's because he's one great guy and if I get into the last week, I only want to have girls with me. Wouldn't you want it that way too?
SB - Thankyou, Steve. Do not discuss with your fellow housemates who you have nominated.
Steve - Trap shut until further notice, S B.

Alyssa has two votes whereas both John and Martha only have one vote each. Alyssa will therefore be facing the public vote this week and not be required to use her casting vote.

Changing the Rules & Breaking the News
Behind the Camera - Sim Brother has been at liberty to change the rules at any time. In a change from routine, Sim Brother has looked through the series and pinpointed the housemates who have faced the public vote the least. After deliberation between two housemates, Sim Brother has chosen the second nominee to face the public vote this week.

11.00am - The remaining four housemates are gathered in the open forum.

Sim Brother (A) - Today, the four of you have made your final nominations. Two of you are facing the public vote this week. In alphabetical order, they are ...

Alyssa .... and .... Martha

Alyssa looks stunned. Martha glares. Everyone is lost for words.

Anxious Alyssa

11.38am - Alyssa has come back to the diary room. She is not pleased.

Sim Brother (A) - Hello, Alyssa. Sim Brother has been expecting you.
Alyssa - What's this about my being up for nomination? I won the challenge. Didn't I get immunity?
SB - No, Alyssa. You saved someone else for the final week instead.
Alyssa - How?
SB - You made a choice earlier when you did not allow Sim Brother to finish explaining . That is all you can be told.
Alyssa (thinking) - I suppose you're right. Either way, it stinks. I ran my tush off and I get the public vote instead. I guess I'd better carry on running.

Division for Double Trouble

6.00pm - Tensions in the house have died down. Alyssa and Steve have been settling into the chalet, curled up on the couch in front of the fire. They chose to leave the plasma screen tv off. John and Martha had taken a swim but were sat chatting by the pool. After a dinner of spaghetti with minced (ground) beef covered with a sauce rich with garlic and onion, the housemates were instructed to gathered again in the Open Forum.

Sim Brother (P) - Hi there, housemates. Sim Brother Phil here and I'm going to be with you for your weekly task. Firstly, I'm going to divide you into pairs. These pairs are Alyssa & Steve and Martha & John. No surprise there, eh? Alyssa and Martha, please come to the Diary Room for your charges for the week.
John - Charges? Crimes against Culinary Decency perhaps, Martha?
Martha - Hush, you!

Meet Emily & Erin

Alyssa and Martha find two greenskinned toddlers playing on the floor of the diary room. They each have name badges on.

SB - Ladies, meet Emily & Erin. The SimCity Childcare Department has entrusted you two and your partners with the wellbeing of these two lovely young ladies.
Alyssa (picking one of them up) - They're so cute. Hello, Emily, I'm Alyssa.
SB - You are to bring them up as you would your own child and teach them the essentials of life before they become independent young children.
Alyssa - But I'm not a mother. I wouldn't know the first thing.
Martha - Sweetie, I think he's talking potty training, teaching them to talk and to walk.

SB - Give that girl a cigar !! That's basically it. On top of that, you've got to see to their basic needs. You've got to bathe them, feed them, change their diapers and keep them entertained for the next three days.
Alyssa - I hate stinky diapers.
Martha - That makes two of us.
SB - If SimCity Social Services think that the child's welfare is at risk, they will be taken away and you will have automatically failed the task. With there being two toddlers, there are six essentials of life. Between you, a minimum of three must have been learnt. It's easy if you do it right. Now get to it. If one pair does better than the other, that pair gets a private evening in the spa with as much champagne as you can drink.
Martha (whispering to Alyssa) - With all of this champagne, you'd think Sim Brother has got shares in a vineyard.
SB - Just remember that for the next few days, these two cuties come first.

To Be Continued

And with them taking care of their new charges, that is where we are going to have to leave them. Tomorrow, we will see how the housemates have got down to the task in hand and see how the two couples are otherwise getting on.

Martha & Alyssa may apparently have forgotten about the public vote ... but we haven't. The last eviction poll to remove one more from the picture before is now open and it will close at midnight on Friday (GMT). Every vote you can cast counts.


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