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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 40 (Tuesday 17 May 2005)
Little Explorers
Previously in SB4

Alyssa and Martha are now facing the public vote meaning that John and Steve are into the final week. To put the housemates' mind off the evictions, they were split into two pairs and Sim Brother has given them these two young ladies to look after and teach the basics of life. How will they get on?

It's Day 40. It's Sim Brother 4.

First Provisions

Sim Brother has provided each couple with a cot, a changing table and a potty chair to keep their respective foster children catered for. Alyssa & Steve have moved some furniture around in the chalet to accommodate Emily. The housemates all spent their first evening getting acquainted with Emily and Erin but had their little bundles in bed by 9pm.

Sleepless in Sim Brother

2.00am - It is still night in the Sim Brother house, but some of the housemates are not getting any sleep. In the bedroom, Erin is awake. Martha has put her on the potty and has been reading Erin the story of the "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" for the past 17 minutes hoping that it lulls her back to sleep. So far, it does not appear to be working.

3.43am - It isn't just Erin who won't sleep. In the chalet, Emily woke up both Alyssa and Steve. Martha and Steve are both in the kitchen with Erin and Emily getting them their bottles.
Steve - Strewth, this fostering is a full time job.
Martha - It's been a long time since I have last done this.
Steve - Hopefully, this will do the trick.
Martha - I wouldn't count on it. Trust me.


6.12am - Somehow, Erin has managed to get out of her cot (crib) and has been crawling all around the compound.

7.32am - Not to be beaten, Emily has also managed to escape and is sat under the Closed Forum.

During the Day

Alyssa finally caught up with the escaped Emily and John caught up with the escaped Erin. Neither had come to any harm from their explorations. Alyssa changed Emily's dirty diaper, powdered her and changed her. John, firstly, made sure Erin had a bath.

From then on, the housemates were rushed off their feet looking after their two charges so Sim Brother changed it to give them the whole day just to see to the needs of Emily and Erin. Steve worked very hard and any moments that John had were spent reading up on childcare.
John (muttering) - This book is out of date. There isn't a section anything about the physiology and nutritional requirements of alien babies.

Nanoo Nanoo, Sim Brother?

8.56pm - John comes to the Diary Room with Erin.

Sim Brother (P) - Hey there, John. How are things going?
John (whispering) - Sssssh!! She's just settling. We thought we'd pop in to say goodnight before I put her to bed.
SB - How are you finding the task?
John - It's really jolly good. I don't care whether we win or lose. I just want this little cherub to enjoy her holiday with us. Yes, we want you to be happy, Erin, yes we do.
Erin gurgles happily.
SB - I'll let you get her put to bed, then, John. Thanks for popping by.
John - Goodnight from me and if Erin could speak, she'd probably say something like Nanoo Nanoo, Sim Brother.

To Be Continued

And with John about to put Erin to bed, that is where we are going to have to leave them. Tomorrow, as well as catching up with the daily events, Dr.Phil will be giving us his views on how the housemates are doing and he visits the Regras Gorge Clinic to meet Dr. Balina from the SimCity Childcare Department.

In the meantime, one of the girls in this picture must go. Voting is very close right now so continue to cast your votes for the one who you do not want to see in the house on Saturday.


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