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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 41 (Wednesday 18 May 2005)
Alien Psychology
Previously in SB4

On "Dr.Phil gets psychological" this week, we're looking at how this new task has brought out the parental sides of the housemates and ask whether it is a good or a bad thing.

We're also going to the Regras Gorge Clinic and visiting Dr. Balina from the SimCity Childcare Department who has been our consultant in this very different and very special task.

As well as that, we're going to the house to see what's gone on in the last 24 hours.

It's Day 41. It's Sim Brother 4.
Let's do it!

Parenting Profiles

Looking after children is not something any of the housemates were expecting. To have one shared among four may have been bad enough but two may have already become a real handful. Already, the four housemates have applied themselves and brought out their inner parent.

Alyssa is the only one of the four in the house not to have any children on the outside and has no prior experience to bring to the house. She claims to have bought a pet every time she has decided she wants a child. As she has 3 dogs, 13 birds and 3 horses, it means it has been on her mind somewhat and the last few days, she has had a chance to put her maternal instincts to the test. She has surprised me and I take my hat off to her. I only hope when she gets out of the house, she won't buy a pet and will instead find a partner who is good father material, settle down and have a family.

John has two grown-up daughters but this does not really do to explain why he is such a natural when looking after Erin. He expresses love to the child and carries his large height in a way that is protective and not intimidating. He is proud to be a foster father and is not ashamed to let the world know. I predict he will be the one who is most upset when Erin and Emily are returned to their biological parents.

Martha is already a mother, although that was about 40 years ago. She was immediately comfortable with Erin when she first met her in the Diary Room and Martha has worked hard on helping Erin learn some of thoese essentials of life.

Steve is the one with the most recent experience of being a father as his only daughter is just six years old. The impression that I'm getting from his skills and the way that he expresses himself, however, is that he'd be more comfortable if he was dealing with an incontinent wombat at his zoo near Brisbane.

This new task has brought out all of the housemates' parenting skills and pushed back their interest in winning. It's too early to say whether the housemates will succeed in the task but in my opinion, they have all passed an important barrier being to forget that they are gameshow contestants and are in fact real people.

Behind the Task

This is the first time that we have brought children into one of our series of Sim Brother. For that, we have to thank the SimCity Childcare Department.

I have been fortunate to get an interview with Dr. Marion Balina, who is a qualified paediatrician and has kindly given us a break during one of her surgeries at the Regras Gorge Clinic.

Sim Brother (P) - Thankyou for agreeing to see us, Doctor.
Dr. Marion Balina - You're very welcome, Dr.Phil.
SB - Could you tell us more about the work of your department?
DMB - Our department sees to the temporary fostering of babies and toddlers, especially in cases where the parents are finding things very difficult. Once children have been fostered and trained in the essentials of life, they are returned to the original parents. It is a way to avoid Social Services taking the children away permanently from a household and putting them up for adoption.
SB - By giving children to a gameshow, is this a first for your department?
DMB - No, it isn't. We recently allocated a toddler called Chandler to the Simdemol Network for their show in the same vein as your own. However, this is the first time we allocated two toddlers at the same time to a home.

SB - Could you tell us more about Emily and Erin? Their skin colour is rather distinct.
DMB - The three Curious Brothers from Strangetown in short succession were abducted by aliens and in turn, they all gave birth to alien children. They found things very difficult in looking after three children at once and asked for help. They were able to keep one of them but not wanting to split the other two up, we felt that your house would be the most suitable for their needs.
SB - Will your department be monitoring the housemates' progress?
DMB - Most certainly. If they are not caring properly for Erin or Emily, we will insist that you pass on a warning. If they still neglect their charges, then you will be instructed to remove Erin and Emily from the house immediately.
SB - That is completely acceptable to us, Doctor.
DMB - As long as everyone understands each other, we'll all do very well.
SB - Thankyou very much for your time, Dr. Balina.
DMB - It's been my pleasure. I will follow their progress with interest. So far, I am very pleased with what I have seen.

To see whether Dr. Balina continues to be pleased, let's look at the house to see how well they have done today.

Peaceful Sleeping?

With both Erin and Emily in bed early, the housemates thought that they would have a peaceful night perhaps. The task may have helped them find their inner parent but it has also worn them out. They had a peaceful night and as the sun was coming up over the house, it could be seen that John and Martha were sharing the same bed. In the chalet, Steve seemed to be having happy dreams about Arnie of all people.

A Bad Start in the Chalet

7.48am - It wasn't a good start for Alyssa, Steve and Emily, though. Alyssa and Steve were woken up again by Emily rattling the bars on the crib. Alyssa put her on the potty as quickly as she could but it was too late.

The only option remaining would be to put her in the bath.

Unexpected Demise

9.02am - On the other side of the compound in the main bedroom, Martha was in time to see to Erin's toileting and potty training. However, in the lounge, one thing had been overlooked by all of the housemates since their latest task began. The fish had not been fed in days ... and had died.

Unenthusiastic Alyssa

4.32pm - The housemates had a quiet morning and afternoon, spending it playing with their respective charges. Alyssa was called to the diary room. She brings Emily with her.

Sim Brother (P) - Hello, Alyssa. How is everything going?
Alyssa - Although she's happy now, we got off to a bad start.
SB - So how are you finding it?
Alyssa - Very tiring now. This may sound unkind but I would like this task to come to an end sometime soon. Not only for our sake but for Emily's as well.

On the Evening

The day is coming to an end for Emily and Erin. Martha has been throwing Erin in the air and she loves it. John sees to her potty training, which is going well, before changing her for bed while Martha goes to the kitchen to make something to eat. Steve is there already preparing a meal for him and Alyssa.

Steve - How are you and John getting on with Erin?
Martha - Things are going very well, thankyou. It isn't perfect, but it is good. She is almost completely potty trained but hopefully we'll have that done tomorrow and with any luck she will be taking her first steps too. Her speech isn't too good, though.
Steve - That's really good anyway.
Martha - And how about you, Alyssa and Emily?.
Steve - I'm just not warming to this task. I guess I'm just not a daddy type. Ok, I've got little Bindi but things feel different.
Martha - I think tomorrow is our last day. Please just do your best, Steve.

To Be Continued

And with those words of encouragement from Martha, that is where we are going to have to leave it. Tomorrow, the housemates have to try and get their charges to walk but will they be successful? With voting being close, might success in the task influence the public perception? Polls are open until at least midnight on Friday night ... but don't tell the housemates.


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